Wesley Vissers vs Ramon Dino at the 2024 Arnold Classic

The bodybuilding world was left in awe as the 2024 Arnold Classic unfolded in Columbus, Ohio, revealing an unexpected turn of events in the Classic Physique division.

Wesley Vissers, a name known from his seventh-place finish at the 2023 Olympia contest, emerged as the surprising victor, defeating the defending champion, Ramon Queiroz.

The twist in the tale was so monumental that head judge Tyler Manion took to YouTube to provide an intricate pose-by-pose breakdown, demystifying why Wesley Vissers outshone Queiroz in this captivating showdown.

Setting the Stage: Anticipation and Transformation

Before delving into the detailed analysis, Tyler Manion addressed a key aspect of Wesley Vissers‘ physique – his wider waist in comparison to other contenders like Urs Kalecinski and Ramon Queiroz.

wesley vissers arnold classic 2024 Physique
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However, Manion emphasized that Wesley Vissers‘ broad shoulders compensated for this, creating a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing shape.

Manion set the stage, stating, “Wesley Vissers’s waist is definitely a little bit wider than Ramon Dino’s than Chris Bumstead’ than even Urs Kalecinski’ and Breon Ansley’s, however, Wesley Vissers has now built up his shoulders and width so much to compensate for that where he has a very, very crazy shape and taper as well. 

All shapes and sizes can come in and do very well in this Classic Physique division.”

Pose-By-Pose Analysis: Decoding the Victory

1. Front Double Biceps Pose

ramon dino cbum
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Tyler Manion commenced the detailed breakdown with the front double biceps pose, a crucial moment in any bodybuilding competition.

According to Tyler Manion, Wesley Vissers showcased crisp conditioning and deeply separated lines during prejudging, securing him the win over Ramon Queiroz.

Tyler Manion’s analysis delved into the details, “His taper is just as good, his arms are even better, his chest is full, his quads are taking up the same amount of space as Ramon Dino’s, and the cuts and lines are much much deeper.”

In contrast, Ramon Queiroz appeared downsized, lacking clear separation in his quads, and suffered due to suboptimal posing.

Score: 1-0 for Vissers

2. Side Chest Pose

wesley vissers side chest posing
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The evaluation moved to the side chest pose, where Wesley Vissers‘ full chest, bigger arms, and shoulders granted him another victory.

Manion pointed out significant improvements in Wesley Vissers‘ side leg, showcasing enhanced balance between the hamstring and quad.

Manion emphasized, “Upper body-wise, his chest was extremely full, his arms and shoulders were very very big.

When you compare it to Ramon Dino, he has more width across the top from shoulder to shoulder.”

Score: 2-0 for Vissers

3. Back Double Biceps Pose

ramon dino vs wesley vissers back double biceps
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In the iconic back double biceps pose, Tyler Manion favored the depth, taper, and separation of Wesley Vissers‘ physique, although he suggested improvements in the hamstrings and glutes.

The analysis unveiled Wesley Vissers‘ back’s impressive depth, overshadowing Ramon Queiroz’s width deficit and less impressive traps.

Manion clarified, “It was enough for me to give him the nod in the back double biceps pose over Ramon Dino.”

Score: 3-0 for Vissers

4. Abs and Thighs Pose

ramon dino abs
via ramon dino instagram

Ramon Queiroz managed to secure a win in the abs and thighs pose, leveraging his deeply separated abs.

Tyler Manion noted that Wesley Vissers‘ abs lacked the same level of separation and detail, granting Ramon Queiroz a point in this round.

Score: 3-1 for Vissers

5. Favorite Classic Pose

The final battleground, the favorite Classic pose, became a decisive moment in Wesley Vissers‘ overall victory. Tyler Manion contended that Ramon Queiroz’s failure to fully open up, lack of lat engagement, and insufficient quad separation worked against him.

Tyler Manion’s verdict was clear, “4-1 to me, Wesley Vissers took this from Ramon Dino.”

ramon dino vs wesley vissers
via wesley vissers instagram

Considering Wesley Vissers‘ full chest, arms, shoulders, width, and quad separation, Tyler Manion believed he was the rightful winner of this pose.

Final Score: 4-1 for Vissers

Insights Beyond the Poses: Tyler Manion’s Guidance

Tyler Manion’s breakdown videos extend beyond being insightful for fans they serve as invaluable guidance for competitive bodybuilding athletes.

Tyler Manion’s acute observations and detailed explanations offer competitors a roadmap for improvement, helping them understand the nuances judges evaluate during competitions.

This breakdown wasn’t Tyler Manion’s inaugural exploration into dissecting bodybuilding action in Columbus, Ohio.

Previously, he analyzed the performances of Samson Dauda and Hadi Choopan, providing a comprehensive view of their strengths and dominance in their respective categories.

In the realm of competitive bodybuilding, Tyler Manion’s breakdowns act as a beacon of knowledge, shedding light on the intricacies of posing, physique evaluation, and the ever-evolving nature of the sport.

As athletes and enthusiasts absorb the insights from Tyler Manion’s breakdown of the 2024 Arnold Classic, one thing is evident – the art of posing can be the decisive factor that shapes the destiny of champions on the grand stage.

Wesley Vissers‘ victory, meticulously dissected pose by pose, stands as a testament to the significance of mastering the art of presentation in the world of bodybuilding.

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