How To Build Six Pack Abs Fast For Men & Women

Six Pack Abs

Nowadays everybody wants to become charming and handsome by building Six Pack Abs on his body.

The 6 packs give your bodies beautiful looks and make you handsome and smart.

There are no secret or hard methods to build 6-pack abs on your body.

A lot of methods is available to follow but you need to choose the best method for building of rippling abs. However, it is not easy to get your goals easily; it is a lengthy process which desires patience, hard work, and concentration.

So, How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast?

First of all, I am going to discuss diet for the six packs.

How to build six pack abs

Diet For 6 Pack Abs

If you want to build 6 abs fast then first need to maintain your daily diet/food. By strictly maintaining your food/diet with hard exercises you will start soon getting your six pack abs goal.

Abs Diet For Men

1. Use Of Carbohydrates For 6-Pack Abs


The use of suitable carbs is good because it makes you full throughout the day. The eating habit will show whether you have good abs or not.

First of all, need to differentiate between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates for your abs building process. You need to avoid using white carbs. For example, whole gains slow carbohydrates slowly processed by the body because of high fiber amount. The white refined carbohydrates can be used in place of white carbs.

The oats, quinoa, brown rice and whole wheat are good examples of carbs to eat for building your abs.

2. Use of Proteins To Gain Six Pack Abs


Make your habit to make proteins in the early morning after hard work-out or exercises. This habit will also keep your stomach full for the whole day and there is no need to eat too much.

A study of 35 obese women protein intake in the morning shows that they feel less starving in contract to women with no intake of proteins. This habit also brings beneficial changes in hormones that regulate your diet.

The construction of Abs for men or women is not just about calculating calories. It is about to burn fat above the abs and makes them visible. Try to eat less in order to get results.

It is a common experience, by eating morning food (breakfast) you feel no need to eat more in the morning because it lowers the level of ghrelin a hunger increases hormone in the body. However, the intake of proteins in the morning give you benefit throughout the day by controlling your hunger level.

3. Getting Rid Of Processed For Construction of Your Abs

Start consuming less processed food items. Try to stop fast food for your calories requirements because such kinds of foods have nutrients deficiency. The packed foods for many days or preserved foods have lost their nutrients and not beneficial for health.

The processed foods contain a high amount of sugar, harmful fats and synthetic minerals and inferior vitamins. The constituents of processed items comprise of fake colors, synthetic sweeteners, fructose syrup in high amount and oils (hydrogenated). The non –food elements in the processed foods considered poisons, which weakens your body system and start gathering fat.

The eating of vegetables and low energy fruits can lead you to fulfill your minerals and vitamins, as these natural items are full of nutrients.

4. Drinking Water Is Beneficial For Six Pac Abs


Try to drink water as much as you can because it can help you to lose weight by absorbing vitamins in your body muscles. It is also good for stomach and metabolism boosting.

It is better to drink cold water because the body takes time and energy to make it warm.

By drinking water, you will automatically start decreasing beverages and juices without any sugar. It is equal to kill two birds with one arrow.

5. Supply Your Body With Healthy Fats-Good For Abs Building

Healthy fat (Polyunsaturated & Monounsaturated) includes in nuts, avocado (a green tree fruit), fish oils and olive. There is no alternative to fat oils for your caloric needs, by 20 to 30% intake of fat oil can give you results fast. Saturated fat oils regulated the level of the insulin in your body that restricts the gathering of high fat in your body.

By the intake of the desired level of fat daily make you satisfied and full throughout the day. The use of carbohydrates and protein can’t separate you from the fridge. The moderation fats are good to the consumer and good for your 6 packs abs building.

6. Eat Frequently – Keep Standard Diet For 6-pack

Eat Mindfully

It is not a good idea to keep yourself starve or hungry, by doing this habit your body will become weaken and different diseases can make you miserable and unhealthy. Plan to eat frequently: eat six times in a day with 3 standard meals.

High eating doesn’t matter but it matters what kind of food you are eating? Your standard meals should include nutrition (saturated), protein and fiber, which make you sated with a small intake.

Abs Diet For Women

1. Protein Food For Lean Mass


Protein Foods like beans, mushroom, fish, breast, soy, and lentils are best after work-out. The proteins remove weakness in your body and help to build lean mass muscles.

