Healthiest Lunch: Low & High Calories

"Healthy and Balanced: Options for Low and High Calorie Lunches."

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Learn About Healthiest Lunch With Calories

According to the recent study of American Health Asociation (AHA) the healthiest lunch never miss, it can make your life longer and you can save from several diseases.

There are several types of lunch recipes which you can serve for your starvation.

Healthiest Lunch

Let’s read about these recipes!

Most of the people ignore the lunch and don’t take the advantage of healthy foods.

If we make some delicious recipes, we can make the healthiest lunch which can boost your metabolism.

Let’s read about some different types of healthy lunch recipes!

By the phase midday moves around, it possibly looks as to join the adjacent pizza shop. But embrace yourself. We have low and high calories healthy lunch, and you can make these lunch easily.

Each lunch recipe includes of less than 400 calories for low healthy lunch specially designed for people who are thinking about how to lose weight and high calories lunch for those who are slim or less and want to gain more weight.

So say goodbye to stay for hours in kitchen-by means of these preferences there is nobody who will stay unhealthy or hungry. These lunch options are according to their weight gain and weight loss strategies.

Here you are in the right place if you are looking for healthy lunch recipes for weight loss or easy, healthy lunch recipes.

If You Eat 2 Bananas Per Day What Happen To Your Body

Bananas for weight loss

Banana is the healthiest breakfast for any person. It can be used for weight loss as well as weight gain. It can play a vital role in your body.

  1. It can reduce your Castrol level
  2. It can reduce your extra fat
  3. Banana can be used in different recipes
  4. Banan is the most consuming fruit in the United States for several years.
  5. It can help in aging factor
  6. Several face wrinkles can be removed by using banana past on your face.
  7. Banan can be used for constipation
  8. Banan can control high blood pressure
  9. For depression, banana can be used
  10. In temperature, banana play a vital role in regulating the body temperature

Easy Healthy Lunch Recipes


These healthiest lunch recipes can be helpful for you. Read about each and every recipe in detail.

Herbed Cheese and Tomato Sandwich: Calories 398

Herbed Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Cottage cheese includes a handsome amount of protein, and this is the main reason for its ruling.
Calories Analysis: 2 tomato slices: Calories 10, 5 pieces avocados: calories 68, English muffin 1 piece: calories 120, Chives: 1 regular spoon, Cottage cheese low-fat ¼ cup: calories 40, small of amount garlic powder for taste: calories 1. 1 small banana, tomato 2 slices: calories 10, mustard 1 tablespoon spicy brown: calories 5, Dark chocolate 1 square: calories 130

Hawaiian & Avocado Veggie Burger

Hawaiian & Avocado Veggie Burger

Avocado has monounsaturated fat and an excellent source for mayonnaise.
Calories Analysis: 1/4 avocado: 68 calories, alfalfa sprouts 1 handful: calories 5, wheat bun 1 piece: calories 90, pineapple 1 round: calories 25, veggie burger 1 piece: calories 100, barbeque sauce: calories 15.

Adjacent Snack: Chips of Sweet potato (1 large handful) includes of 80 calories.

The Turkey Wrapping: Calories 365

The Turkey Wrapping

Turkey wrapping is the delicious source of proteins. It includes of low sodium quantity, so it is ruling in our list.

Calories Analysis: Deli turkey 3 slices: calories 90, Goat cheese 1 tablespoon: calories 60, 1 wheat wrap (whole): 130 calories, Baby spinach 1: 5 calories, hummus 2 spoons regular size: calories 60.

Adjacent snack: Herb and Garlic Pita Chips 9 Parmesan supply 140 calories.

Crusty Tuna Wrap: Calories 382

Crusty Tuna Wrap

Just like mayo, it is a classic salad with a creamy touch. However, it is free from cholesterol and extra unhealthy fats. Both are the main reason for its rules.

Calories Analysis: Tuna half (6 ounces) includes of 90 calories, celery stalk ½, red peppers roasted 3 slices delivers you 30 calories, wheat wrap (1 whole) comprises of 130 calories, Greek yogurt (without fat) ¼ cup supply you 30 calories, baby spinach (1 handful) contains 5 calories, celery stalk ½ chopped includes of 5 calories and lemon juice 1 squeeze comprises of 1 calorie.

Adjacent snack: You can attain 90 calories by 1 cup of cherries.

Hot Chickpea Pita: Calories 350

Hot Chickpea Pita

Try this sandwich without cooked chickpeas.

