Best Weight Gain Supplement: Top 10 Weight Gain Supplements For BodyBuilding

Weight gain supplement is the perfect nutrition to maintain your weight according to your body.

Are weight gain supplements useful for health?

Absolutely Yes!

These supplements provide you instant power through different natural ingredients.

What included in these supplements?

In these weight gain supplements include milk, chocolate, peanut butter, honey and fruit juices.

Amazing let’s explore deeply about top 10 weight gain supplement for awesome body shape.

When you look around yourself, you can see too many people are doing bodybuilding and weight gaining exercises, however, you can observe that the few people are able to achieve their weight gain and body muscles goals.

Most of the people find it difficult to build their body muscles and gain weight.

Best Weight Gain Supplements – Top 10 List

Here I am going to discuss 10 best weight gain supplements according to quality, price, ingredients, and flavour. These Weight Gain supplements are highly demandable in the health and fitness market.

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Weight Gain Supplements Infographic

1. ONPCG (Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer)


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Most of the other mass gainers don’t offer you calories in equal portion when you need no fat mass.

Most of the mass gain formulas comprise of ingredients like sugars and fat while the ONPCG offered you calories from 7 sources of protein best in quality.

ONPCG is also comprised of vitamins, minerals, carbs, fibre, medium type steroids and delicious flavour that help you to gain lean mass. It helps you to build strong muscles without any fat because of its quality, not quantity.

With each use of ONPCG You can get 60 g of protein which helps to build your body muscles and with each use of ONPCG you can attain the maximum of 85 g carbs and 4 to 5 g of sugar with 4 to 5 g fibre.

ONPCG also provides you with fat that exists in your blood to maintain a minimum level of health. It also supplies with vitamins, waxes, and minerals. Minerals, Waxes, and vitamins are micronutrients that help you process and digest proteins, carbs, and fats effectively.

You can gain 25 vitamins and several minerals in each use of ONPCG.

In order to get 1 pound extra weight, you need to take 3500 in calories more than the calories you take through drinks, food, vitamin, and minerals.


  1. 7 protein sources supply you more calories.
  2. Provides you with micronutrients, carbohydrates, and fibre
  3. Each use offers you 650 calories
  4. Each use offers you 60 g protein.
  • Easily dissolved in water
  • Good flavor
  • Low level of fat, cholesterol, and sugar
  • Help you to gain more weight
  • It not fills you wholly but just keeps you satisfied.
  • Due to high price sometimes is not an affordable plan
  • Not good for people who dislike whey or milk

2. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


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The ONSM is a supplement used by bodybuilders for muscle and mass gain. But there is a strong to consume all extra and frequent calories taken by your body.

For many people with active metabolism and poor desire lifestyle hardly get nutrients from daily routine food.

From the ONSM serious mass per serving you can gain 50 g (Grams) of Proteins and 1250 g (Grams) Calories.

You can come close to your dreams with ONSM, a serious mass gainer.

How To Use This Supplement?

You can use it with water then per serving mix 1250 calories. You can also mix it with milk (low-fat milk) then mix 1640 calories per serving.

  • Good flavor
  • Helpful to gain more weight
  • Easy to mix
  • Need to use too much quantity in a scoop
  • Some people say that it has a big amount of sugar

3. Premium Protein/ Carbohydrate – BSN


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The BSN is a real mass gainer for your slim body. It is specially designed for the sportsmen with high standard caloric needs and muscle gaining demands.

It contains 6 g (Grams) of medium level fat Triglycerides with wonderful taste and sufficient amount of fiber. Plus it contains a high amount of each milkshakes nutrients.

Must need-  to do exercises after or before meals or sleep. The real amount of mass can boost the recovery process and with the desired amount of nutrients required your body after exercise.  

It comprises of real proteins which are helpful to build your muscles.

It is a bodybuilding supplement comprises of carbohydrates essential for the mental and physical exercises and body movement, it also gives energy to your body for the hard work-out and severe kind of exercises.

