A Day in the Life of John Jewett: Balancing Off-Day Activities and Fitness Regimen

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Follow along with bodybuilder John Jewett as he takes us through a day, showing how he balances his off-day activities and fitness regimen. 

While it may not be a training day, John’s off days are just as eventful and vital for his overall fitness journey. 

From cardio and dog walks to rehab work and meal prepping, John’s routine is packed with productivity and dedication to his physique.

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Morning Ritual: Cardio and Dog Walks

As the sun rises, John starts his day with cardio and bonding time with his furry companions. He kicks off the morning with a 25-minute session on the Stairmaster, keeping his heart rate up and staying active even on his off days. 

Next, he takes his dogs, Storm and Logan, for a brisk walk around the block, enjoying the fresh air and the company of his beloved pets.

Off-Day Diet: Focused and Disciplined

While his off-day diet might not be the most exciting, it is highly disciplined and tailored to his fitness goals. 

John’s current off-day diet consists of low carbohydrates (about 50 grams per day), high protein (300 grams), and moderate fats (75 grams). 

His meals are simple yet effective, designed to support his muscle maintenance and recovery without hindering his progress.

Rehab Work: Addressing Lingering Issues

John’s off days also serve as an opportunity to address recurring issues through rehab work. He visits Justin at the Modern Movement to work on specific problem areas and focus on injury prevention. 

This dedicated approach ensures that he maintains his peak performance and reduces the risk of setbacks during his intense training sessions.

Appreciating Off Days: Balancing Rest and Productivity

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Contrary to popular belief, John embraces his off days wholeheartedly. As someone who pushes himself to the limit during training, he values the rest and recovery these days provide. 

He uses the extra time to catch up on computer work, client responsibilities, and content creation. By balancing productivity and relaxation, John optimizes his time and ensures he stays on top of his game.

Understanding Fatigue Management: The Key to Progress

John is well aware of the importance of fatigue management in his fitness journey. He acknowledges the significance of maintaining progress while preventing overtraining and burnout. 

By effectively managing fatigue, John can keep his training sessions progressive, ensuring both short-term success and long-term gains.

Rehab Session Insights: Addressing Weaknesses and Stability

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During rehab, John uncovers areas of weakness, particularly in his lat and infraspinatus muscles, leading to instability in his scapula. 

This instability creates an imbalance and overloading in specific muscles, causing discomfort and potential injuries. 

His rehab focuses on movements prioritizing stability and correcting imbalances, laying the foundation for future progress and pain-free training.

Diet and Meal Prep: Nourishing His Body

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John diligently sticks to his diet plan and meal prep as the day progresses. His meals consist of green beans and spinach, a caramel quaker rice cake, nut butter, and mixed nuts for fats. For protein, he enjoys eight ounces of chicken. 

Additionally, he whips up a protein-packed treat, blending animal whey with ice and almond milk to create a delectable protein ice cream.

Embracing Routine: A Steadfast Approach

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John finds comfort in following a routine that supports his goals and promotes consistency. From his meals to his nightly salad, he embraces a structured approach to nutrition

These habits contribute to his remarkable physique and overall well-being.

John Jewett’s Off-Day Dedication

Throughout this day in the life of John Jewett, we witness the dedication and discipline that propel him towards greatness in bodybuilding. Even on his off days, John remains committed to his fitness journey, making the most of each moment. 

Balancing rest, rehab, and productivity, John Jewett exemplifies the traits of a true athlete, always striving for progress and excellence.

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