Testosterone Booster, Functions, Food, Levels & Pills

Testosterone is the main hormone in men and women.

Do you know about testosterone?

Are you facing low testosterone?

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Did you measure your testosterone level?

If all these above questions related to you, then you should read this complete guide about testosterone and testosterone booster.

I will explain about testosterone deeply, about testosterone booster & functions, level, and supplements.

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The amazing thing testosterone plays a vital role in sex for men.



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During exercise, muscle building, pulling and running you need testosterone help.

Testosterone varies by age group.

At the age of 20 your testosterone is at peak level and increase rapidly, but when you hit 30 plus your testosterone level decrease.

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Here you need to focus on your testosterone level!

You can increase or boost your testosterone level by naturally or add some food supplements in your diet on a regular basis.

Exercises increase your testosterone level.

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What things stop your testosterone level?


Excessive use of Alcohol

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Excessive use of junk foods

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Lack of Sleep

Let’s explore deeply about testosterone!

What is Testosterone?

It is the main sex hormone in males that control muscles mass, fertility, production of red blood cells and fertility.

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The testosterone level in men is important than female. The testosterone test is important to determine the level of testosterone and strength.

Testosterone Image

You can increase the strength and level of testosterone by eating natural foods more recommended in contrast to testosterone supplements and testosterone pills.

Why is the Testosterone Important For Your Health?

When the production of testosterone is below than the healthy level then it can bring you to the situation infertility or hypogonadism. Infertility or Hypogonadism is a situation where a partner can’t add to conception or a female can’t lead to full pregnancy to full tenure.  However, a lot of things can help to boost the level of testosterone.

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The low-level condition of testosterone is becoming more and common.


Realities About Testosterone

  1. Controls number of developers in the body of a male.
  2. With the passage of age, testosterone levels drop down.
  3. The supplement like Prohormone has no effect on the levels of testosterone.
  4. After analyzing the specific condition the supplement for testosterone are prescribed and there is a relationship of it with the age factors.
  5. The Testosterone Replacement Therapy is also obtainable but this is good for health.

What is the Function of Testosterone?

It is a sex hormone in a male for the growth of sexual qualities. The hormones work like chemical couriers and bring certain changes in the body. Men body creates more testosterone than the female body testosterone.

Testosterone Function

Basically, an androgen manufactured by the cells of testicles known by Leydig cells.

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Here I am going to discuss the functions performed by the Testosterone in the men body:

  1. Development of sperms.
  2. Increasing sex capability.
  3. Creates more mass of bones.
  4. Dissemination of Fat.
  5. Improve your body muscles strength and increase the size
  6. Boost the production of red blood cells.

Without a sufficient quantity of testosterone, the men are in a condition of Hypogonadism (infertility).  The testosterone contributes to the manufacturing of complete sperms.

It also increased the sex capacity, bone, and muscles strength in the body of men and women.  

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The amount of testosterone is regulated by the pituitary gland and brain. Once manufactured, hormone start moving throughout the body and performs certain functions important for your body.

Testosterone functions

Inequities in Testosterone

The testosterone quality is in a direct relationship with your age. As your age increases, the amount of testosterone decreases. The dysfunction can be occurring due to a high or low amount of testosterone. Due to drug addiction some person loss their testosterone level.

The testosterone normal range in males is more than females.

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The following are the causes of the low quantity of testosterone:

  1. Less capacity for sex.
  2. Dys-functioning of Erectile
  3. Low manufacturing of sperms.
  4. Distended breast tissues

With the passage of time these indicators can change into the following:

  1. Loss of head or body hair.
  2. Reduction in muscles.
  3. Loss of body and muscles strength.
  4. The growth in body fat.

The constant decrease in testosterone can lead to mood swings ( a condition that can change your mood frequently), the decrease in testicular, osteoporosis ( a condition that affects your bones because of low vitamin C and D) and reduce body energy level.

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Effects can comprise of:

  1. It can cause castration: a condition in which a person loses the use of testicles.
  2. Testicles Infection.
  3. The opiate analgesics medication.
  4. The hormones disorders like prolactin and pituitary tumors.
  5. The kidney, liver, HIV, diabetes, and obesity.
  6. The Prader – Willi syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, and Klinefelter Syndrome are genetic diseases.

The existence of the high amount of testosterone can create puberty during which a young boy of 9 years ready for reproduction.  This situation normally exists in young boys and girls between the ages of 9 to 10 years. However, this situation is very rare.

The high quantity of testosterone in a female can create deep voice, menstrual and receding of hairs. Some other causes in females are:

  1. The clitoris (the inner part in female genitals) growth and swelling.
  2. Fluctuations in body structure.
  3. The decrease in the size of the breast.
  4. The skin becomes oily.
  5. Red pimples on the skin (acne).
  6. The growth of hair nearby chin, body and lips

The risk of development of uterus muscles can also occur in a female with a high amount of testosterone.

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How to identify the levels of Testosterone?

The level of the testosterone can be determined with the help of a blood test of your body. The test is known as a testosterone test.

The Relationship of Testosterone With Age

In recent years the issue of decreasing in testosterone has to gain popularity and attention of the public. This issue is also recognized by the name Late-Onset Hypogonadism.

For most men the decrease in testosterone after 40 years age is 1.6% for every becoming year. Due to the extreme decrease level of testosterone after the age of 60 years, there is a strong need to diagnosis infertility, especially in men.

