The Giant Erin Banks Ifbb Pro Biography 2022

Liife Story and Fitness Journey of Erin Banks!

Erin Banks is a Fresno Men’s Physique bodybuilder and fitness model. Erin discovered his passion for physical activity and competition back in 2019.

Early Life of Erin Banks

Erin was born in Fresno, California, in 1988. He was always an ambitious person. His passion for excelling in sports led him to play football, basketball, and track throughout high school.

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Getting Into Bodybuilding

It was after college that Erin was introduced to competitive bodybuilding through a colleague and a former IFBB bodybuilder. And it wasn’t long before he took part in his first show.

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The year was 2019, and Erin entered the bodybuilding world when COVID 19 closed everything, he had to take a bit of a break, but it didn’t set him back too much. Now, he’s back at it, presenting both his hometown of Fresno and the current town of Fowler in the world of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Career of Erin Banks

Erin did his first pro show in April 2021 and had competitions every two weeks after that all over the homeland. Winning first place in Men’s Physique at the New York Pro qualified him for Mr. Olympia 2021.

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Erin Banks has surprised the sport by qualifying in the physique series in his first year on the path. Erin had four months to prepare for the big competition of his life, an experience he says was surreal.

Erin doesn’t take easy while training with bodybuilding legend and Fresno native Flex Wheeler leading up to the Olympia 2021.

A local bodybuilder was looking to become the first Valley native to be crowned Mr. Olympia 2021 when he competed against the best such as Brandon Hendrickson, Diogo Montenegro, Kyron Holden, Raymont Edmond in the world in Orlando, Florida.

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Erin placed second in the Mr. Olympia 2021 Men’s Physique competition. He is the first rookie to ever do so.

Body Size of Erin Banks

Erin Banks height5 feet and 11 Inches
Erin Banks weight230 Pounds (102 to 108 kg)
Erin Banks Arm Size19 Inches
Erin Banks Chest Size46 Inches
Erin Banks Waist Size30 Inches
Erin Banks age34 Years
Erin Banks Date of Birth1988
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Erin Banks Net Worth

Erin Banks is a Fresno professional IFBB bodybuilder. Erin started working out at the age of 30. Although he’s still only 34 years old, Erin Banks’s net worth is $500k around.

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Erin Banks Diet

Erin’s diet will consist of mainly lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs and the occasional cheat meal.

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Erin Banks Instagram

Erin Banks talks with his followers through Instagram occasionally. Erin update his Instagram account and update about his diet and workout routine.

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