2. No Need To Cut Off Good Fats

In reality, healthy fats are not helpful to gain more weight. The use of olive oils, dark chocolate eggs, Chia Seeds, walnuts, and almonds keep you healthy without gaining weight.

3. Carbohydrates (Dietary Fiber)


The black beans, barley, guava, peaches, lima beans, prune, pomegranate, and broccoli are good sources for your carbs requirements.

4. Water Drinking

Daily drink at-least 2 to 3 liters per day because it will help you to reduce bloating, Dehydration, slowing down of your metabolism cells and constipation. These things can create problems like inflammation and stress.

5. No Need to Starve Yourself

Starving is not a good habit for six-pack abs. You feel stress and weakness in your body. So eat 4 to 6 times in a day. By starving you can’t start losing your weight.

6. Fat Burning Foods

The use of fat burning can help you reduce your weight with six packs of abs building. The green tea, cayenne pepper, celery, Yogurt, nuts, black chocolate are good fat burners and garlic are good fat burners.

6 Pack Abs Workout

6 Pack Abs Workout For Men

Here I am going to disclose the best exercises to build six pack abs best for your body. The abs for men can be built in this way. These are also the best abs exercises for adults.

However, by only maintaining diet you can’t reach your goal of 6 pack building, with the diet you also need to do heavy work-out.

1. Basic Muscles Exercises for packs Abs Building

First, need to start with muscle building exercise for your 6 packs abs, once the fat removes from the upper of your belly then you need to clear your abs below. It is the best six pack abs workout at home because you can do it by posturing it easily.

The Plank: is the name of the basic exercise best suit for your abs building whether you are doing at home or at a gym. By keeping your toes and forearms on the floor and ground lift up the part between hip and knee from the floor. Keep the alignment of your shoulder with elbows.

The Reverse Crunch: It is hard to construct lower abs than the upper abs. you need to keep your feet bases in the air, just like a crunch. In the start, you need to lower down your palm by putting both arms adjacent to you.

Your hips should be under your knees; by placing the body you use your abs. You should need to move your knees in the direction of your head; there is no need to move ahead in the direction of knees. Keep your knees near to the head as much possible and try to move it in the direction of the mat by powering down.

The Cardio Exercise Bicycling: This exercise helps you to build lower and upper abs. The best cardio workout at home for six pack abs workout at home. The women can also do this exercise at home with ease. There is no need of a bicycle, you should need to lie down on a flat and soft surface without, push up your legs and start legs and feet’s in the pedaling motion in the free air.

2. Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting – Join Gym

Start Weight Exercises: If the main goal to develop six packs abs then you also need to make your back, shoulders stronger. Its mean your whole body should be looking not only your pack abs.

Trunk Rotation: A unique kind of exercise with medicine ball or dumbbell, need to set down knees and keep your feet smooth with sitting position. Trim your back marginally to employ your upper and lower abs. By twisting your elbows grip the weight and turn it side by side. Stop, when you finished one rotation.

Dumbbell Fly: In this type of exercise you need to sit on the ball with gripping of free weights in your hands. Try to move forward the ball by balancing yourself on the ball. Pull up the dumbbells above your head. Keep your moveable and your abs should be activated.

Wood Chop: One of the best 6-abs building exercise, use medicine ball or weights, bent down your one knee. Pull up the weight above your shoulder or head. By holding with hands lower down the weight and carry back up. Your whole body should lean forward. 12 repetitions are enough to fatigue the body muscles.

3. Cardio Work-Out To Burn Fat

Cardio Exercises: Cardio Exercises are the best and fast way to remove fat from your body. It is a better option for you to start cardio exercise with weight lifting. Cardio exercises are comprised of cycling, swimming, tennis, and boxing.

Do Exercises with intervals because it will benefit more. Try to work out as hard as you can do within 30 seconds. The 1 to 3 minutes interval is necessary.

4. Do Exercise With Variations

No need to need to do the same kind exercises every day. Also when you feel about specific exercise becomes easy for then skip it and try for another challenging exercise. By constantly doing this you will see results soon.

Do, each exercise in 3 to 4 sets with each set minimums reps 8 and maximum reps 12. If you are between the age of 45 or 50 then check yourself from Doctor consistently for any consequences.

6-Pack Abs For Women

In today scenario, every woman wants sexy tummy and want to look smart/slim. The 6 packs abs give a hotter and sexier look to a woman. All woman celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner have a hotter and sexiest tummy because of six-pack abs.

