Sam Sulek Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Perhaps some of the most astonishing facts about the former gymnast and diver, Sam Sulek, are his physical statistics, meaning his age, height, and weight. 

Sam Sulek stands at 5’11” tall, and is still very young, having just turned 21 in February of 2023. Though he is young, he still carries around a massive amount of muscle mass and weighs around 240lbs. 

It is not often that you see younger bodybuilders holding that much muscle.

So, how did he get that big?

Sam Sulek Height5 Feet and 11 Inches
Sam Sulek Weight240 LBS
Sam Sulek Date of Birth2/7/2002
Sam Sulek Age21 Years
Sam Sulek Height and Weight 5 Feet and 11 Inches, 240 LBS
Sam Sulek Waist size 29 inches
Sam Sulek Arm size 18 inches
Sam Sulek Chest size 46 inches
Sam Sulek Religion Christian
Sam Sulek Natty Yes
Sam Sulek Wife Single
Sam Sulek Bodybuilder Yes
Sam Sulek NationalityAmerican
Sam Sulek Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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One very important aspect of how Sam Sulek obtained the size that he did is his training regimens. 

You can see a good amount of clips of him training on TikTok, but he also has a YouTube channel with a growing following that details his daily routines and training regimens. 

Sam Sulek follows the training of old-school heavy hitters, such as Mike Mentzer, hitting each body part with the utmost intensity, but allowing adequate time for recovery in between training sessions.

Gone are the days of bodybuilders only being on the cover of magazines, social media has taken fitness to a whole different level. The fitness industry is full of rising stars, especially on TikTok. 

There are plenty of people out there making fitness content, and it can get pretty repetitive. 

You see a lot of TikTokers that get their fifteen minutes of fame with one or two videos that blow up, but there are also a good amount of up-and-coming names. 

One of the biggest names right now is Sam Sulek.

But, who exactly is Sam Sulek?

Some say he resembles the mannerisms of the late Rich Piana, others say he is the next Dallas McCarver, but let’s take a look at exactly who Sam Sulek is.

Sam Sulek Diet and Nutrition Plan

When it comes to the world of bodybuilding and fitness, dietary choices are often a topic of great interest. 

Sam Sulek, the young and promising fitness influencer, takes a distinctive approach to his diet that sets him apart from the traditional bodybuilder fare of plain chicken, rice, and protein shakes.

sam sulek height
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In a recent vlog, Sam Sulek provided an insightful glimpse into his daily dietary regimen, and it’s safe to say that his approach to nutrition is far from ordinary. 

While many bodybuilders strictly adhere to a clean and regimented diet, Sam Sulek’s culinary choices may leave you pleasantly surprised.

Caloric Intake

To fuel his intense workouts and ongoing efforts to pack on size during a bulking phase, Sam consumes a substantial amount of calories. 

On a typical day, his caloric intake can reach an impressive 5,200 calories. This significant calorie consumption is indicative of his commitment to achieving his fitness goals.

Diverse Food Choices

What makes Sam’s diet particularly intriguing is its diversity. Unlike the stereotypical bodybuilder diet, Sam doesn’t limit himself to a monotonous menu. 

Instead, he incorporates a wide variety of foods into his daily meals. This variety not only adds flavor and excitement to his diet but also ensures he gets a broad spectrum of nutrients.

Occasional Indulgences

While Sam Sulek is undoubtedly dedicated to his fitness journey, he doesn’t shy away from indulging in less “clean” foods from time to time. This might include occasional treats or less conventional choices that may surprise some. 

It’s a reminder that balance and flexibility can be integral to maintaining a sustainable and enjoyable approach to nutrition.

Adaptation to Bulking

As mentioned, Sam Sulek is currently in a bulking phase, where his primary goal is to gain muscle mass. 

His dietary choices align with this objective, providing him with the surplus calories and nutrients needed for muscle growth. 

This strategic approach to nutrition is a testament to his dedication and understanding of the demands of bodybuilding.

In conclusion, Sam Sulek’s diet is a reflection of his unique approach to fitness and nutrition

While he shares certain similarities with traditional bodybuilders, such as a commitment to calorie intake and muscle growth, his willingness to explore diverse food options and occasional indulgences adds a refreshing twist to his dietary philosophy. 

This approach not only fuels his body but also keeps his fitness journey interesting and relatable to a wider audience. Sam Sulek’s meal plan is as unique as his approach to fitness and nutrition.

Sam Sulek Meal Plan

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While traditional bodybuilders often follow strict and clean diets, Sam’s choices reflect a more relaxed and unorthodox perspective on eating, focusing primarily on achieving a high caloric intake to support his muscle-building goals.

Sam Sulek Meal One – Chocolate Milk Quart

To kickstart his day, Sam Sulek opts for a quart of chocolate milk. This choice not only provides him with some essential nutrients but also delivers a significant calorie boost. 

It’s worth noting that Sam’s diet plan is designed to maximize calorie intake, and chocolate milk certainly contributes to this goal.

