Nathan De Asha: The Resilient Journey to Olympia 2023

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Nathan De Asha, one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent bodybuilders, is set to make a remarkable comeback after battling two bicep tears. Despite these challenges, De Asha’s massive arms remain a testament to his dedication and passion for the sport. 

In a recent Instagram update, he showcased his impressive physique just eight weeks away from his next contest, with the ultimate goal of securing an invite to the prestigious 2023 Olympia.

A Winning Formula

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De Asha’s success in the IFBB Pro League can be attributed to his exceptional blend of mass and conditioning, creating a symmetrical and balanced appearance on stage. 

In 2021, he enjoyed a flawless season, securing first-place victories at the Europa Pro Championships, the Arnold Classic UK, and the Yamamoto Cup Pro

Notable wins over opponents like Patrick Johnson and Samson Dauda cemented his top Men’s Open Proposition.

Bumps in the Road

Despite his impressive achievements, De Asha faced setbacks that delayed his return to the stage. 

A left bicep injury forced him to withdraw from the 2022 Arnold Classic, and shortly after recovering, he suffered a second bicep tear, preventing him from competing at the 2022 Olympia

As a former top-10 Mr. Olympia finisher, his absence left fans eagerly awaiting his triumphant return.

The Anticipated Comeback

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The wait is nearly over, and fans can rejoice as Nathan De Asha prepares to compete again. With an eye on a show in just eight weeks, he is determined to qualify for the 2023 Olympia

Should he secure his spot on the sport’s grandest stage, it will mark De Asha’s return to Olympia since 2018, a momentous achievement for the seasoned bodybuilder.

Staying Engaged Beyond Competition

Throughout his time away from the stage, De Asha has remained active on YouTube and engaged in various fitness pursuits. 

He notably joined strongman royalty Tom and Luke Stoltman for a unique ‘Bodybuilding versus Strongman’ training session, even challenging them to a leg press contest. 

Additionally, De Asha has been candid about discussing performance-enhancing drugs, sharing his experiences with Trenbolone, a potent steroid he claims to use year-round without adverse side effects.

Eying Olympia Success

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via nathan de asha instagram

With immense promise as an Open threat, De Asha is set to face tough competition, including Samson Dauda

Given his competition history and current impressive physique, it would not be surprising to witness De Asha reemerge as a contender in the Olympia discussions later this year.

An Evolving Olympia Landscape

Since De Asha’s last appearance at the Olympia in 2018, the title has exchanged hands multiple times, reflecting the dynamic nature of the competition. 

From the late Shawn Rhoden’s victory in 2018 to Brandon Curry, Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay, and Hadi Choopan, the Olympia stage has witnessed fierce battles for bodybuilding supremacy.

The Takeaways

Nathan De Asha’s journey to Olympia in 2023 exemplifies his resilience and determination. Despite enduring two bicep tears, his unwavering commitment to the sport has kept him in top form. 

As the Olympia approaches, fans eagerly anticipate his return to the grand stage, where he aims to reclaim his place among the elite in bodybuilding. 

With his massive physique and unyielding spirit, Nathan De Asha’s comeback will surely inspire and captivate the bodybuilding community again.

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