Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan and Workout Routine 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine and Diet Plan!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a globally recognized figure who has succeeded in multiple fields. He began his journey as a bodybuilder, becoming the youngest person to win the Mr. Universe title and winning numerous other bodybuilding championships. 

Schwarzenegger then transitioned to Hollywood, where he gained fame for his roles in films like “Conan the Barbarian” and “Terminator,” earning over $3 billion worldwide. 

In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger made history by becoming the 38th Governor of California, implementing innovative policies such as the Global Warming Solutions Act and workers’ compensation reform.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commitment to public service and philanthropy is evident through his involvement with organizations like the After School All-Stars and Special Olympics. 

He has also been a leading advocate for environmental sustainability, co-founding the R20 Regions of Climate Action and receiving recognition from the United Nations for his efforts. Schwarzenegger has significantly promoted education, health and fitness, and political reform.

Despite his political and philanthropic endeavors, Schwarzenegger has maintained connections to the entertainment industry. 

He produced and appeared in the Emmy-winning documentary series “Years of Living Dangerously” and continues entertaining audiences with his iconic role as The Terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s remarkable journey and diverse achievements have left a lasting impact on various fields, inspiring others to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Diet Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan and Workout Routine 
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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comprehensive diet plan is based on a high-protein approach, which he believes is crucial for building a muscular physique. 

He follows a diet that includes multiple smaller meals throughout the day and protein shakes to meet his daily protein requirements.   

His meals contain whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats, and micronutrients. While he maintains a strict diet most of the time, he occasionally allows himself a cheat meal, often indulging in cheeseburgers with fries or pizza.

Here is the diet plan that Arnold Schwarzenegger followed when he was starting in the world of bodybuilding:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 1

  • 1 bowl of cereal
  • 2 slices of toast with 2 teaspoons of butter
  • 1 cup (8 oz) of orange juice
  • 2 strips of bacon
  • Black coffee

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 2

  • 6-inch sub on white bread with 4 oz of sliced turkey 
  • 2 oz of cheese
  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • Lettuce and tomato
  • 1 small bag of potato chips
  • Water

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 3

  • 1 high-carb sports bar
  • Water

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 4

  • 1 small grilled chicken breast (skinless)
  • 2 cups of rice
  • 1 small dinner salad
  • Water

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 5

  • 1 cup of ice cream
arnold schwarzenegger eating meat
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However, as Arnold progressed in his bodybuilding journey, his diet changed to include more significant portions of protein and an increase in overall calorie intake to achieve his desired physique. Here is an example of his revised bodybuilding diet plan:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 1

  • Three scrambled eggs
  • 1 cup of cooked oatmeal
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 cup of low-fat milk

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 2

  • A handful of mixed nuts
  • One apple or banana

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 3

  • Two slices of whole-wheat bread
  • 1 cooked chicken breast
  • One apple
  • 1 cup of low-fat milk

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 4

  • Three slices of cheese
  • One banana
  • Water

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 5

  • 25g of milk protein
  • 25g of egg protein
  • 8-12 oz of low-fat milk

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 6

  • 8 oz of lean-cut grilled beef
  • One large baked potato
  • One large salad with mixed greens and vegetables, dressed with one tablespoon of salad dressing
  • 1 cup of mixed cooked vegetables
  • Water

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal 7

  • 1 cup of low-fat milk

Arnold Schwarzenegger Supplements  

arnold schwarzenegger protein supplements
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Arnold Schwarzenegger included several supplements in his daily regimen to support his intense training and maintain optimal energy levels. Here are the supplements he regularly consumes:

Arnold took a multivitamin soon after waking up to ensure he obtained a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. This helped support his overall health and provided the necessary nutrients for his rigorous training.

He used pre-workout supplements to boost his energy levels before intense training sessions. These supplements gave him extra energy, allowing him to lift heavy weights and maintain focus during workouts.

Arnold consumed post-workout supplements containing creatine. Creatine helped enhance his strength, increase muscle mass, and improve post-workout recovery. It played a vital role in his weight-lifting capacity and aided in the growth and bulk of his muscles.

Arnold included whey protein supplements in his diet to support muscle growth and recovery. He typically consumed two servings of whey protein daily, each consisting of two scoops.

This high-quality protein source helped him build and maintain lean muscle mass while keeping him feeling satisfied throughout his training sessions. BCAAs are essential amino acids that are crucial in muscle growth and recovery. 

Arnold used BCAA supplements to support muscle development and repair muscle tissue after intense workouts. This helped him optimize his muscle growth potential while reducing post-workout muscle soreness.

It’s important to note that while supplements can be beneficial, they should not replace a well-rounded diet. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s diet plan primarily focused on whole foods and meeting his protein requirements through natural sources. 

Supplements were used to complement his diet to ensure he obtained all the necessary nutrients for his demanding training regimen.

Remember, before incorporating any supplements into your routine, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to determine what is best for your specific needs and goals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine 

arnold schwarzenegger workout and diet
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Here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout routine:

Monday: Chest

Bench Press5 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Flat Bench Flies5 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Incline Bench Press6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Cable Crossovers6 Sets, 10-12 Reps
Dips5 Sets, to Failure
Dumbbell Pullovers5 Sets, 10-12 Reps

Tuesday: Back

Front Wide-Grip Chin-Ups6 Sets, to Failure
T-Bar Rows5 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Seated Pulley Rows6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows5 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Straight-Leg Deadlifts6 Sets, 15 Reps

Wednesday: Legs

Squats6 Sets, 8-12 Reps
Leg Presses6 Sets, 8-12 Reps
Leg Extensions6 Sets, 12-15 Reps
Leg Curls6 Sets, 10-12 Reps
Barbell Lunges5 Sets, 15 Reps

Thursday: Calves and Forearms

Standing Calf Raises10 Sets, 10 Reps
Seated Calf Raises8 Sets, 15 Reps
One-Legged Calf Raises (Holding Dumbbells)6 Sets, 12 Reps
Wrist Curls (Forearms on Knees)4 Sets, 10 Reps
Reverse Barbell Curls4 Sets, 8 Reps
Wright Roller Machineto Failure

Friday: Biceps and Triceps 

Barbell Curls6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Seated Dumbbell Curls6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Dumbbell Concentration Curls6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Close-grip Bench Presses (for all Three Heads)6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Pushdowns (Exterior Head)6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Barbell French Presses (Interior Dome)6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
One-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extensions (Exterior Head)6 Sets, 6-10 Reps

Saturday: Shoulders

Seated Barbell Presses6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Lateral Raises (Standing)6 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Rear-Delt Lateral Raises5 Sets, 6-10 Reps
Cable Lateral Raises5 Sets, 10-12 Reps

Sunday: Rest

  • Rest and Recovery
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