Sam Sulek Meal Two – Cereal (Pre-Workout)

For his pre-workout meal, Sam indulges in cereal. This is a strategic choice, as he aims to load up on carbohydrates, with a specific target of 400 grams before hitting the gym. 

This carbohydrate-rich meal provides the energy needed for his intense workouts.

Sam Sulek Meal Three – Protein Shake (Post-workout)

Following his workout, Sam Sulek prioritizes protein intake by consuming a protein shake. This serves to aid muscle recovery and growth after his rigorous training sessions. 

While this choice aligns with conventional bodybuilding practices, it’s one of the few more traditional elements in Sam’s diet.

Sam Sulek Meal Four – Five Guys

Sam Sulek and the Hostile team make a stop at Five Guys for their meal. This choice may raise eyebrows among those familiar with typical bodybuilder diets, as fast food isn’t a common inclusion. 

However, it contributes to Sam’s Sulek overall caloric intake and, as he is in a bulking phase, it helps him reach his calorie goals.

Sam Sulek Meal Five – Krispy Kreme Donuts and Milk

To round off his day and reach his target of 5,000 calories, Sam Sulek enjoys Krispy Kreme donuts along with four cups of milk. 

This choice further emphasizes his focus on calorie consumption rather than traditional bodybuilder-approved food sources. 

It’s a reminder that Sam’s Sulek dietary philosophy revolves around achieving the necessary caloric surplus for muscle growth.

Sam Sulek’s Unique Approach to Diet

Sam’s Sulek diet is far from conventional for a bodybuilder, and it has even garnered attention from figures like Greg Doucette, who deemed it “one of the worst diets” he had ever seen. 

Unlike many bodybuilders who meticulously track macronutrients and opt for clean, whole foods, Sam’s primary concern is hitting his calorie target. 

This approach draws parallels with bodybuilding icon Mike Mentzer, who also had a more relaxed stance on dietary specifics, focusing on overall caloric intake.

Future Considerations

As Sam Sulek’s fitness journey evolves, it will be intriguing to observe how his diet adapts, especially when he transitions from bulking to cutting phases. 

His unconventional approach to nutrition and the potential changes in his diet plan may continue to capture the curiosity of fitness enthusiasts and experts alike.

Sam Sulek Workout Routine

sam sulek training
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Sam Sulek’s Intense and Old-School Workout Routine

Sam Sulek’s impressive physique is a result of his dedicated training regimens, which emphasize both intensity and old-school principles. 

Through his TikTok clips and YouTube channel, Sam Sulek provides a window into his daily routines and workout strategies, offering valuable insights into his approach to building muscle.

Sam Sulek Split Routine

Sam follows a split routine, dividing his workouts into specific muscle groups. He includes chest day, back day, leg day, and arms day in his training regimen. 

Notably, he doesn’t have a designated shoulder day, preferring to incorporate shoulder work when he feels it’s appropriate. This flexible approach allows him to tailor his training based on his body’s needs and recovery.

Exercise Selection

While Sam Sulek focuses on hitting each body part with the utmost intensity, he keeps his exercise selection concise, typically using around four exercises per muscle group during each training session. 

This approach allows him to concentrate on these exercises and ensure he pushes himself to the limit.

Intensity and Exhaustion

One of Sam’s key training principles is to push himself to exhaustion during each workout. He ensures that he has nothing left in the tank when he leaves the gym. This level of intensity is crucial for stimulating muscle growth and strength development. 

Sam’s Sulek workouts are characterized by his dedication to squeezing out every last rep and pushing through his limits.

Rep Range and Mind-Muscle Connection

In terms of rep range, Sam typically aims for sets of 8-12 reps. This range is well-suited for both hypertrophy (muscle growth) and developing a strong mind-muscle connection. 

Sam Sulek places great importance on feeling each repetition and contracting the target muscle effectively throughout the movement. This focus on the mind-muscle connection ensures that he gets the most out of each set.

Compound and Isolation Movements

Sam Sulek incorporates a mix of compound and isolation movements into his workouts. He relies on old-school barbell exercises, emphasizing heavy lifting. 

This combination of compound lifts, which engage multiple muscle groups, and isolation exercises, which target specific muscles, provides a well-rounded approach to building muscle and strength.

Ego Lifting

Sam Sulek isn’t afraid to challenge himself with heavy weights, often using the term “ego lifting” to describe some of his lifts. 

While lifting heavy weights can be risky if done improperly, it’s clear that Sam Sulek takes his training seriously and strives to continually push his limits while maintaining proper form.

In summary, Sam Sulek’s workout routine reflects his dedication to achieving a muscular and powerful physique. He adheres to old-school training principles, focusing on intensity, exhaustion, and a strong mind-muscle connection. 

By combining compound and isolation movements and incorporating flexibility into his workout split, Sam Sulek has developed a training approach that has contributed to his remarkable muscle mass and strength. 

His journey serves as an inspiration to those who value hard work and commitment in the pursuit of fitness goals.

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