It supplies your blood with specific kind of fat to gain more muscles and fats essential for the body.  With an extraordinary flavor, quality makes the BSN bodybuilding supplements in one of the demand-full and mouthwatering shakes in the supplements market.

How Can You Relate Protein and Carbohydrate – BSN with Real Mass?

BSN comprises of powder like Syntha, it has sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to gain weight and build body muscles. You need to take200 calories in a single intake.  Personally, I will suggest you use this protein supplement after the workout. It has 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates and protein that is why it helps your body to acquire more lean mass. The BSN Bodybuilding supplement is the best option for sportsmen or athletes to gain more calories.

Main Points

  1. The lean mass gainer with unique protein foundation.
  2. It serves you with 45 grams of protein in a single serving.
  3. In one serving 10 grams BCAA, 90 grams carbohydrates and 5 grams fiber.
  4. Nice flavor with each shake creamy like the taste.
  • Good taste inspires you to use it daily
  • It is easy to mix with water or milk
  • Lean mass gain with the desired amount of fat
  • With Big Scoop serve you more
  • You feel full after taking this product

4. Natural Naked Mass Gainer


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It is good to use this natural mass gainer before bed rest or sleep to maintain your body calories and proteins.  

It is comprised of naked whey, natural tapioca, and naked casein to supply you with carbohydrates and proteins to gain natural lean mass.

Natural Naked Mass Gainer has superior quality white wheat grains comes from cassava and free from Gluten.

Main Points

The natural mass gainer comprises of naked casein, naked whey and organic malt dextrin free from gluten.

The mass gainer is free of flavors, colors, Soy, GMO, growth hormone free and sweeteners.

The maximum amount of Nutrition: 5 grams sugar, 11.5 grams Branched-chain Amino Acids, 252 grams of carbohydrates, 50 grams of protein and 1250 grams of calories

Cleaning Proteins: The casein and whey protein provides your body with a sufficient amount of amino acids and the combination of proteins keep you up in the whole day.

Carbohydrates Source: Other supplement uses malt dextrin source from wheat or white grains while Natural naked mass gainer is free from gluten and supply you clean & multifaceted carbohydrates.

  • Good taste
  • You can mix it easily
  • It has not overfed touch
  • Free from Gluten
  • Free from Soy
  • Free from GMO
  • High in price
  • Comprises of Lactose, which can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain

5. Source of Protein & Carbs – Cyto Gainer


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The Cyto Gainer is comprised of carbohydrates and proteins without sugar and fat. If you are feeling hard to sustaining your body then this product is specially designed for you.

Approximately 54 grams of Cyto gainer comprises of real whey, glutamine, and digested whey. The existence of glutamine and CREATINE help you to retrieve your muscles with growth.

  • Decent flavor
  • You can smoothly mix it up
  • You can drink it easily on every day
  • The cholesterol level is high
  • According to a observation, people say that it has not good taste

6. A High Carbs Supplement – NOW


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Now foods supplement help you to full-fill body carbohydrates requirements, maltodextrin is the main source, easy to mix up these multifaceted carbohydrates.

Glucose Polymers is the main ingredient of Maltodextrin, it is easy to absorb and digest such kinds of ingredients by the body.

If you want to gain weight and keep your energy level during the workouts then glucose polymer is a helpful ingredient to metabolize slowly and steadily.

This bodybuilding supplement doesn’t contain any fiber, protein, fat and is a main reason of energy for energetic individuals.

Main Points

It has real sweeteners: It has no amount of sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame.

The bodybuilding supplement doesn’t contain ingredients of soy, fish, wheat, eggs, gluten and tree nut ingredients.

  • You can easily mix it with milk and water
  • Comprises of a high amount of carbohydrates
  • With no Gluten
  • You can add it to any material according to choice and flavor will remain the same
  • GMO-free
    After careful observation it has no disadvantages except most of the people mention that it is easy to mix than other bodybuilding supplements.

