Triceps Workout: 11 Best Triceps Workouts

Triceps workout is one of my favorite activities in the whole bodybuilding process. There are many exercises that can enhance your triceps size and muscle.

Does diet impact on your triceps size?

Triceps workout


In the whole process of gaining muscle of any body part nutrition play a vital role.

Can I increase my Triceps size with Biceps training?

Yes, you can grow your muscles with different exercises.

Do supplements work in increasing the size of Triceps?

I will say Yes, Why?

I tried natural bodybuilding especially triceps, but I increased my triceps at some level, after that you have needed a supplement for its growth.

Let’s discuss in detail the science of Triceps and its work-out.

Many Gym-Goers always have in their mind thinking,

How to build a pair of half stretching arms?

But it is not easy to do it in the same directions: Some Gym-Goers begin on a 90 minutes tour while the other keep their head straight to go for push-downs. However, the results of these exercises are strong muscle growth.

No need to confuse any activity work with achievement. You can’t do your objective if you have a weak choice of exercise. So, you need to make yourself clear first: Some activities are better than others when you need lackluster growth.

The titanic triceps are roughly comprising of two or third of your arm strong muscles or mass; anyhow you need to follow these below ten main exercises for triceps workout.

Research authenticate most of the exercises, which notably measures the strength and working of active muscles. Other possibilities and choices related to the ease of overload, body movements, and workout.

These triceps may be or may not according to your choice but don’t lose concentration; this is just a start. For any recommendations, you can read our comment section.

Triceps Workout – 11 Best Triceps Workouts

Triceps is the main part of your arm, you can divide into two parts your arm, like %60 based on triceps and %40 based on biceps. Follow are the best triceps workouts which you can apply for yourself. Triceps muscles grow when you do these exercises.

1. Triceps Multi-Joint Movements – Bar Dip

Bar Dip which is weighted parallel best for multi-joint triceps. It is at the top (frontline leader) when it is weighted, it is more convenient when you compare it with dips (bodyweight) for building muscles.
You need to fit belt with plates around your waist, for muscle growth you need to carry with 8 to 12 reps (repetitions).

Bar Dips

Try to keep your body at the vertical angle as it is required to lean your body forward, avoid your chest to hit-and grip strongly the handles bar dips by keeping your elbows tight.

With regular daily workout: You can get healthy muscles with bar dips, It is better to use bar dips at the middle or end of your workout. During your triceps start with heavyweights to make your blood hot in your arms. Minimum 3 and a maximum of four sets needed to be done with 8 to 12 reps.

2. Lying Triceps Extension

Lying Triceps Extension also famous by the names of Skullcrusher and French Press. It is the best triceps workout exercise from all other activities in triceps and a lot of health book authors consider it a good practice.

Lying Triceps Extension

You need to lay down on the bench, grip the weight in your hand and position your arms perpendicular close to your head.

In your daily routine workout: You can do a minimum of three sets and a maximum of four sets, each set should be comprised of a minimum of 8-12 repetitions (reps).

For such kind of exercise you need to take the services of a supporter stand behind you and place the weight at the right place when you finished, it is a helpful tip for your million dollar face protection.

3. Triceps Bench Pressing With Close Grip

If you love multi-joint exercises, then the Triceps Bench Pressing with Close Grip is the best option for chest and back bodybuilding requirements.

Triceps Bench Pressing With Close Grip

It is the best triceps workout for men. Gym-goers and powerlifters are doing these exercises for many years, and it is famous with the name of bazookas. It is better to use the flat bench for triceps in comparison to the incline bench because it activates muscles and pressing the angles very well than the incline bench.

For your glooming triceps, you need to grip close, keep your hands apart round about 8-10 inches. There will be no stress on your hands and no strain on wrists while keeping your hands close.
To decrease the stress on your shoulders and elbow fold your elbow.

In your daily routine workout: Start your exercise with this activity or place it at second in your daily workout. You need to do a minimum of 3 sets or 4 each set comprises 6 to 10 repetitions.

4. Tricep Exercises With Weighted Bench Dip

You can perform the best triceps workout with weighted Bench Dip machine. It provides your body with the best triceps activity.

Tricep Exercises With Weighted Bench Dip

You feel better because of the capacity to add more weight by bumping up in this machine. The advantage and flexibility of this machine are due to the more addition of pressure and stress to your body muscles.

This machine has the same multi-joint movements like machine dip. However, you need to take the help of a person nearby to you to place and put weights and setting of benches in the right directions and at a reasonable distance.

You can do this Tricep workout and extend your reps or set by removing the weight plate. Weighted Bench Dip is the best triceps workout machine for men.

