Urs Kalecinski Biography

Urs Kalecinski is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Germany. He was born in 1995 in Germany. He wanted to become a professional ski racer as a child but turned his thought to bodybuilding after growing to love sports.

Since Urs started competing in 2016, he has won 3 main tournaments and sculpted an awesome physique during his fitness journey.

Early Life of Urs Kalecinski

Urs Kalecinski Biography

Urs Kalecinski was born and raised in Germany. He began his fitness journey at the age of 16, training in his small gym at home.

However, his desire was skiing, and he’d been practicing since he was 3 years old. At this point, Urs was focused on becoming a professional ski racer.

Bodybuilding Career of Urs Kalecinski

Urs Kalecinski Germany

In 2015, Urs chose to leave his ambition of becoming a professional ski racer behind, at the age of 18. He found it frequently hard to practice while studying, due to not living in the mountains.

He’d been improving his physique for 3 years and made great strength and size increases in the gym. However, he only had access to a barbell and a set of lightweights.

In 2019, he got his pro card and became a pro bodybuilder. In 2021, Urs got 4th place at the Olympia stage in Classic professional Physique. At 1st position was Chris Bumstead, at 2nd Position was Terrence Ruffin and at 3rd position was Breon Ansley.

Body Size of Urs Kalecinski

Urs Kalecinski Weight90 to 95 KG
Urs Kalecinski Height5 Feet and 9 Inches
Urs Kalecinski Age25 Years
Urs Kalecinski Instagraminstagram link
Urs Kalecinski Birthday25 September 1995 estimated

Urs Kalecinski Net Worth

Urs Kalecinski net worth is currently not available. But the expected net worth is $500k. This is not real. We provide it to get an idea. Urs Kalecinski is an IFBB pro bodybuilder from Germany.

Urs Kalecinski Diet

Urs Kalecinski Diet Plan

Urs Kalecinski is an advocate of cutting carbs out, consuming mostly lean proteins and greens. However, unlike other bodybuilders, Urs Kalecinski doesn’t allow himself any cheat meals, eating clean and staying in condition all year round.

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