2023 Texas Pro Show Results and Scorecards 

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The stage was set, the excitement palpable as bodybuilding enthusiasts and fans gathered for the highly anticipated 2023 Texas Pro Show held in Arlington, Texas on August 18th and 19th. 

This event has quickly become a highlight of the bodybuilding season, drawing athletes from various categories to compete for the prestigious Olympia qualification. 

The Texas Pro Show serves as a gateway to the grand spectacle of the 2023 Mr. Olympia Weekend, scheduled for November 2-5 in Orlando, Florida. 

2023 Texas Pro Show Results and Scorecards 
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With the stakes higher than ever due to the absence of the point system this season, athletes left no stone unturned in their pursuit of securing a spot on the Olympia stage.

A Showcase of Talent and Determination

Last year’s Men’s Open champion, Chinedu Andrew Obiekea, known as Andrew Jacked, claimed victory against formidable competitors Martin Fitzwater and Steve Kuclo at the 2022 Texas Pro Show. 

However, this year, Andrew Jacked narrowly missed his Olympia qualification after securing the third position at the 2023 Arnold Classic

The competition was fierce, with determined athletes vying for glory and a chance to shine on the Lone Star State stage.

The Men’s Open division boasted a stacked lineup, featuring threats such as Hunter Labrada, winner of the Tampa Pro, and the IFBB Pro show debutant Carlos Thomas Jr., whose impressive physique updates generated significant online buzz.

2023 Texas Pro Champions:

  • Men’s Open: Andrew Jacked
  • Classic Physique: Jae Hun Park
  • Men’s Physique: Jeremiah Maxey
  • Figure: Jessica Reyes Padilla
  • Bikini: Ashlyn Little
  • Wellness: Marissa Andrews

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results 

Chinedu Andrew Obiekea (Andrew Jacked) got his Olympia Ticket after winning the Texas Pro Show 2023 in the Men’s Bodybuilding Division.

texas pro show 2023 results
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Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Results 

Keone Pearson emerged as the winner in the Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division. 

2023 Texas Pro Show Results and Scorecards 
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A sold-out event witnessed remarkable talent from the 212 category, with Pearson showcasing his best look yet, reminiscent of Phil Heath‘s fullness. 

Noel Adame secured the second position, displaying a shredded physique that left a lasting impact. 

The third place was claimed by Francisco Barrios Vik, making the category fiercely competitive.

2023 Texas Pro Show Results and Scorecards 
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  • Winner: Keone Pearson
  • Second Place:  Noel Adame 
  • Third Place:  Francisco Barrios Vik
  • Fourth Place: Jason Joseph
  • Fifth Place: Justin Jacoby

Classic Physique Results 

Jae Hun Park triumphed in the Classic Physique category, showcasing remarkable symmetry and conditioning. 

Robert Timms secured the second position with his flawless package, followed by Logan Franklin in third place. 

Benjamin Zimmerman and Dancovea Anderson also left their mark in this competitive lineup.

2023 Texas Pro Show Results and Scorecards 
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  • Winner: Jae Hun Park
  • Second Place: Robert Timms
  • Third Place: Logan Franklin
  • Fourth Place: Benjamin Zimmerman
  • Fifth Place: Dancovea Anderson

Men’s Physique Results 

Jeremiah Maxey emerged victorious in the Men’s Physique division after an intense showdown with Clarence McSpadden Jr. Both athletes displayed detailed upper bodies with well-defined v-tapers. 

Jeremiah Maxey’s momentum from his second-place finish at the Tampa Pro propelled him to the top spot, while Clarence McSpadden Jr. secured the second position. Nick Koeu rounded out the top three.

2023 Texas Pro Show Results and Scorecards 
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  • Winner: Jeremiah Maxey
  • Second Place: Clarence McSpadden Jr.
  • Third Place: Nick Koeu
  • Fourth Place: Joshua Guidry
  • Fifth Place: Mitch Starr

Figure Results 

Jessica Reyes Padilla dominated the Figure division, outshining her competition with her seasoned experience and refined physique. 

Ashley Howells secured the second position with an improved package, and Tamera Barrett claimed the third spot. 

The Figure competition witnessed fierce comparisons and showcased the athleticism and grace of the participants.

Bikini Results 

Ashlyn Little emerged as the Bikini champion, impressing the audience with her aesthetics and stage presence. 

Elisa Pecini secured the second position, bringing her Olympia experience to the stage. 

Tamekia Carter rounded out the top three, demonstrating the competitive spirit in the Bikini division.

Wellness Results

Marissa Andrews claimed victory in the Wellness division, captivating the audience with her spectacular proportions and energy. 

Mia Samuels-Menjivar secured the second position with her impressive lower body fullness, and Jenna de Manicor took the third spot. 

The Wellness division continued to raise the bar, showcasing the dedication and hard work of the athletes.

A Celebration of Passion and Dedication

The 2023 Texas Pro Show was a testament to the dedication, passion, and determination of athletes from various categories. 

Each division showcased unique qualities, and the winners demonstrated their commitment to excellence. 

As the sport of bodybuilding continues to evolve, events like the Texas Pro Show provide a platform for athletes to shine and inspire others on their fitness journey. 

The Olympia qualification earned at this event serves as a stepping stone towards the grand stage, where athletes will compete for the ultimate recognition in the world of bodybuilding.

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