7. Advanced & New Mass Gainer – Muscle Tech


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A mass tech muscle gainer is an innovative way in bodybuilding supplements to gain bulk muscles. When you used it with two cups of milk, it gives you 1170 of calories and 80 g (Grams) of protein.  

The bodybuilding supplement supplies you with a high amount of calories and proteins. The innovative supplement provides your body with all kinds of proteins like fast, medium and slow. These proteins also have the desired level of a number of amino acids good for speed control and digesting.

The unique and new formula of this supplement with 840 calories resulting from quality superior quality carbohydrates and protein with fats (have not obesity elements).  It is an innovative way for your bodybuilding requirements, you can use it daily or split it into two half portions.

The 13 grams BCAAS Formula delivers your body with 5 g (Grams) of Leucine and 10 g (Grams) of BCAAs help you to take real protein (less malfunction), grow your skeletal muscles and reserve glycogen for your muscles.

It provides you with 5 grams of omega (a fat element not harmful to a body) which delivers high quality of calories with less saturation.

Main Points

It is offering you better results by providing high-quality real calories and more protein. Nowadays it is available in the market with a new size.

  • High quality and Real Muscle Gainer
  • A high quality and great product
  • Awesome taste
  • By following the directions, it becomes very dense
  • Most of the people have opinions; it has not good or bad taste. However, it was still good taste and you can enjoy it by drinking

8. A Real Mass Gainer – Universal Nutrition


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The real bodybuilding supplement has everything for you; it has additional proteins, calories and calories, fiber and excellent taste with the smallest amount of sugar.

The main purpose of this supplement is to build muscles and mass by delivering your body harmless fats and proteins. It is in one of the best supplement available in the market with your body protein requirements.

The top finest mass gainer with amino acid easily mixes up without the use of blender easily with water and milk.

The provision of carbohydrates with every scope fuel and build your body parts with muscles.  

The supplement with the existence of carbohydrates sustains you during the hard bodybuilding exercises.

It contains a dietary fiber that helps to consume carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to build your muscles.

The market finest oils like flaxseed and MCT help you to protect cell membrane and production of hormones.

Main Points

The inclusion of superior proteins and complex carbohydrates give you extended energy for a longer period. You can easily mix it with milk and water. The inclusion of fibers and flaxseed oils can help you greatly.

  • Amuse you with excellent taste
  • You can dissolve it in water or milk with ease
  • It offers you superior value in contrast to other supplements available in the market
  • Damage your stomach
  • Causes to create gas and diarrhea

9. Fabulous Mass Gainer – The Dymatize Nutrition

Fabulous Mass Gainer – The Dymatize Nutrition

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The supplement full of muscles fuel and supply you with sufficient amount of calories and proteins.  

Each scope delivers you with 17 g BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), Your body exhausted these amino acids during hard work-out.

Amino acids are helpful to boost your muscles construction and protein retrieval. The inclusive mixture of all amino acids, the Dymatize Nutrition can help you to supply with a mineral mix, vitamins and 1.5 g of creatine, everything help you to boost your muscle power.

Delightful taste with new flavor amuses you wholly.  The flavor you love and like to take more in the form of a supplement. With hard work-out, you also enjoy flavor taste.

Main Points

The existence of Glutamine helps you in your athletic requirements. It fulfills your proteins and calories requirements without digestive suffering.

  • Nice taste with no offensiveness after its use
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Big Scooper with a high amount of supplement ingredients
  • People pointed out that it has not good and not worst taste

10. The Definitive Body Muscles Gainer – Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer

Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer

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It is in one of the best muscles gain definitive formula used by athletes and body-builders.
If you want to become bigger you need to eat more and in high quantity.

It brings 1000 calories for your mass construction requirements, 6 scoops can deliver you such kind of energy.

