Martyn Ford Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Martyn Ford, hailing from the United Kingdom, is an excellent and multifaceted person known for his towering presence as a bodybuilder, actor, and model. 

Standing at an imposing height of 6’8″ and weighing over 300 pounds, he commands attention with his hard physique. 

He fondly referred to as “The Nightmare,” Martyn Ford’s journey to success has been one of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination.

Born on May 26, 1982, in Staffordshire, England, Martyn grew up in a household nurtured by his parents, Lorraine and Stephen. 

Martyn Ford Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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In his youth, he displayed a natural inclination towards athleticism, engaging in various sports. Cricket, in particular, captured his passion and dreams of a professional career. 

However, fate dealt him a series of setbacks, as injuries doused his enthusiasm and made it challenging to compete at the highest level.

Adding to his adversity, Martyn Ford was struck by glandular fever, also known as infectious mononucleosis, which forced him to abstain from strenuous activities for a prolonged period. 

Despite these obstacles, he transformed the trajectory of his life, redirecting his focus toward sculpting his physique. In bodybuilding, he found a new calling, captivating audiences with his commanding stature and imposing appearance.

Martyn Ford successfully ventured into acting, achieving considerable acclaim by Leveraging his unique size and striking aesthetics. 

In 2016, he made his mark in the film industry, landing a role in “Undisputed IV: Boyka,” portraying Koshmar, aptly nicknamed “The Nightmare.”

Martyn’s talents extended beyond the silver screen, as he developed a keen interest in mixed martial arts (MMA) later in life. 

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His rise to prominence inevitably led to a signing with KSW in 2018, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Martyn Ford cherishes his personal life.

In 2019, he tied the knot with his partner Sacha Stacey, with renowned strongman Eddie Hall serving as his best man. The couple shares the joy of raising two daughters, further enriching their lives with love and fulfillment.

Martyn Ford’s journey has been intertwined with the memory of his late friend, the esteemed Rich Piana. Their close bond saw Martyn attend Rich’s wedding and take over as the face of the 5% Nutrition brand following Piana’s untimely passing in 2017. 

Martyn Ford’s indomitable spirit, awe-inspiring physique, and remarkable achievements have solidified his status as a true icon in bodybuilding, acting, and modeling. 

With each step forward, he leaves an indelible mark, inspiring others to overcome obstacles, redefine their limits, and strive for greatness.

Martyn Ford Diet and Nutrition Plan

martyn ford eating plan
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Martyn Ford’s diet and nutrition plan is designed to support his colossal physique and intense training regimen. 

Consuming a higher calorie intake, estimated at around 8,000 calories, he follows a structured meal plan consisting of frequent meals rich in carbohydrates and protein

Protein plays a vital role in Martyn’s diet, and he includes sources such as eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, and steak. These protein-rich foods aid in muscle repair, recovery, and growth. 

Carbohydrates, primarily obtained from rice, sweet potatoes, and oats, provide him with the necessary energy to fuel his intense workouts and maintain his massive physique.

Martyn Ford Meal Plan

martyn ford meal plan
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It’s important to note that Martyn Ford’s diet plan provides him with various food items to ensure he obtains essential nutrients.

The meals are strategically spaced throughout the day, with Martyn consuming approximately 5-6 meals to support his demanding physical activities.

Let’s take a closer look at Martyn Ford’s daily meals:

Martyn Ford Meal 1

  • Oatmeal
  • Protein shake

Martyn Ford Meal 2

  • Toast
  • Peanut butter
  • Protein shake

Martyn Ford Meal 3

  • Chicken 300 g
  • Sweet potatoes 250 g
  • Steamed vegetables 

Martyn Ford Meal 4

  • Brown rice 300 g
  • Salmon

Martyn Ford Meal 5

  • Lean steak
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Steamed vegetables

Martyn Ford Meal 6

  • Omelet
  • Cottage cheese
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Martyn Ford understands the significance of proper nutrition during his training sessions. Pre, intra, and post-workout nutrition are essential components of his regimen. 

While the specific details of these meals are not provided, he ensures that his body receives the fuel it needs to optimize performance and recovery.

Martyn Ford Supplements

martyn ford supplements
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Martyn Ford incorporates a variety of supplements into his bodybuilding routine to support muscle growth, maintenance, and overall health. Here are the essential supplements he takes:


martyn ford protein
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Enhances energy levels, muscle contractions, and metabolism during training.


Increases metabolism and promotes muscle growth.

ZMA: Ensures sufficient zinc intake, but personal effects may vary, so expert consultation is advised.


Supports the immune system and overall well-being.

Multivitamin: Provides essential vitamins for optimal health.


Boosts performance and energy before intense training.

Whey Protein: Consumed twice daily to supplement protein intake and aid in muscle recovery and growth.

Including these supplements in his diet helps Martyn Ford meet his body’s nutrient requirements for training, health, and fitness goals. 

Martyn Ford Workout Routine

martyn ford workout
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Martyn Ford follows a diverse and ever-changing workout routine to achieve his chiseled physique and avoid plateaus. 

His training schedule varies, depending on his desired results, and he constantly aims to be the best version of himself, considering himself his main competitor.

While Martyn Ford doesn’t have a fixed workout routine, he approaches each gym session with complete preparation and a clear plan. He believes in keeping the tension on the desired muscle to promote hypertrophy. 

Here is a sample workout routine of Martyn Ford:

Monday: Chest and Biceps Workout

Incline Press3 Sets 6-12 Reps 
Incline Fly’s3 Sets 6-12 Reps 
Decline Press3 Sets 6-12 Reps 
Barbell Curls3 Sets 6-12 Reps 
Concentration3 Sets 6-12 Reps 

Tuesday: Back and Traps

Bent-Over Rows3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Close Grip Pulldowns3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Deadlifts3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Seated Single Arm Rows3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Shrugs3 Sets 6-12 Reps

Wednesday: Rest

  • Rest day

Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps Workout

martyn ford arm workout
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Seated Dumbbell Press3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Seated Laterals3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Single Arm Lateral Raises (Using Cable)3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Front Raises3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Rear Delt Fly’s3 Sets 6-12 Reps
French Press3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Rope Pushdowns3 Sets 6-12 Reps

Friday: Legs Workout

Leg Extensions3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Squats3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Leg Press3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Hamstring Curls3 Sets 6-12 Reps
Calf Raises3 Sets 6-12 Reps

Saturday and Sunday: Rest for Recovery

  • Rest day

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