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The 4 out of 10 men have infertility or hypogonadism after the age of 45 years. There is 170% decrease level of testosterone in the old men during the year 2012.

Testosterone Level By Age In Men
Testosterone Level By Age In women

Signs of Late-Onset Hypogonadism

  1. Weaken of Erectile especially during sleep or at night.
  2. Decreased in sexual desire (Libido).
  3. Decreasing of mental capacity to learn or knowledge
  4. Changes in mood frequently.
  5. Tension, anger, tiredness, and depression.
  6. Reduction in head or body hairs.
  7. Changes in skin structures.
  8. Bone mass decreasing and.
  9. The decrease in Mineral Density.
  10. Growth in fat.

Due to Late-onset Hypogonadism different diseases can cause cardiovascular and metabolic.

The decrease in the level of testosterone level in men is increasing rapidly.

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Testosterone Booster Supplements

In order to boost testosterone fast so many testosterone supplements are available in the market. These supplements increase the level of testosterone in your body.  Testosterone supplements work like testosterone pills.

However, most of the countries Government have banned the sale of oral testosterone supplements. For example, in the USA the sale of oral testosterone supplements is restricted by the Government.

Now I am going to discuss a research study testosterone supplements effects in aged men (old men) with decrease testosterone at 80 mg (milligrams) per day.
The study revealed the testosterone special effects on the following:

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  1. Men or women capacity to move or work around his environment (Functional Mobility).
  2. The mental capacity or action to gain more information or knowledge (Cognition).
  3. The comparison of the ratio of mineral mass with bone (Density for Bone Mineral).
  4. How much body has mineral, water, fat and muscles (Also known as Body Composition).
  5. Effects on fat and oily substances not soluble in water known as lipids.
  6. The life quality a human being both men and women are living.

There are no bad effects on health by taking the testosterone supplement dose two times in a day as pointed out by researchers. They also found that the supplement has no advantageous effects on the mental capacity to learn and knowledge, Density for bone mineral and functional mobility. However, the researchers calculated some effects like risk factors for metabolic and the composition of water, fate, and mineral in the human body.

Testosterone Lead to:

  1. The increase of the lean mass on the body.
  2. Minimize the fat in your body.

TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

Testosterone effected functions reinstate by the TRT. The therapy has an impact on the levels of hemoglobin in your blood and

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Testosterone replacement therapy affects your bone strength. It doesn’t affect your mental sharpness.

The treatment can be managed as:

  1. Patches and Skin Gels.
  2. Testosterone Injections.
  3. Testosterone pills or tablets riveted with the help of gums.
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
source: simplemenshealth

However, it can pose some serious issue or side effects:

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  1. Some skins problems like red pimples on the face also known as acne.
  2. During sleep, some breathe problems.
  3. The increase in the amount of Red Blood Cells.
  4. Increase in the size of the breast.
  5. It can cause some heart diseases or heart vessels diseases also known as vascular diseases.

Prohormone Testosterone Supplements and Its Relationship With Heart Diseases

These kinds of supplements have a bad and illegal amount of steroids dangerous for heart attacks. It is not a good choice for your low testosterone treatment.
Such kind of supplement often reduces weight by consuming extra fat and build lean mass on your muscles.

The kinds of steroids in these supplements are prohibited by the Government of America in the year 2014.  

The prohormone can disturb the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also generates estrogen but at the same time also produce female hormones.

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Due to the bad effects and unverified clinical advantages, prohormone is not the right option for boosting the testosterone fast in your body.

Testosterone Foods

The food is important to boost the level of testosterone in your body.

So what kind of food is best to boost testosterone?

The health researchers observed that natural food is best for the growth of testosterone.
How to increase testosterone levels naturally with food?

Here I am going to discuss many natural foods that can work as testosterone boosters:

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  • Use of Red Grapes To Boost Testosterone

Grapes are natural boosters for your sex sperms needs. The grapes skin comprises of resveratrol, which makes your sperm stronger.  The researchers from China determined that the 5 to 10 grams of grapes skins raises the level epididymal (sperm ability to run and move faster).

  • Pomegranate to Combat Weakness
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The daily use of pomegranate gives your strength and save you from a number of diseases. It develops testosterone capacity in your body and makes your condition better to combat weaknesses in your body.

  • Garlic Onion  For Muscle Growth And Maintenance

Garlic is the specific kind of Onion that minimizes the level of stress hormone in your body and grows the testosterone level in your body. The hormone that lowers the level of stress is known as the Cortisol, it helps you to maintain the level of your muscles.

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  • Honey For High Testosterone and Blood Flow

Honey contains mineral Boron that helps to increase the testosterone level. Honey is also comprised of Nitric Oxide, it opens the blood vessels.  Need to use daily 4 teaspoons; it can enhance the level of nitric acid up to 50%.

  • Eating Of Eggs Works As Testosterone Booster
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Eggs eating increase the level of strong sex sperms in your body. The egg yolk is the main source for boosting the testosterone. The researcher at the University of Connecticut found that a person needs to eat a minimum of three eggs in a day and it will not disturb your cholesterol level throughout the day.

  • Cabbage the Female Hormone Booster

The cabbage is vegetable full of indole – 3 – carbinol chemical, It washed away girly hormones from your blood and make it clean. The researchers at Rockefeller University suggested that by eating daily 500 grams cabbage can be very effective to increase the level of testosterone.

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