Calories Analysis: Chickpeas ¼ cup comprises of 70 calories, 1 pita (whole-wheat) calories 80, a small sprinkling of oregano includes of less than 1 calorie, half piece of chicken breast: calories 100, Greek

Yogurt ¼ cup: calories 30, Parsley 1 sprinkle delivers you with less than 1 calorie, Chickpeas ¼ cup.

Adjacent snack: The one big peach includes 70 calories.

Burger (Mediterranean): Calories 400

Burger (Mediterranean)

Replacing turkey for the customary beef without losing taste you can get calories.

Calories Analysis: 2 pieces tomato: includes of 10 calories, sufficient amount of spinach: calories 5, Feta cheese 2 tablespoons: calories 50, red onion 1 curved piece: calories 5, 1 bun (whole wheat): calories 90 and 1 patty turkey burger: calories 140.

Adjacent snack: 1 string cheese (reduced fat), grain crackers 7 and 5 Kashi supply you with 100 calories.

Meshed Cheese with Turkey and Tomato: Calories 345

Meshed Cheese with Turkey and Tomato

It is on the list because it will supply you additional proteins by mixing with turkey.

Calories Analysis: The provolone one slice comprises of 70 calories, Olive-oil sprays 1 small spritz: calories 5, 2 pieces of bread (whole-wheat: calories 180, 3 pieces of deli turkey includes of 90 calories.

Adjacent snack: A small piece of Apple delivers you 60 calories.

Zesty Black Bean Burrito: Calories 365

Zesty Black Bean Burrito

It is ruled out in our list because black beans have a high amount of fiber.

Calories Analysis: ¼ sliced of avocado contains 60 calories, 1 tablespoon sauce: calories 5, whole-wheat

1 wrap: calories 130, black beans ¼ cup: calories 60, red onion ¼ slice: calories 10.

Adjacent Snack: Tortilla Chips baked 10 pieces with salsa ¼ cup includes 100 calories.

Pizza & Burger: Calories 360

Pizza & Burger

A protracted passion for the lubricious pizza along with burger full of protein.

Calories Analysis: Mozzarella cheese 2 fresh slices: calories 140, 1 bun (whole-wheat): calories 90, Marinara sauce 2 tablespoons: calories 40, 1 patty burger veggie: calories 100

Adjacent snack: One orange contains 85 calories.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Chicken: Calories 395

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Chicken

This recipe is an excellent exchange for full-fat kind!

Calories Analysis: Swiss cheese 1 slice contains 70 calories, 2 tomato slices: calories 10, lettuce 1 leaf butter: 5 calories, 2 pieces of bread (whole-wheat): calories 180, low-fat mayo 2 tablespoons, Swiss cheese 1 slice: calories 70 and a half sliced of chicken breast comprises of 100 calories.

Adjacent snack: ¼ sliced of cucumber with 2 teaspoons of hummus contains 75 calories.

Highly Spiced Chicken Pit With Pear and Cranberries

Highly Spiced Chicken Pit With Pear and Cranberries

The delicious chicken salad doesn’t need any mayo.

Calorie Analysis: Greek Yogurt free from fat ¼ cup: calories 30, half chicken breast: calories 100, 1 pita (whole-wheat): Calories 80, Lemon juice one squeeze, calories<1, cranberries dried 2 tablespoon: calories 45, Honey mustard 1 tablespoon: calories 5, curry powder half teaspoon and half pear chopped: calories 45 calories.

Adjacent snack: You can attain 45 calories by combining another half of t pear with salad.

Sub Veggie: Calories 380

Sub Veggie

The veggie with an appetizing sandwich is the healthiest lunch.

Calorie Analysis: ¼ sliced of cucumber: calories 15, 1 sub roll of whole-wheat: calories 220, Alfalfa sprouts 1 trickle: Calories 5, Hummus 2 teaspoons: calories 60, 1 slice of a small size tomato: calories 10,

Shredded carrot ½: calories 30, 5 pieces of olives (black): calories 40.

Adjacent snack: The one large handful amount sweet potato chips includes 80 calories.

Tomato, Avocado Sandwich, and Egg: Calories 385

Tomato, Avocado Sandwich, and Egg

The delicious greener and leaner sandwich recipe with avocado, eggs, and tomato.