In your daily routine triceps workout: It is best to start this exercise in the middle or at the end of your workout. If you are close to exhausted, then this triceps workout is not good exercise due to the specific position of your shoulders. Do only 3 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions (reps).

5. Dip Machine For Triceps

The Dip Machine is the best machine for tricep exercises. It is the best triceps workout and multi-movement exercise machine with the desired weight according to your choice and repetitions (reps).

Triceps Dip Machine

If you want to triceps exercise for strength then merely move to a more substantial burden with the help of pin than if you wish to excessive gain in organs.

You can do such kind of exercise with your colleague or partner, anyhow, you can fasten yourself with a cloth-like material.

In your daily routine workout: It is desirable to do this triceps workout first or in the mid of your workout. Minimum 3 sets and a maximum of 4 sets are necessary with a minimum of 6 reps to the utmost 10 reps in each set.

Try to finish this triceps exercise with maximum repetitions. Most of the trainees face the problem of full extension and bending of their arms and elbows. Try to give a full extension of your arms and elbows.

6. Triceps Workout With Board Press

Board Press is a unique and innovative machine for most of the weightlifters. The primary motive of this triceps workout exercise is to put 2x4s on the chest, and it controls the lower part of the bench press. The bench press last lockout is trained in this way. It is the best triceps and chest workout.

Board Press movement analysis: While pressing off elbow extension occurs. The Board Press mainly targets triceps.

Why do you need to use Bench Press? Because most of the powerful and famous weightlifters are used this and it is helpful to build strength in your arms.

In your daily workout routine: Start this triceps workout at number 3 in your workout. It may be foolish in the beginning, but soon you will learn all the techniques of how to use this machine? Minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 sets and each set reps must not be less than 8n reps.

7. Triceps Workout with Dumbbell

It is the best triceps dumbbell workout. Why have we listed it here? In this triceps workouts, lift the dumbbell overhead, it is a good idea to include such kind of triceps exercise in your work routine. A lot of other options and positions are available to follow, but this is in one of the comfortable and more convenient ways to lift the weight overhead.

Triceps Workout with Dumbbell

It is a best option for you to take the help of your friend or partner, so he hands over you the weight. You need to extend your elbow while moving the weight overhead gradually.

In your daily routine workout: Triceps dumbbell workout needs to be started at the mid-level of your exercise or in the second half. Only 3 sets are enough a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 repetitions (reps). There should be a good stretch of your arms while doing the dumbbell workout.

8. Extension With Rope Cable Overhead

Why it’s mentioned here; Because of the move of cable on the rope and very easy to position. With the help of a split stance, you need to lean forward and position your elbows in lock situation.

Extension With Rope Cable Overhead

Your elbows should be like a movable joint (hinges), there should be no other body movements.
In Your Daily Workout Routine: Need to start with 3 sets of each 8 to 12 reps.

9. Push Down Cable

It is triceps workout more effective than kickbacks and skull crushers. No tricep workouts matched with this exercise. Need to grip the handlebar attached to the wire over the pulley weight. You can add or remove weight according to your requirements.

Push Down Cable

Need to drift your elbows. Drop sets are easy to do here. Positioning with this exercise is easy.

In your daily Workout routine: As this is a tricep exercise in isolation, it is best to do it at the end of your triceps workout. Do 3 sets, and each set should be of 10 to 12 repetitions.

10. Push-Up With Close Grip – Best Triceps Workout

Push-Ups with close grip are helpful for body fat burning. Push-ups work like a close grip bench.
It is a good triceps workout at home, the old way to do push-ups just put out hands and put them on earth with outside shoulders then bent down and up until you tired and stop.

Push-Up With Close Grip

You can do it easily at your home. It is the best triceps workout.

In your daily workout routine. Need to put your feet on the backbench, handle the bars with your hand grip vigorously, ask your partner or trainer to put some weight plate between 30 to 45 pounds on your back. Start with 3 sets and each set should be of 8 to 15 repetitions.

11. Triceps Workout With Cable Kick Back

If you not like Dumbbell kick back, then cable kickback option is best for you to start. The main reason to join this triceps exercise because there are many ways to cheat in the dumbbell kickback exercise, but it is not possible for you to cheat on cable kickback.

Triceps Workout With Cable Kick Back

How to gain maximum muscles with the Cable Kick Back? Adjust the bench at a 60-degree angle. The weight focus should be on your chest, keep your arm in a direction parallel to the floor and with it perform this chest and tricep workout.

Keep your elbow in the stable, and in the right position, it is the mistake made by the newcomers because it is not a multimovement exercise. Need to extend, straighten and squeeze your arms thoroughly.

In your daily workout routine: At the very start, you can’t go with high weight, it is good to place this triceps exercise at the end of your workout. Do only 3 sets with each set of 10 to 12 repetitions.

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