For the extra energy or calories, you need to mix this bodybuilding supplement with milk.

The 100% calories are available in 6 scoops of these supplies that deliver you 1000 calories.

The main purpose of this bodybuilding supplement

The specific ingredients in this supplement designed for the muscles recovery, Muscles volume, and energy. This nutritional formula specifically aimed at individuals who want to make packs, gain more weight with serious mass.

High-Quality Protein

With the inclusion of high-quality protein help, you help you to shape your muscles and gain more lean mass.

Main Points

Wonderful chocolate taste and you can easily blend it with water.

  • Finest bodybuilding supplement
  • Free from fake colors
  • Free from wheat
  • Free from yeast
  • Free from preservations
  • Blends it with water and milk
  • The supplement comprises of ingredients like soy and milk which can make your body fat

So a question arises in your mind:

Why am I not achieving my desired body building and mass gaining targets?

The above question has two problems if you solve these two problems; it becomes easy for you to achieve your desired goals.

Mostly the above question has the following two problems:

  1. Your daily food requirements are not at the right time and you are struggling to achieve your daily calories level. For example, you need more energy than your daily meal provided you or you are not taking the meal at the right time when your body needs calories.
  2. The second thing is Hard gainer or you are an Ectomorph. These terms used for the person who is struggling to gain weight.

Does a question again arise what things you need to use to enhance your muscle building and more weight gain?

The answer to the above question is that you need to use weight gain supplement which best fits according to your muscle and weight gain goals.

The use of a supplement can help to fulfill your calories and muscle building needs.   

The choice of the best supplement is difficult because so many mass gainers are available in the market and it can difficult for you to choose from them.

The best supplement can help you to gain more mass and build your muscles with the available carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins.

You need to make the best decision in the selection of best supplements for your body needs. In order to facilitate your decision-making process, we are going to present before you with the best supplements.

The best supplement we recommend you here is based on our best analysis and study.

We have carefully observed and compare the prices, ingredients, quality, advantages, and disadvantages of the 10 best weight gain supplements available in the market.

Normally a question is asked by people that what kind of ingredients available in the mass gainer?

The answer to the question is that most of the supplements are the combination of proteins, vitamins, glutamine, amino acids and carbohydrates. The supplement provides you with extra calories to build your body muscles and enhance your weight.

While drinking supplement shake (mass gainer shake) during the bodybuilding exercises can enhance recovery rate and muscle building.

After exercise, if you use 20-30g carbs and proteins can fulfill the level of dehydration in your body and can regenerate the glucose and energy level. It also provides you with the desired energy level needed your body.

The supplement gives the boost to your weight and builds your muscles strongly and actively. Supplements can benefit you if you are slim and low in weight. Supplement a faster process to build your body muscles and gain weight. Whether you are male or female, you can benefit from the supplements.

Choose products which can best suit your body needs.

What Should Things Supplement Must Contain?

  1. Not look at the quantity of the supplement, just look at the quality of the supplement. For example, Casein and Whey are quality proteins included in the supplements.
  2. Your supplement should contain the desired level of Carbohydrates. The carbs are comprised of sugar, fiber, and starch. It contains oxygen and hydrogen just like water in the ratio2:1. You can get carbs from most of the fruits and vegetables.
  3. Supplements must contain a reasonable ratio of carbohydrates v/s protein.
  4. Your supplement choice should need to match with the calorie requirement of your body.
  5. The supplement should be comprised of creatine, glutamine and amino acids as an additional ingredient.
  6. What kind of flavor do you like? The supplement you are using should be according to your flavor requirement. Choose a supplement flavor which you love to eat or drink.
  7. Your budget is the main thing in the choice of the supplement; choose the best supplement according to money in your pocket.

Before purchasing any supplement, Consider our recommendations based on market research, it can save you precious time and money.

With our product information, you will be in a better position to take a decision which supplements the best suit according to your requirement in all respects.

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