Olympia 212 Winner and Results 2023

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The IFBB Pro League’s 212 division has grown from its humble beginnings as the 202-pound category in 2008 into a powerhouse division with a dedicated global fanbase. 

This division showcases elite bodybuilders who have carved a niche for themselves in the fitness world, and each year, they come together to compete at the prestigious Olympia 212 contest. 

In this article, we will delve into the 2023 Olympia 212 results, examining the roster, qualification criteria, past champions, top contenders, Olympia debuts, and 212 Division complete Results and Scorecards.

The 2023 Olympia 212 Bodybuilders 

The 2023 Olympia 212 contest, held in Orlando, Florida, features 19 formidable competitors from around the world. 

Olympia 212 Winner and Results 2023
Via Shaun Clarida Instagram Account

Here are the bodybuilders, with names listed in the order of their qualification for the Olympia:

Qualification Criteria

To secure a spot in the 2023 Olympia 212 contest, bodybuilders had several pathways. 

Those who have previously won the 212 division at Olympia are qualified for life. 

Additionally, the top three finishers from the previous year’s Olympia automatically earned spots for the following year’s contest. 

The winners of various 212 contests leading up to October 9, 2023, were also eligible to compete. 

Special invites from the IFBB Pro League or Olympia owner Jake Wood were the only other means to secure a spot.

Past Champions of the 212 Category at the Olympia 2023

Two past champions headline this year’s competition. Shaun Clarida, the defending champion, won the title in 2020 and 2022. 

Shaun Clarida is vying to join Flex Lewis and Kevin English as the only three-time champions in the division’s history, making him the favorite among experts.

shaun clarida bodybuilder at the olympia 2023
via Shaun Clarida Instagram Account

Kamal Elgargni, the 2019 Olympia 212 champion, secured a lifetime qualification for the Olympia 212 and the Men’s Open contest by winning the 2023 Masters Olympia. 

Although it is expected that Kamal Elgargni will compete in the Olympia 212, no official announcement has been made as of October 13, 2023.

David Henry, the inaugural winner of the Olympia 202 in 2008, is also eligible to compete without winning another show but has not confirmed his participation as of the official roster.

Top Contenders

In the eyes of many fans and experts, Angel Calderon Frias emerges as the top contender to Shaun Clarida. Calderon Frias, the 2022 Olympia runner-up, has had nearly 11 months to prepare for a rematch with “The Giant Killer.” 

Angel Calderon Fias Bodybuilder
via his Instagram Account

To defeat Shaun Clarida, Calderon Frias must bring his absolute best, despite Clarida’s renowned round muscle bellies and conditioning.

Ahmad Ashkanani, a perennial top-five finisher at the Olympia, secured fourth place in 2022. He is an experienced competitor known for his posing skills. 

Oleh Kryvyi of Ukraine, who placed fifth in 2022, possesses exceptional shape and an impressive lower body, and if he showcases razor-sharp definition, he can stand his ground in the first callout.

Best 212 Bodybuilders to Watch at the Olympia 2023 

While the favorites hold strong positions, some dark horse contenders could potentially disrupt the rankings. 

John Jewett, who finished fourth in the 2019 Olympia, has displayed varying results, ranging from 13th place to second place. 

He recently secured second place in the Men’s Open contest at the 2023 Legion Sports Fest Pro.

Keone Pearson, a fan favorite, made a significant impact by winning the 2023 Texas Pro

keone pearson mr olympia
Via Keon Pearson Instagram Account

He aims to build on his sixth-place finish at the 2022 Olympia, marking his third Olympia 212 appearance.

Kerrith Bajjo won the 2023 New York Pro and should not be underestimated. Felipe Moraes is another top-ten finisher from Las Vegas and aspires to maintain his position in the rankings.

A notable return to the stage is Hidetada Yamagishi, who won the 212 title at the Masters Olympia

This may be the Japanese legend’s final appearance on the Olympia stage, adding sentimental value to the competition.

Olympia Debuts

Each year, the Olympia welcomes rookies to its stage. The 2023 Olympia 212 contest features Felipe Fierro of Chile, Roman Yushchenko of Ukraine, and Andrei Melnikov from Russia. 

Hossein Kalateh from Canada secured his Olympia debut by winning the Van Pro Showdown 212 contest. 

Keep an eye on Chris Jones, who made his pro debut by winning the 2023 Chicago Pro and could potentially break into the top 10 at the Olympia.

2023 Olympia 212 Division Results 

Here are the Complete Results of the 212 Division.

Here are the top 2 Bodybuilders of the 212 Divison.

212 Bodybuilding winner at Olympia 2023
via theycallusmad Instagram Account
via mindtomucle instagram account

Keone Pearson is the new Champion of the 212 Bodybuilding at the Olympia 2023. He got his first Olympia title after beating the 2 time Champion Shaun Clarida. Congratulations to him.

212 Bodybuilding Olympia winner 2023
via mindtomuscle Instagram Account
Olympia 2023 212 Results
via mindtomuscle Instagram Account
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