Calories Analysis: Olive oil one teaspoon: calories 40, 1 muffin (English): Calories 120, ¼ slice of avocado: calories 60, Normal size tomato 2 slices: calories 10, 1 large size fried egg calories 60

Adjacent snack: a medium sized apple includes of 80 calorie

The Salmon Wrap: Calories 364

The Salmon Wrap

The salmon and light dressing make this wrap delicious and winning.

Calories Analysis: 1 piece of pita whole-wheat: calories 80, one tablespoon of cheese (grated parmesan): calories 25, salmon 5 ounces: calories 120, few spinach Amounts: calories 5, Caesar dressing amount 2 tablespoons: calories 60,

Adjacent snack: The hummus two tablespoons with cucumber ¼ can deliver you 75 calories.

Pear, Swiss and ham Sandwich: Calories 395

Pear, Swiss and ham Sandwich

Christmas dinner is not leaner than the Deli ham but has sufficient amount of proteins. The low sodium form is used to attain better outcomes.

Calories Analysis: One slice of cheese (Swiss) calories 70, 2 pieces of bread (whole wheat): calories 180, Honey (mustard) 1 tablespoon: Calories 5, half slice of pear: calories 45, deli ham 3 slices: calories 100

Adjacent snack: The apple ¾ cup contains 80 calories.

Horseradish and Roast Beef Sandwich: Calories 385

Horseradish and Roast Beef Sandwich

This sandwich includes calcium and amuses your friends with its taste.

Calories Analysis: 1 massive piece of cheese (fresh mozzarella),1 romaine lettuce leaf: calories 5, 2 pieces bread (whole-wheat): calories 180, Horseradish sauce 1 tablespoon: calories 30, 2 slices of beef (deli roast): calories 100.

Adjacent snack: 1 big size peach contains 70 calories.

Turkey Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich: Calories 375

Turkey Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

Regular bacon is heavier than Turkey bacon but a great source of crunchy tastiness.

Calorie Analysis: 2 pieces of whole-wheat bread: calories 180, turkey bacon 3 pieces: calories 130, 1 teaspoon mayo (low-fat mayo) calories 50, tomato 2 slices: calories 10, 1 lettuce leaf: calories 5.

Adjacent snack: Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon with pretzel rods is a source of 100 calories.

Avocado And Tandy Shrimp Wrap: Calories 377

Avocado And Tandy Shrimp Wrap

Shrimp fill you up and give you awesome taste when added with avocado.

Calories Analysis: Cucumber ¼ sliced: calories 15, chopped shrimp cooked: calories 42, Greek yogurt amount ¼ cup, calories 30, 1 wrap of whole wheat: 130 calories, Avocado sliced ¼: calories 60, pepper, garlic and salt for taste and a little embrace of lemon juice.

Adjacent snack: the 8 pieces of olives crushed supply you 100 calories.

Jelly & Almond Butter Sandwich: Calories 390

Jelly & Almond Butter Sandwich

Almond butter is an alternative to peanut butter and includes less fat that is approximately 25%.

Calories Analysis: Almond butter two tablespoons: calories 190, 2 pieces of bread (whole wheat): calories 180, sugar jelly 1 tablespoon: calories 20.

Adjacent snack: The fresh blueberries ¼ cup and Greek yogurt plain ½ cup comprises of 91 calories.


Spinach Salad With Strawberry: Calories 382

Spinach Salad With Strawberry

The strawberries included antioxidants and can make any salad flavor-able.

Calories Analysis: Strawberries equal to 1 cup: calories 50,Broccoli 1 cup: calories 30, balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon: calories5, spinach equal to 1 cup: calories 7, 1 heavy slice of mozzarella cheese fresh, lemon juice 1 squeeze: calories<1, broccoli 1 cup: Calories 30, olive oil equal to 1 tablespoon: calories 110

Adjacent snack: A baguette 2-inch slice contains 140 calories.

Pita Salad Greek: Calories 368

Pita Salad Greek

This salad is spiced up with feta (low fat) and chickpeas.

Calories Analysis: Feta cheese ¼ cup: calories 100, half slice of cucumber: calories 30, Romaine lettuce equal to 1 cup: calories 8, chopped red onion of small size: calories 10, half pita of whole wheat: calories 40 and Greek Dressing 2 tablespoon: calories 110.

Adjacent snack: The small size of 10 carrots and hummus 2 tablespoons includes of 100 calories.

Lentil Salad with Poached Eggs Poached Eggs With Lentil Salad: Calories 390

Lentil Salad with Poached Eggs Poached Eggs With Lentil Salad

Lentil comprises of antioxidants and protein, and that is why known as the superfood.

