Neil Currey Biography

Neil Currey Biography

Neil Currey is a WBFF Pro men’s physique competitor, fitness model, and fitness coach from the UK. His career has gone from strength to strength. It all started when he began to lift weights at a very young age. Early Life of Neil Currey Neil Curry was born and raised in the UK. He took … Read more

Charles Griffen Biography

Charles Griffen Biography

Charles Griffen is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He rose to fame rapidly, winning several competitions along the way. Charles Griffin won the 2015 NPC Nationals heavyweight division weighing 217 pounds. Early Life of Charles Griffen Charles’s childhood was very active and strong. He grew up in Arizona, becoming heavily interested in games in his … Read more

IFBB New York Pro Results 2022 Bodybuilding

NY pro show 2022 final results

IFBB new York pro results has been announced. In classic Physique category Neil Currey won. In Men’s Physique Category Kyron Holden won. In 212 Bodybuilding category Neol Adame won. New York pro show considers is the biggest league pro show in bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders tried to participate in this big show like Big Ramy, Phil … Read more

New York Pro Show 2022 line-up

NY PRO 2022 Competitors Lineup

New York pro show 2022 is ready to set, all the rosters are ready to fire at 21st May 2022 in  White Plains, NY. In open category there are 3-4 big names like Blessings Awodibu recently won Indy pro 2022. Blessings improve a lot in this show. In the last year 2021 Indy pro he … Read more

Walter Martin Biography

Walter Martin bodybuilder Biography

Walter Martin is an American IFBB Pro bodybuilder. Growing up, Walter found a love for bodybuilding from an early age. He worked hard for many years to fill out his massive frame and achieve the aesthetics that he wanted. Early Life of Walter Martin Walter Martin was born and raised in Lorain, USA. His passion … Read more