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Shaun Clarida Biography 2021

Shaun Clarida is a Men’s IFBB professional 212 division rival and sponsored athlete from the United States. He is the current 212 Olympia champion 2020.

Clarida is an American bodybuilder honoring from New Jersey. Reaching just 5 feet and inches, he was able to achieve extraordinary success on the bodybuilding stage, earning IFBB professional status in 2012.

Early Life of Shaun Clarida

Early life of Shaun Clarida
Early life of Shaun Clarida

Shaun was born in New Jersey, the USA, in 1982. During his childhood, he was a very courageous character, his life twirled around sports. During this period, he constantly took part in competitive sports such as wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, and basketball.

Clarida was shorter in stature compared to his fellows in his school, particularly in his later school years when teens usually experience their growth streams, reaching his current height of 5 foot 2 inches and weighing just 44 kilograms. Because of this, Clarida was bullied by those around him. They said he would never amount to anything in his sporting career, so he set out to show them wrong.

In his junior year of high school, Clarida became more interested in wrestling. Doing sport was something that he loved. But to constantly improve, he needed to improve his strength. It was at this point, Shaun started weight training, quickly becoming something that he loved.

However, by the time he entered college, Shaun’s efforts in the gym had been placed to waste, much to his disappointment. He failed to build notable muscle, so Shaun knew that he had to break his routine.

Bodybuilding Career of Shaun Clarida

shaun clarida biography

Shaun Clarida has gained his nickname, “The Giant Killer,” and it could not be any more attachment. Clarida placed third at the 2019 Olympia in the 212 class right behind Derek Lunsford and Kamal Elgargni 2019, champion severally.

Many thought he earned to be ahead of Lunsford, but no biggie, he ruled the 2020 Mr.Olympia and beat both of em.

Shaun has faced for more than 15 years in various shows. He received his Pro Card in 2012 at the National Bodybuilding Championships in the bantamweight division and has been increasing ever since.

Shaun’s victory at the 2020 Olympia was not significantly surprising either as it was only a matter of time. His muscle, lines, flow, and conditioning were all on point in 2019, and his win the coming year was very well-deserved.

Shaun still sees himself as a failure and doesn’t think for one moment that he doesn’t have to maintain that mind even if he is the current champion.

Competition History of Shaun Clarida

  • In 2020 at Olympia 212 -1st
  • 2019 at Olympia 212 – 3rd
  • 2018 at Japan Pro Men’s 212 – 2nd, Legion Sports Fest Pro Men’s 212 – 1st, Asian Grand Prix Pro 212 – 5th, Olympia 212 – 7th, and New York Pro 212 – 1st
  • In 2017 at Kuwait Pro 212 – 3rd, Mr. Olympia 212 – 9th, IFBB Dallas Europa Pro 212 – 1st, and IFBB New York Pro 212 -2nd
  • In 2016 at Mr. Olympia 212 – 13th, Puerto Rico Pro 212 – 2nd, and New York Pro 212 – 3rd
  • In 2015 at Mr. Olympia 212 -16th, IFBB Toronto Pro 212 – 2nd, and IFBB New York Pro 212 – 7th
  • In 2014 at IFBB Toronto Pro 212 – 12th and IFBB New York Pro 212 -13th
  • In 2011 at NPC National Bodybuilding Championships: DNP, IFBB Amateur World Championships: 9th in the Open Men’s Featherweight Division, Team Universe Championships: 1st in the Open Men’s Bantamweight, Bev Francis Atlantic States Championships: 1st in the Open Men’s Bantamweight, and Natural Mid Atlantic Championships: 1st In the Open Men’s Bantamweight, Overall Open Men’s Champion
  • In 2010 at WNBF Pro Natural World Championships: 3rd in the Pro Lightweight
  • In 2009 at Natural World Championships: 1st in the Pro Lightweight, U.S. Cup Championships: 1st in the Pro Lightweight, Mid-American Championships: 2nd in the Pro Lightweight, and American Championships: 2nd in the Pro Lightweight
  • In 2008 at Natural World Championships: 3rd in the Pro Lightweight
  • In 2007 Natural World Championships: 2nd in the Pro Lightweight and natural Mr. & Mrs. Universe: 2nd in the Pro Lightweight
  • In 2006 at INBF Muscletech R&D Amateur Worlds: 1st in the Open Men’s Bantamweight, Overall Open Men’s Champion, USBF NYS Natural Bodybuilding Championships, and 1st in the Junior Lightweight

Physical Standards of Shaun Clarida

Shaun Clarida’s Height5 feet and 2 inches.
Shaun Clarida’s Weight80 to 84 kg.
Shaun Clarida’s Age38 Years
Shaun Clarida’s Arm Size18.5 Inches
Shaun Clarida’s Nickname“The Giant Killer”
Shaun Clarida’s Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1982

Shaun Clarida Diet Plan

As Shaun aims to constantly gain size, during the off-season, he will eat anything that he likes to get muscle mass. However, when preparing for contests, this is when Shaun follows a strict diet, comprising mainly of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Shaun Clarida Wife

As of 2020, Shaun is not dating any girlfriend. Shaun is 38 years old. Shaun Clarida had only one relationship previously. He has not been previously engaged with anyone.


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