Calories Analysis: Olive oil sautéed 1 regular spoon and half cup spinach: calories 50, half cup of canned lentils: calories 120, ¼ sliced of avocado: calories 60, poached eggs 2 large sizes: calories 150 and tomato 2 slices: calories 10

Adjacent snack: the cream cheese (fat-free) 2 tablespoons with 15 pieces of small size pretzel sticks includes of 100 calories.

Pasta Salad: Calories 395

Pasta Salad

The pasta (whole-wheat) is an alternative to the distinctive form.

Calories Analysis: half breast chicken slice: calories 100, pasta half cup: calories 110, olives 4 slices: calories 60, shredded half carrot: calories 30, fresh cheese mozzarella 1 heavy slice: calories 70, Italian dressing free from fat 2 tablespoons: calories 15, slice of half green pepper: calories 10.

Adjacent snack: A pita of whole wheat rubbed and toasted with clove garlic delivers you 80 calories.

Chicken Salad: Calories 400

Chicken Salad

In this healthiest lunch, brainpower can be a boost with fatty walnuts.

Calories analysis: dry cranberries ¼ cup: calories 90, tomato 2 slices: calories 10, spinach 1 cup: calories 7, fresh tarragon chopped 1 tablespoon: calories<1, ½ piece of chicken breast: calories 100, walnut ¼ cup: calories 160, 1 chopped stalk celery: calories 5, Tarragon (fresh) 1 tablespoon spinach equal to 1 cup: calories 7 and 1 cuddle of lemon juice: calories<1.

Adjacent snack: One piece of pita (whole-wheat) delivers you 80 calories.

Spinach & Sprout Salad: Calories 381

Spinach & Sprout Salad

Avocado and spinach inclusion in this food make it favorite for food lovers.

Calories analysis: half diced orange bell pepper: calories 12, grated carrot half: calories 30, small spinach 2 cups: calories 14, 1 sufficient amount of alfalfa sprouts: calories 5, olive oil 1 spoon mixed with hummus 2 tablespoons, diced half avocados: calories 120.

Adjacent snack: 1 cheese stick with low fat and half an apple contains 110 calories.

Rice Stir And Chicken Fry: Calories 380

Rice Stir And Chicken Fry

It has a ruling capacity due to the amount of protein and fiber than its white counterpart.

Calories Analysis: half cup of brown rice: calories 100, half sliced of red pepper: calories 10, red onion of small size ¼ part: calories 10, half piece of chicken breast: calories 100, half piece of green pepper: calories 10, olive oil 1 normal spoon: calories 110, 4 slices of mushrooms shitake: calories 40

Adjacent snack: the soy sauce 1 tablespoon with Edamame boiled ¼ cup includes 100 calories.

Shitake Mushroom And Sweet Potato Salad: Calories 370

Shitake Mushroom And Sweet Potato Salad

Vitamins and fiber are available in sweet potatoes.

Calories analysis: Mushrooms 4 shitake sliced: calories 40, spinach chopped 1 cup: calories 5, 2 slices of tomato: calories 10, 1 cuddle of lemon juice: calories<1, Dijon mustard 1 normal spoon: calories 5, 1 sweet potato boiled, calories 100, olive oil 1 normal spoon: calories 110 and feta cheese free from fat ¼ cup.

Adjacent snack: Half cup of strawberries and half banana supply you with 100 calories.

Sated Sweet Potato: Calories 365

Sated Sweet Potato

On this potato, Greek Yogurt can be exchanged with sour cream.

Calories Analysis: 1 boiled sliced of sweet potato: calories 100, 3 pieces of turkey bacon boiled crumbled: calories 130, Greek Yogurt ¼ part: calories 30, half part of chopped scallion.

Adjacent snack: 1 stick of cheese reduce fat with 7 crackers grain and 5 Kashi contains 100 calories.

Refried Beans & Rice: Calories 400

Refried Beans & Rice

You can find sufficient amount of iron and fiber in Pinto beans.

Calories Analysis: Avocado ¼ sliced: calories 60, brown rice half cup: calories 100, 1 desirable chopped tomato: calories 10, pinto bean half cup mashed: calories 130, red onion small size ¼ part: calories 10.

Adjacent snack: 10 pieces of tortilla chips baked includes of 90 calories.

