Beef Stu Sutherland’s Top 7 Picks for the 2023 Mr. Olympia

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The 2023 Mr. Olympia Weekend is just around the corner, and the excitement surrounding this premier bodybuilding event is at an all-time high.

In anticipation of the showdown, popular IFBB Pro League star Stuart “Beef” Stu Sutherland has offered his predictions for the Men’s Open competition. 

With only 48 hours left until the competitors step onto the stage, Beef Stu Sutherland’s insights carry a weight of authority and excitement among bodybuilding enthusiasts. 

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In this article, we’ll delve into Beef Stu Sutherland’s top seven picks for the 2023 Mr. Olympia and explore the reasons behind these selections.

Hadi Choopan – The Reigning Champ

Beef Stuart Sutherland’s top pick for the 2023 Mr. Olympia is the reigning champion, Hadi Choopan

Hadi Choopan has been the center of attention in the bodybuilding world, and according to Beef Stu Sutherland, he has an edge over other competitors due to his impressive physique. 

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Beef Stu Sutherland highlights Hadi Choopan’s gigantic legs, chest, and deltoids, emphasizing that he maintains a level of muscle thickness that sets him apart from the rest of the competition. 

Hadi Choopan’s 2022 Mr. Olympia victory earned him a special place in the hearts of fans and experts alike. 

His well-proportioned physique and undeniable presence on stage make him a strong contender to retain the title in 2023. 

However, the competition is fierce, and the other athletes vying for the top spot will be bringing their A-game.

Derek Lunsford – The Challenger

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Derek Lunsford, a name that generated significant hype in the bodybuilding community, is Beef Stu Sutherland’s second pick. 

Derek Lunsford’s massive legs and imposing physique have captivated fans, but Beef Stu Sutherland points out a potential issue with his peak condition. 

Beef Stu Sutherland notes that Derek Lunsford tends to lose some of his pop in the final weeks leading up to the competition. 

He mentions that Derek Lunsford’s quads and upper body might not match the level of impressiveness exhibited by Hadi Choopan, especially in the chest and deltoid areas. 

While Derek Lunsford has made significant strides in recent years and has become a fan favorite, he will need to overcome these challenges to secure a victory at the Mr. Olympia.

Samson Dauda – The Challenger with Potential

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Samson Dauda, after his win at the 2023 Arnold Classic, has been in the spotlight. Beef Stu Sutherland sees potential in Samson Dauda but believes he needs to improve the condition of his glutes and hamstrings to be a top contender in Olympia. 

Beef Stu Sutherland acknowledges that the judging criteria might need to shift in Samson Dauda’s favor, considering his unique combination of size and impressive lines. 

Samson Dauda’s victory at the Arnold Classic was a significant milestone in his career, and it has propelled him into the conversation for potential Mr. Olympia glory.

His remarkable size and structural qualities make him a contender who should not be underestimated. 

However, as Beef Stu Sutherland points out, the Olympia stage demands a level of condition that may require Samson Dauda to make some adjustments to his physique.

Brandon Curry – A Consistent Contender

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Beef Stu Sutherland places Brandon Curry, a former Mr. Olympia, in the fourth or fifth position. 

He emphasizes that people often underestimate Brandon Curry because he doesn’t compete throughout the year, but his physique is worth remembering. 

Beef Stu Sutherland praises Brandon Curry’s physique, and with his Mr. Olympia title under his belt, he expects Brandon Curry to make his presence felt in the top five. Brandon Curry’s journey in bodybuilding has been a remarkable one. 

He first captured the Mr. Olympia title in 2019, stunning the bodybuilding world with his impressive physique. Although he may not be a frequent competitor, Brandon Curry has consistently showcased his ability to contend at the highest level. 

Beef Stuart Sutherland’s prediction of Brandon Curry landing in the fourth or fifth spot acknowledges his consistency and the potential for him to shine once again on the Olympia stage.

Michal Krizo – A Rising Star

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Beef Stu Sutherland points to Michal Krizo as a potential dark horse in the competition. He believes that Michal Krizo possesses a level of muscularity and shape that can rival top contenders like Nick Walker.

Beef Stu Sutherland suggests that if Michal Krizo can refine his glutes and hamstrings, he has a shot at making a significant leap in the Olympia standings. 

Michal Krizo’s journey in the bodybuilding world has been marked by his steady progress and commitment to improving his physique. 

His performance at the previous Olympia, where he placed 12th, may have left room for improvement, but Beef Stu Sutherland sees potential in Michal Krizo’s physique. 

If Michal Krizo can address the weak points in his glutes and hamstrings, he has a chance to elevate his position and emerge as a force to be reckoned with on the Olympia stage.

Andrew Jacked – A Strong Competitor

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Andrew Jacked is another contender who finds his place in Beef Stu Sutherland’s predictions. 

Although Beef Stu Sutherland doesn’t provide an extensive analysis of Andrew Jacked, he implies that Jacked’s physique is noteworthy, and he may outperform others on the Olympia stage. 

Andrew Jacked’s presence in the Mr. Olympia lineup is a testament to his dedication and talent as a bodybuilder. 

While Beef Stu Sutherland’s analysis doesn’t delve deep into Andrew Jacked’s strengths and weaknesses, it recognizes him as a strong competitor in the field. 

Andrew Jacked’s performance at the upcoming Olympia will reveal more about his capabilities and potential to make an impact in the contest.

Hunter Labrada – A Promising Athlete

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Beef Stu Sutherland expresses optimism about Hunter Labrada, emphasizing that Hunter Labrada has shown improved conditioning in recent competitions. 

He speculates that Hunter Labrada might have the potential to surpass Andrew Jacked based on judges’ feedback and pictures from recent events. 

Hunter Labrada, the son of the legendary bodybuilder Lee Labrada, has garnered attention for his impressive physique and potential in the sport.

Beef Stu Sutherland’s positive assessment of Hunter Labrada’s improved conditioning indicates that the young athlete is making strides in his bodybuilding journey. 

As he continues to refine his physique and presentation, Hunter Labrada could be on the cusp of achieving significant success in the Mr. Olympia competition.

The Final Words

As the 2023 Mr. Olympia approaches, the anticipation and speculation around the Men’s Open competition are at an all-time high. 

Stuart “Beef” Stu Sutherland’s top seven picks offer valuable insights into the potential winners and top performers in this prestigious event. 

While Beef Stu Sutherland’s predictions are based on his observations and analyses, the outcome will be determined when the competitors step onto the Olympia stage. 

Fans of bodybuilding eagerly await the results to see if Beef Stu Sutherland’s forecasts hold, or if there will be any surprises in this year’s Mr. Olympia

The competition promises to be fierce, and the athletes will undoubtedly deliver an unforgettable show for bodybuilding enthusiasts around the world.

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