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Lexx Little is an American Fitness Star, Young Bodybuilder, and Social Media Influencer who is well-known for being a Gymshark athlete. He is the nephew of the four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler.

Lexx Little Early Life

Lexx Little Early Life
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Lexx Little was born on May 2, 2001, in the United States of America. Growing up, Lexx always had an interest in leading an active and fit lifestyle and started taking part in surfing, football, and wrestling throughout his childhood.

By the time he reached nine years old, his sporting journey took another direction when he started to focus on fitness and bodybuilding. Fast forward to his high school years, Lexx began participating in football. However, Lexx lacked the power and strength that was needed to become a success in this game. 

Lexx Little Career

Lexx Little Career
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To build his performance better, Lexx turned to the gym to start building lean muscle. Lexx started getting training from his uncle Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler has been giving him training for four years, and he is an inspiration to him. 

lexx little and jay cutler
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In 2016, Lexx started gaining popularity when he began to share his fitness-related pictures and videos o his Instagram account. In 2018, Lexx shared a two-year transformation video on his YouTube channel that shocked the bodybuilding world.

Lexx Little Body Measurement

lexx little height and weight
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Lexx Little Height5 feet and 11 Inches
Lexx Little Weight80 to 85 kg
Lexx Little Arm Size17 Inches
Lexx Little Chest Size46 inches
Lexx Little Waist Size28 Inches
Lexx Little Age21 Years
Lexx Little Date of BirthMay 2, 2001
Lexx Little NationalityAmerican

Lexx Little as a Youtuber

Lexx Little is a famous YouTuber who shares his videos of training and diet on Youtube. He started his YouTube Channel with his first video on 6 Aug 2017.

Now he has more than 250K Subscribers on his YouTube channel. His most popular video has crossed 1.5 M Views. His Channel has 20,906,275 views in total. 

Lexx Little Wife

lexx little wife
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Lexx Little has been in a relationship with Erin Maloney since 2019. Erin Maloney is an American Fitness Athlete and Social Media Star. 

Erin Maloney is unbelievably proud of Lexx Little. He is not only the most handsome man on the outside but also the more beautiful on the inside. He is the most caring, selfless man she has ever met. She loves him a lot. 

Lexx Little Net Worth

lexx little net worth
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Lexx Little is a famous social media star whose main source of income is Social Media, and he has earned an enormous amount from his association with social media. He has an estimated Net Worth of $500k to $1 million. 

Lexx Little Diet Plan

Lexx Little’s diet is based on carbs, healthy fats, protein, fruits, and veggies. Lexx takes three meals a day. 

Lexx Little Meals Plan

1st Meal Egg Whites 6
Protein Shake 
Oats, One Cup 
2nd Meal Grilled Chicken 250 g
Bake Potatoes 150 g 
Almonds 50 g
3rd Meal Grilled Fish 300 g
Steamed veggies 200 g 
Brown Rice 250 g
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