Healthy Pan-Fried Rice: Calories 365

Healthy Pan-Fried Rice

In contrast to any Chinese pre-cooked, the Pan-fried rice is the healthiest lunch with the inclusion of olive oil.

Calories Analysis: pre-cooked half cup brown rice: calories 100, olive oil 1 teaspoon jumbled with 1 egg: calories 115, 4 pieces of Bella mushrooms: calories 40, Chopped broccoli 1 cup: calories 30, chopped half carrot: calories 30, small sized ¼ sliced of red onion: calories 10 and sesame oil 1 teaspoon: calories 40.

Adjacent snack: A half of big orange with 1 kiwi and salad of tropical fruit includes 90 calories.

Mediterranean Platter: Calories 370

Mediterranean Platter

Roasted Eggplant is a swap to dips full fat.

Calories Analysis: Roasted eggplant ¼ cup: calories 100, one pita of whole-wheat sliced: calories 80, Hummus ¼ cup, black olives 5 pieces contains 40 calories.

Adjacent snack: free from fat Greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon of honey and a sprint of cinnamon comprises of 120 calories.

Kale with Bean Salad: 350 Calories

Kale with Bean Salad

Kale comprises of vitamins and beans are full of fiber make this healthiest lunch best in the list.

Calories Analysis: the kale equal to 1 cup consists of 30 calories, lime juice 1 squash offered you with less than 1 calorie, the fourth part of normal size avocado delivers you 60 calories, the 1 squash of lemon juices includes of less than 1 calorie, black beans equal to ¼ of cup offered you 55 calories, white beans equal to ¼ cup comprises of 50 calories, and kidney beans equal to ¼ cup includes of 50 calories.

Adjacent snack: One stick of cheese (includes of minimum fat) with 5 Kashi and 7 crackers of grains delivers 100 calories.

Easy Egg & Veggie Patty: Calories 390

Healthiest Lunch

This combination keeps you fill, and heartiest satisfies you.

Calories Analysis: The one patty (veggie burger): calories 100, the ¼ portion of an avocado: calories 60, olive oil spray cooked 1 big size egg, calories 80, 1 portion of cheese (cheddar): calories 70

Adjacent snack: A normal size apple contains 80 calories.

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

For your daily food need consider our delicious lunch ideas for your best health. You can pick from soups, pots from proteins, sandwiches, and wraps for healthiest lunch.

When you are in your workplace or at a job, these delicious healthiest lunches are according to your nutrients requirements.

Delicious and Healthiest Pasta Salad Lunch

You can eat this pasta lunch anywhere at your work area or home because it has flexible portability. It is easy to eat it in a heated form as well as in cold form. You can prepare and eat different kinds of pasta salads named as chicken pasta, aubergine pasta, and salmon pasta

Fiber Lunch With Rice Salad

Brown rice is a good example of high fiber healthiest lunch at work during the midday. Before preparing this salad cool down your brown rice. If you have not already cooked your rice, then make sure after cooking put them in refrigerates.

Bizarre Salads

Bizarre salads are the best for your afternoon lunch because it includes grains, eggs, leaves, vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits. You can make it more tasty by adding nuts, seeds, and herbs.

 Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

It is a widely popular fact that we all want to eat delicious food at all times and still wish to maintain an ideal weight.  This is a not an impossible phenomenon when we exercise caution and are mindful of what we are eating at every meal, throughout the day.

1- If you really wish to lose weight, the ideal thing to have or add is salad which not only leaves you feeling full but is a great supplement when added to your meal on a regular basis as you will tend to eat less food comparatively.

2- Many food experts and nutritionist are coming up with various food recipes that make a delicious and satisfying lunch beside helping us in our endeavor to lose weight.

3- There are certain dos and don’ts which we must take care of and also adhere to, strictly for we don’t wish to make lunchtime mistakes and also so that we can avoid the risk of weight gain.

The common thought process of us folks is that it is ok for us to eat a whole lot of food during the day since we are working and can easily digest the food especially when we eat as a midday meal or like an afternoon meal.

4- It is not true and in fact, it is really dangerous to eat heavy or too much food during lunch since you will have fatigue and feel sluggish and sleepy after a wholesome and heavy lunch. Also most often, you will sit at your desk and are not do not walk or sweat so much and thereby you will tend to put on weight.

5- Hence, it is of paramount importance to check what your lunch consists and how much is required for your body to function normally and healthy?

