Hunter Labrada Biography

Hunter Labrada is an American bodybuilder and entrepreneur from Texas. Hunter is the son of Lee Labrada, a legendary bodybuilder and IFBB Hall of Fame member. Hunter was wanted to become an American football star.

However, his dreams came to a crumbling halt after he suffered a serious injury, restricting him from playing the sport.

Early Life of Hunter Labrada & a Football Injury

Hunter might be following the steps of his father today, but his early life seemed different from his father’s life. Hunter was brought up wanting to become an all-star American football player, playing the sport through high school.

In the beginning, it looked like Hunter was getting closer to attaining his aim. However, a serious injury during his senior year in college put his desires in football to an end.

Due to the severe injury, Hunter had to move away from the football ground for some time and work on his improvement. The recovery consisted of bodybuilding-split exercises designed to strengthen his muscles.

Growing Love for Bodybuilding

Hunter Labrada Biography

Hunter’s training program gave him the results he wanted to get, he became stronger, muscular, and ready to get back on the football pitch. However, during all this process, an amazing thing occurred.

Hunter began to grow a strong passion for weightlifting. He became so enthralled with the sport that he determined to give up on his football career and follow bodybuilding instead.

Becoming a Pro Bodybuilder

Hunter Labrada Biography

As time passed, Hunter’s attraction to the bodybuilding lifestyle became stronger. He finally decided to enter the sport professionally, becoming a bodybuilder.

Taking help from his Athlete father and training relentlessly in the gym, Hunter saw himself instantly rise among the ranks in the bodybuilding world. He soon graced a name to look out for, gaining victory after victory to his name.

In 2016, he moved on the NPC stages in San Antonio and Branch Warren Classic, winning both championships.

Besides his stage victory, Hunter has also become a renowned businessperson and social media name. With his father as his influence, Hunter keeps achieving new levels of achievement and looks set to become a bodybuilding icon in his own right.
In 2021, Hunter got 4th place at Olympia stage in Men’s Open Division.

Body Size of Hunter Labrada

Hunter Labrada Weight106 to 111 KG
Hunter Labrada Height5 Feet and 9 Inches
Hunter Labrada Age29 Years
Hunter Labrada Date of BirthMay 17, 1992
Hunter Labrada Arm Size21 inches
Body Size of Hunter Labrada

Hunter Labrada Wife

Hunter Labrada Biography

Hunter Labrada is single yet he is currently dating his girlfriend, Liv Roth. Liv Roth is also a pro-IFBB bodybuilder. His girlfriend lives with Hunter in Taxes.

Hunter Labrada Net Worth

Hunter has a good income from his professional career as a bodybuilder. He has a net worth of $500k.

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