Here, I am going to explain different exercises and diet plans for women to build 6 pack abs. The different ideas & ways will also boost your confidence level by changing your personality.

So a questions came to mind, Can it is possible for women to develop Six Pack? I am going to reveal these tips & tricks the work-outs and diet plans that can make a female real heroine.

I can assure you by doing these exercises soon you will remove your fat and construct your abs with visibility.

1. Crunch Work-Out

Crunches are the best exercise that targets the stomach area of your belly. The core exercise purpose is to strengthen your belly area. You need to do it accurately in order to get a fast result. You need to perform the following steps in crunch exercise:

  1. You need to lie down on the exercise mat.
  2. Just stretch your knees and hold your feet smoothly on the ground.
  3. Lie down in such way to put weight on your back.
  4. In order to support head weight just put your hands on both sides.
  5. Twist up at 30 degrees angle and let your breath out.
  6. Take a breathe-in and come back to the initial position.
  7. 2 to 3 sets are enough of 8 to 12repetitions.
A) Adjacent Crunches

If you want to build oblique’s then the side crunches are the best option for you. The obliques are muscles start from the upper hip and goes down to the lower hip.

It will easy for you to do this exercise by following the steps:

  1. First three steps are the same as mentioned above in the crunch workout.
  2. Bend up by exhaling, and turn to your right side near to your right knee.
  3. Come back to the original position by inhaling.
  4. 3 sets are enough and in each set 10 to 12 reps sufficient.
B) Crunches Through Bicycle

It is the best exercise to build quadriceps and abs. Below are the steps for this exercise:

  1. By keeping your face up lay down on the smooth mat.
  2. Put your hands under your head in order to support its weight.
  3. Curl to the right side by twisting up at 45-degree angle.
  4. Try to keep close your right knee with the chest.
  5. 3 to 4 sets maximum are good with 8 to 12 repetitions.

2. Best Cardio Work-Out- Sits Down and Up

Sits down ups are good exercise target your exterior obliques and rectus abdominis. This is the best six pack abs workout at home for women. Here are steps how to do sit down and sit-ups:

  1. Just lie down on the flat or smooth surface or mat.
  2. You need to grab your hands on your chest.
  3. By keeping belly tired up and move up your shoulders up and then head up by the retaining the feet on the floor.
  4. Slowly move down and try to come back to the previous position.
  5. Do this exercise with minimum 8 to 12 repetitions in every set (2 to 3 sets).

Variation: Keep your palms on your thighs and arms straight and do sit-ups. Allow your palms to slide up to your knees when you get up and slide down when you go back to the starting position.

3. Leg Raise By Lying

Leg raise is a challenging and exciting exercise. This exercise best suite you if you are obese from the belly region (Lower Part). It is a highly suggested weight loss exercise for your tummy. Here are ways to do this exercise:

  1. Place your body on the smooth mat by the lie down with palms down direction.
  2. Pull up your legs by pointing your toes. Create an angle of 900 and stop.
  3. By lowering down your legs slowly bring them to the original position.
  4. Minimum 8 and maximum of 12 reps are enough in all 2 to 3 sets.
  5. This exercise focuses and shapes your inner thighs.

4.  Hanging Ab Curl

If you want to make quality abs then this exercise is best suited to you. It builds your inner abs, lower abs, and crosswise abs. How you can do this full of fun exercise.

This is an amazing and fun exercise to tone your abs. It works on the lower ab muscles, inner abs, and transverse abs. Here, how you should do this exercise:

  1. By suspending your legs handle strongly the bar (Pull-Up).
  2. Let your breath out by twisting the knees and try to close your legs to your chest by pulling up.
  3. Let your breath in by gradually pulling down your legs and take them back to the previous position.
  4. Daily try to do 2 to 3 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions.

You can easily do this exercise at home by two chairs alternative to bar for this work-out.

5. Plank

Plank improves postures and body movements. It helps women to minimize their back pain and reinforce the core. It lowers down the belly protuberance and focuses on obliques (internal and external), rectus abdominis and Hip muscles, arms, quads, and shoulders. Here, to do plank exercise:

  1. By sitting down on the mat and forward facing, keep your arms straight forward and palms horizontal.
  2. By keeping your toes stretched and spread your legs behind.
  3. You need to keep yourself in this position at least 10 to 20 seconds by sensing your quads, shoulders and core are hot.
  4. You can do this exercise 3 times.

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