Majority of us folks have a tendency to grab a heavy cheeseburger or the most famous fries for lunch which is really not an ideal choice for lunch, if you intend to slim down.

6- According to the leading nutritionists – Stephanie Clarke, R.D., and Willow Jarosh, R.D., tell us that there is a perfect equation for how to make a delicious and satisfying lunch that will help us lose weight.

When we are trying to lose weight, we must certainly choose to have a calorie range between 400-to-450 per day. In case, you are working out and trying to burn your excess fat besides trying to maintain your weight especially, even then you must aim closer to 500 calories a day and not exceed beyond that.

7- The right portion of proteins intake aids your weight loss especially 20 to 30 grams of protein must be included in your lunch which adds up to 17 to 25 percent of your lunch calories.

We must always remember that when we have a healthy dose of midday protein, it will eventually help us to prevent the dreaded afternoon slump and will keep you feeling satisfied post-lunch resulting in lesser food cravings and hence you’re less likely to reach for the sugary pick-me-ups, which otherwise you may tend to eat.

8- We must eat at least eight grams of fiber, which is 30 percent of the daily recommended portion of 25 grams per day. When we include foods which are rich in fiber & carbohydrates such as whole grains, starchy veggies, and fruit and combination of fiber and fats such as nuts and seeds, it will certainly help us reach our fiber goals too.

9- We must include 50 to 65 grams Carbs, which is 45 to 55 percent of your lunch calories per day. Carbs offer our brain and our body energy so skimping or eating poorly can often leave us feeling dull, weak and sluggish.

On the contrary, overeating can also have the same effect hence we must stick to the required quantum of carbs intake at all times. What is really important to remember is that we must avoid refined carbs such as foods made with white flour and white sugar but instead go for whole grains, whole grain bread and portions of pasta, and starchy veggies and fruits.

10- Healthy lunches, ideally should constitute four grams of sugar or fewer but if you enjoy foods that contain natural sugars like grapes, dried cranberries in your salad, sweet potato or squash in soups, whole pieces of fruit, or natural sweeteners like maple syrup or honey in sauces or dressings, then aim for fewer than 20 grams of sugar.

But it is good to be mindful of the hidden sugars in certain products like sandwich bread. At any cost, we must carefully read labels and choose the foodstuff which contains no added sugars to them because prevention is always better than cure.

11- It is no surprise to us those healthy fats when included in our lunch makes our meal more satisfying as they are tastier and rich hence we must strive for 13 to 18 grams which equal 30 to 35 percent of our total lunch calories. It is wise to include healthy fat sources like nuts, seeds, oils, avocado, and olives that can help beat sugar cravings later.

12- Lunchtime is very important and must be had at specified intervals.  In case we have our breakfast at 8 am and our morning snack at 10 am then the ideal time to have our lunch would be around 1 pm. The success phenomenon for weight loss would be to eat little by little at regular intervals and not stuff yourself to your face every time you get your hands on food.

13- It may often be the case that you tend to forget to eat at the right time because you’re so busy and tied up with your daily chores hence the best way to kill this bad habit is, set an alarm or reminder on your phone or computer, which reminds you to stop and replenish.

14- There are always a few lunchtime mistakes which we must avoid so that we don’t end up gaining the unwanted weight which we have been trying too hard to keep away from.

Most often or not, we must stop for a second and think how healthy and good is this food for my body which I am about to consume?

If we are mindful and conscious about this fact, we will automatically refrain from stuffing ourselves and have a very clear understanding of what is best for us to eat, at regular intervals.

15- Although our busy schedules can make it tough for us to hit that midday meal we must avoid heading to lunch when we are starving because not only that we will eat lunch quickly but will have the tendency to reach for more food because our body hasn’t had time to register that it’s full. It can also throw off your natural hunger and fullness cues for the rest of the afternoon, which can lead to excess eating later in the day and this is indeed, harmful for our body.

16- It is a hidden and dangerous fact that there are more than required calories when we order food at a restaurant even in the case of simple food like soup and salad that you may randomly order at a cafe?  Hence, it is a very sensible practice to pack your lunch from home so you know exactly how much you’re eating.

17- It is really very risky and health-threatening when we mindlessly gobble down our lunch while doing something else like working or watching TV since our mind will be too distracted to be able to fully register each bite, so you’ll tend to take in or crave more calories.

It will be ideal to get away from your desk for lunch, step outside or eat lunch with a friend so that you can relax and have the lunch in a calm and comfortable manner.

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