How To Burn Belly Fat: 2 Ways To Reduce Your Belly Fat Fast

Is it good to burn belly fat through exercise?


According to the latest research about belly fat by American Health Association said, burning belly fat through exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit.
Now even belly fat in children is also becoming a big issue for parents. Children can do exercises to reduce their belly fat.

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How to burn belly fat

Let’s deeply dig-out into belly fat!

Obese people want to burn their belly fat; they have a question: How to Burn Belly Fat?

Belly fat is the most dangerous because it can cause so many diseases. Your large waist is the main indicator of your belly fatness.

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The point you become obese is the increase in the hormone known as cortisol. The test is important to measure the cortisol level in the blood, and this test name is serum cortisol level.

The accumulation of a high amount of cortisol can cause stress, the first main problem. This can also cause the deterioration of lean muscles and cause more fat storage in the belly area.

The situation becomes more complicated by bad eating or dieting and enhances stress. The studies by researchers proved that stress from bad foods could maximize the level of cortisol.

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So, How do I burn belly fat?

The different ways to lose belly fat: You can lose belly weight by exercising or eating a suitable diet or dinks.

Exercises: What Exercises Burn The Most Belly Fat?

It would help if you did weight loss exercises to flatten your gut. You need to combine hard workouts and aerobics to burn gut fat.

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1. Burpee: Multi Muscles Exercise


If you have a question, what exercise burns belly fat? The answer to the question is that the Burpee to build and keep in motion numerous muscles is the best exercise to flatten the gut.

You do jumps and pushups and again jumps and then pushups. This exercise, targets your every muscle from toe to head.

A research study by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) found that only 10 repetitions of the Burpee exercise help restore energy or life into the metabolism and flatten your belly quickly.

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You can perform this exercise by lowering your body and placing your hand on the floor by touching your palms away from the shoulder. Do a pushup by kicking back your leg and by fastly reversing the position; meanwhile, you stand by jumping; this is equal to 1 repetition.

2. Climb On Mountain: A Plank Exercise

Climb On Mountain

Before starting mountain climbing a plank moving, people have a question Do Planks  Burn Belly Fat? The answer is yes; it is a good exercise to burn gut fat.

With plank movement, you also perform a little bit of crunch exercise.

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Putting both palms of your hands and both foot toes by flattening yourself on the floor, then lifting your full arm ahead and right foot up from the floor, make it a difficult exercise. During this exercise, you need to straighten and stable your body. Do some repetitions by altering the foot and arm. Straighten your body in a push-up style from heel to head.

Perform this plank exercise in three sets of each 8 to 10 repetitions for a minimum of twenty seconds, and then take some rest for at least ten seconds.

3. Kettlebell Swing: Best Exercise To Burn Belly Fat

Kettlebell Swing

It is the exercise with the heavy iron ball to burn your gut’s extra fat. You must use your oversupplied fat accumulation parts like hips, quads, and glutes.

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The heavy and fast movement in this exercise can cause to increase your heart rate with core hammering.

The ball momentum pushes you to pull forward, so your abs feel contracted, ed just like a standing plank exercise.

Try to incline the body in the downward direction (bend) and grasp the ball with your hands in front of you at arm’s length. Live the ball between both your legs by slightly rocking back. After this, compress your glutes, forcefully push your hips forward and close to shoulder height, and swing the weight. Repeat this move by reversing it.

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4. Medicine SlamBall: For Hips And Neck Muscles

Medicine SlamBall

During your high school studies, Have you ever used a medical slam ball? If you have not, then you have missed this hips and neck exercise?

The main power body resides in the central part, so by this workout, your neck and hip all muscles start performing.

If you pick them and push forward with more energy and pace, your heart rate starts booming, and in this way, you start burning some gut fat.

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There is no need to increase or enhance the weight. Try a move and push yourself forward with a medicine ball. I think, according to my experience, the 3 kg medicine slam ball is enough for your exercise.

How do you do medical slam ball?

Grasp the medicine ball in your hands and lift it over your head above the shoulder at a certain level of distance. Powerfully throw the ball on the ball with a bang, need to do this step as powerfully as you can. Repeat this exercise by catching the rebound.

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5. Dumbbell Overhead Lunge: Body Trunk Muscles Exercise

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge

It is an exercise in which your all body trunk needs to bear all the weight. The repetitions and moves keep focussing on the butt and back.

Keep two dumbells of suitable weight in your hands. Lift the dumbbells above the head and keep control of your shoulder by not lifting them close to your ears.

Now pose yourself like a push forward forcefully or in a lunge and bring forward your back leg. By walking forward, alternate your legs.

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6. Do Planks Burn Body Fat?


By facing downward, lay down on the mat, and this position is known as prone or plank. The plank exercise is best for all body muscles and gut fat.

If you want to test your concentration, strength, and balance, try this exercise at home or in the gym daily.

Lay down by keeping your face on the floor mat and assist the weight of your body by using only your feet, toes, and forearms.

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Elevate your hips slightly by keeping your back and neck straight and relaxed. Keep yourself in this posture for approximately 15-20 seconds, and then come to the resting position. Three sets are enough for this prone exercise.

7. Abdominal Curls: Gut Muscles Exercise

Abdominal Curls

The belly muscle fat can be burned with abdominal curl exercises. This exercise only focuses on your gut and helps to remove extra fat.

Lay down on the elevated bench or surface and hold the bench with your hands behind your neck.

