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Derek Lunsford, Mr. USA 2017, is a bodybuilding competitor who is one of the best in the world in the 212 division. Derek won his first 212 Olympia title in Olympia 2021.

After hours of research, we have written Derek Lunsford‘s biography, including his wife, weight, height, net worth, age, country, etc.

In the beginning, Derek was disappointed to make progress, but that all improved when he met his trainer James Brown, who began to guide Derek on the best path.

Derek Lunsford came over bodybuilding icons such as Phil Heath and Jay Cutler. Encouraged by their ridiculous physiques, Derek decided to build one of his own, just like his ideals.

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Derek Lunsford Biography – Early Life

Derek Lunsford was a very active child during his childhood, from the moment he was born in Petersburg, Indiana, on May 14th, 1993.

At an early age, he began to love the workout and participating in different sports. He was interested in playing soccer and having a fairly successful high school wrestling run.

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However, all that was forced to change when Lunsford went to college because the college he chose didn’t offer a wrestling program. So, his journey in fitness began to take a different way.

During his days in college, Derek regularly began training in the gym, aiming to build upon the power and strength he earned as a wrestler. At this point, Derek changed his interest to the weights room instead.

All began to change with time. Derek met his trainer James Brown, who directed Derek to everything he required to know to reach his fitness aims. From then on, Derek’s newfound bodybuilding knowledge saw him develop at a fast pace.

Bodybuilding Career of Derek Lunsford

Derek Lunsford would make his amateur bodybuilding debut at the age of 22. He would get the stage at the NPC Indianapolis Championships 2015 in the Men’s Open Welterweight division. Moreover, he could win this tournament, starting his bodybuilding efforts off with a bang.

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Lunsford moved on to win the NPC Junior Nationals 2015 after winning his first Championship. The next year, he renewed this feat, by winning the NPC Junior Nationals 2016. However, he would end the year with a second-place showing at the NPC USA Nationals.

In 2017, Derek Lunsford finished 1st in the Men’s Light Heavyweight category at the NPC USA Championships, an IFBB Pro Card winning show.

After a week, he dropped to 1st place in the Men’s 212 Class category at the IFBB Tampa Pro. This enabled Derek to qualify for Mr. Olympia 2017, where he finished in 5th place in the 212 Division.

One of some reviews that could be made about the career of Lunsford thus far is his lack of regular competition. In 2018 he would only compete at Mr. Olympia. However this time, he would see developed results instead of earning second place.

Next year would be the same result, again only competing at Mr. Olympia 2019, earning second place. In 2020, Derek got fourth place in 212 Olympia and won the title of Mr. Olympia in 212 Division in 2021.

In 2022, Derek Lunsford accepted a special invitation to compete in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding. He got 2nd place at the Olympia 2022.

Derek Lunsford Won People’s Champion Award

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Derek Lunsford’s ascent in the bodybuilding realm reached a new zenith as he clinched the People’s Champion Award at Mr. Olympia 2023, a testament to his remarkable connection with the bodybuilding community and fans around the globe.

This accolade, decided by the audience’s vote, reflects the magnetic appeal of his physique and the inspiration he instills in spectators and aspiring bodybuilders alike.

Derek Lunsford’s triumph is not just a personal milestone it symbolizes the embodiment of dedication and the relentless pursuit of excellence that resonates deeply with the spirit of the sport.

His victory at this prestigious event was a crowning achievement, further solidifying his status in the pantheon of bodybuilding legends.

Derek Lunsford’s Awards and Championship History 

  • 2015, NPC Indianapolis Championships – (Welterweight) 1st 
  • 2015, NPC Junior Nationals – (Welterweight) 1st 
  • 2016, NPC Junior Nationals – (Middleweight/Overall) 1st 
  • 2016, NPC USA Championships – (Light Heavyweight) 2nd 
  • 2017, NPC USA Championships – (Light Heavyweight) 1st 
  • 2017, IFBB Tampa Pro – (212) 1st 
  • 2017, IFBB Mr. Olympia – (212) 5th
  • 2018, IFBB Mr. Olympia – (212) 2nd 
  • 2019, IFBB Mr. Olympia – (212) 2nd 
  • 2020, IFBB Mr. Olympia – (212) 4th

Derek Lunsford Body Measurements

Derek Lunsford Height5 Feet and 6 Inches
Derek Lunsford Weight88 to 93 KG
Derek Lunsford Age30 Years
Derek Lunsford Bodybuilding Division212
Derek Lunsford Arm Size22 Inches

Derek Lunsford Wife

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Derek is single. Derek Lunsford lives with his girlfriend, Jhelsin Mabaga, a bikini competitor and model. Lunsford is grateful that his girlfriend, Jhelsin, supports his fitness goals. Jhelsin is pregnant and hopes for a baby in 2024.

Derek Lunsford’s Net Worth

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Derek Lunsford is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model. Most of his income source is his bodybuilding and modeling shows. Derek’s net worth is $5 million to $10 million. He is one of the youngest bodybuilders. Recently Derek Lunsford won Mr. Olympia’s 2023 title.

Derek Lunsford Diet and Nutrition

It took a while for Derek Lunsford to find a diet plan that best served his physique. However, he finally settled on eating every 2 to 3 hours. Moreover, he does his best to include 50 to 60g of protein in each meal. Derek Lunsford emphasizes multivitamins and amino acids, as well as whey protein.


Where Does Derek Lunsford Live?

Derek is originally from Indiana, and now he lives in Tampa Bay, FL Derek won the Overall title of Mr. USA to earn his IFBB pro card.

Who is Derek Lunsford?

Derek Lunsford is a bodybuilding competitor who is one of the best in the world in the 212 division. In 2021 he won his 212 Olympia title for the first time.

Who won Mr. Olympia’s 2023 title?

Derek Lunsford won the Mr. OlYMPIA 2023 Sandow trophy after beating Hadi Choopan.

Who won the People’s Champion Award 2023 in Mr. Olympia?

Derek Lunsford won the People’s Champion Award 2023 in the Mr. Olympia

When did Derek Lunsford win Mr. Olympia?

In 2023 Derek Lunsford won Mr. Olympia’s title.

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