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Breon Ansley is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, sponsored champion, and private trainer from California, USA. He is a Classic Physique competitor and Mr Olympia champion. He was Mr Olympia Physique 2018 after defeating Chris Bumstead.

He transformed his body to a competition level in two years and won a significant IFBB competition.

Breon Ansley Early Life

Breon Ansley

Breon was born and raised in California, USA, competing in the Men’s Classic Physique category. During his teens, he liked playing sports, from football and tennis to track and swimming. His foremost love was football, in which he excelled. His position as a defensive end would get him a scholarship to visit Iowa State.

Breon Ansley would experience a setback when he was overcome with stopping football due to an injury. So Breon Ansley would move back to his home and take up acting. His credits include performing in ads for big brands like Samsung, McDonald’s, Mountain Dew, Chevrolet, and Walgreens.

While struggling as an actor, Breon kept the dedication towards fitness that he had gotten at college. He was surrounded by several friends who were bodybuilding and fitness professionals then, so it was only a matter before the sporting seed was planted.

Breon Ansley Bodybuilding Career

Breon was determined to become a personal coach and help others reach their fitness goals.

breon ansley mr olympia wins

While studying for his training eligibility, he read extensively about how muscle groups perform. He knew quite a lot about this topic from his sports days, but he now knew precisely how to help others.

This helped Breon in being able to get a great physique while serving his clients. In the course of doing this, he was told by his colleagues that he had a good enough look for bodybuilding competitions, so he chose to give it a try.

After great hard work, Breon began to gain success quickly. He placed in the top 3 three times at NPC competitions in 2012. In 2013, he trained to win the NPC USA Championships, which allowed him to take his pro card and start a bright career.

Professional Competitions Of Breon Ansley 

After having a great run as a beginner, Ansley could now fight in pro tournaments, gaining a name in the world of bodybuilding. Unluckily, his pro career would not have as stable a start as his amateur.

breon ansley weight

His first competition was the 2014 IFBB New York Pro going from middleweight to the 212 Division. Unfortunately, Ansley would get a less-than-perfect 16th place in this competition. He would follow that up with a depressing 15th position at the 2014 Europa Phoenix Pro competition.

He would get a year off in 2015, using the time to reassess his exercise and diet. These changes would lead to massive developments in his appearance.

Breon would earn a significant first-place achievement, showing the bodybuilding community that he had improved greatly.

This huge victory would be followed by a showing at the 2016 Mr Olympia, Ansley’s first look at the big show. He would get 4th place in the Men’s Physique competition in 2016.

Breon Ansley would improve to the next level in 2017, getting another first-place victory at the New York Pro competition.

2018 would see this band remain, as he would build his dominance by earning first at the Arnold Classic 2018.  After this showing, he would keep his title at the 2018 Mr Olympia, earning another first place after defeating Chris Bumstead.

At the Olympia pro-2019, Breon Ansley was the runner-up to Chris Bumstaed. In 2020, he got 3rd place at the Olympia in the Men’s Classic Physique.

Breon Ansley competed at the Olympia 2021; he placed 3rd there against Chris Bumstead and Terrence Ruffin.

He placed 4th at the Olympia 2022 after competing against Chris Bumstead, Ramon Dino, and Urs Kalecinski.

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Breon Ansley Competition History

NOYearsEvent NamePositions
12012NPC Los Angeles Championships2nd
22012 NPC Los Angeles Championships1st
32012 NPC Titans Grand Prix Championships2nd
42013NPC USA Championships1st
52013NPC USA ChampionshipsNP
62014 IFBB New York Pro16th
72014 IFBB Europa Phoenix15th
82016 NPC Prestige Crystal Cup1st
92016IFBB Mr. Olympia Classic Physique4th
102017IFBB New York Pro Classic Physique1st
112017IFFB Mr Olympia1st
122018 IFBB Arnold Classic 1st
132018IFFB Mr Olympia1st
142019IFBB Olympia Pro2nd
152020IFBB Olympia Pro3rd
162021IFBB Olympia Pro3rd
172022IFBB Arnold Classic 4th
182022IFBB Olympia Pro4th

Breon Ansley Measurements

Breon Ansley Height5 feet and 5 inches
Breon Ansley Weight83 KG TO 88 KG
Breon Ansley Age43 Years
Breon Ansley Date Of Birth13 November 1979
Breon Ansley Back Size31 Inches
Breon Ansley Biceps Size19 Inches
Breon Ansley Chest Size50 Inches
Breon Ansley NationalityAmerican
Breon Ansley’s Net Worth$1-2M Around
Body Measurement of Breon Ansley

Breon Ansley Diet And Nutrition Plan

Breon Ansley Diet and Nutrition

Breon’s diet consists of a great protein that gets from different sources. His common source for meat in his meals comes from lean animals like chicken. However, he also likes fish like cod, tuna, and salmon.

Breon loves to use carbs from brown rice. He is rather strict on his diet while in competition, staying focused on his strength.

Breon Ansley’s Net Worth

breon ansley 212

Breon Ansley is a great Bodybuilder with a net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million at 41. Breon’s income source is typically from being a prolific Bodybuilder.


Where is Breon Ansley From?

Breon Ansley is a professional Bodybuilder out of Rowland Heights, California, USA, competing originally in the Men’s Classic Physique category.

How Old is Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead is 26 years old.

How Tall is Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead is 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

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