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Put down your legs on the ground firmly by compressing the abdominal muscles and pushing up the upper half trunk of your body.

Slowly bend the body to the previous position. A minimum of three and a maximum of four sets are enough with each set of 8 to 12 reps of this exercise.

8. Leg curls: Way To Lose A Belly Fat

Leg curls

If you want to remove fat between the knee and hip, this resistance exercise is best for you.

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Just focus on the legs and abs using the only tall chair. By sitting on the border of the chair, stretch your legs outside and give your back a sloping position backward. Slightly lean down your knees and push them upward toward the abdomen.

9. Raise Your Legs With a Leg Lift

Raise Your Legs With Leg Lift

The leg raise with leg lift is an exercise beneficial for your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. There are several ways to perform a leg lift in daily routine exercise.

Lay down on the flat mat on the floor by keeping your palms on the floor and arms on both sides by straightening and stretching your legs without lower down your knees.

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Try to lift your legs to the desired suitable level and calmly return to the original position. The 3 sets, each of 8 to 10 reps, are important for this exercise.

10. Do Crunches Help Lose Belly Fat?


Yes, crunches mainly target your belly muscles and burn the fat accumulated around your waist area.

By laying down on the flat yoga mat, put your hands behind your head and stretch your legs straightforwardly. Lift your back by lowering down the right side knee and keep the elbow close to the knee, so it touches it.

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Again came back to the starting posture and started the reverse movement. Try to do this exercise in three sets; each side repetition should be less than 15.

Keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout this activity, and complete three sets of 15 repetitions on each side.

11. Touch Your Toe: Effective Exercise For Stomach

Touch Your Toe

It is the exercise where you extend your hands forward and then bend your body down to touch the foot toe; by doing this, puts stress on the stomach and waist muscles.

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In the morning walk, you can also exercise in a standing position and by lying down on the green grass.

You can also do this exercise by lying on the yoga mat at home. Keep your head straight and straight, the legs in the direction of the ceiling, and stretch your arms in this way. Your shoulders will lift from the floor.

With your finger, touch your toe by keeping your muscles firmly. Do this exercise for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

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12. Lateral Hand Weights: Side To Side Movement

Lateral Hand Weights

Grab the weights in both hands and start this easy exercise. The name of the oblique exercise also knows this exercise.

Stand straight by grasping the weight in both hands, bend to the left side and then come back to the starting position, now bend to the right side.

Do this exercise in 3 sets, each set reps from 8 to 12 maximum.

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This exercise can be easily performed at home without wasting time and money.

According to my experience, do this exercise daily with suitable soon you will get results.

13. Bicycles & Running: Cardio Exercises That Boost Heart Rate

Bicycles & Running

Bicycling is a cardio, cardio exercise if you are looking for the answer to the question How To Lose Belly Fat?

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This exercise gives motion to your legs and belly muscles, so you soon start consuming fat. 10 to 15 minutes are enough for cycling.

Similarly, running on a treadmill or on the ground in the early morning can help reduce your gut’s extra fat.

What Is The Best Thing to Drink To Lose Weight?

If you are doing exercise, then it is necessary to drink some drinks that help you to burn belly fat. Drinks are not only helpful in melting body fat but also in minimizing your waist level.

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Here I am going to give information about fat-melting drinks for your tummy and also helpful for waist reduction.

1. Ginger Cucumber Drink: Drink Throughout The Day

Ginger Cucumber Drink

Take 1 cucumber, 1 normal lemon size mint paste 3 tablespoons and Grated ginger 1 regular spoon put all these items in the blender jug and blend them. Mix all these items at night, and in the morning, mix 8 normal glasses of water.

Fill your bottle with the mixture and sip or drink at intervals regularly throughout the day.

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2. Green Tea: Breaking Down Of Fat Into Small Pieces

Green Tea Supplement

You can prepare green tea in two ways: inserting green leaves into water and boiling it to the extent that all the extracts of the leaves mix in the water.

Drinking green tea in its hot form in the early morning is beneficial for losing gut fat. But green tea is more effective if you start using it after your bodybuilding exercise.

However, you can drink green tea 3 to 5 times a day; it will help you to consume 35 to 45 percent belly fat. Green tea has certain antioxidants and caffeine elements that increase the efficiency of your metabolism.

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3. Spinach Drink/Smoothies: Drink With Detox Abilities

Spinach Drink

Chopped Spinach equal to 1 cup, Pineapple juice 1 cup, grated Ginger and lemon juice equal to 1 regular teaspoon. Mix them all by putting them in a glass and drinking it. It is helpful to get rid of belly heavy fat.

4. Melt Your Gut Fat With Lemon Ginger Drink

Melt With Lemon Ginger Drink

Lemon ginger not only melts fat but also boosts the digestive process. Add  1 regular spoon of honey in 1 glass of water and 1 spoon of lemon and ginger grated. Before eating anything, drink this every morning.

5. Amla Lemon Mixed Salt Drink

Amla Lemon Mixed Salt Drink

Put 6 to 8 full-size amlas in the blender jug, lemon zest half regular spoon, and a reasonable amount of salt for taste. When prepared, put it in the glass by adding lemon slices and mint.

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6. Mix Lemon And Cinnamon With Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix Lemon And Cinnamon With Apple Cider Vinegar

Put two normal spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with a sprinkle of honey and cinnamon powder in the cold or freshwater glass. Mix them completely and drink them fully to lose belly fat.

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