IFBB New York Pro Results 2022 Bodybuilding

IFBB new York pro results has been announced. Blessing Awodibu won the show. In classic Physique category Neil Currey won. In Men’s Physique Category Kyron Holden won. In 212 Bodybuilding category Neol Adame won. New York pro show considers is the biggest league pro show in bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders tried to participate in this big show like Big Ramy, Phil Heath, Hadi Chopaan, Nick Walker, Chris Bumstead, Ruff Diesel, Ramon Dino, Hunter Labrada, William bonac and many others.

Many people watch live stream of New York Pro show at their official website. All the categories results are below:

new york pro results 2022

Men’s Open Category Results

Maxx charles, Theo Leguerrier, and Andrea Presti will participate in next show California Pro show 2022 for Olympia 2022 qualification. Check out results California Pro 2022.

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  1. Blessing Awodibu
  2. Andrea Presti
  3. Maxx Charles
  4. Theo Leguerrier IFBB Pro
  5. Justin Rodriguez

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Category

  1. Neol Adame
  2. Sung Yeop Jang
  3. Abdullah Alsaif
  4. Derik Oslan
  5. Emmanuel Rodriguez

Classic Physique Results

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  1. Neil Currey
  2. Alexander Westermeier
  3. Camilo Diaz
  4. Ruben Stouth
  5. Dancovea Anderson

Men’s Physique Results

In Pittsburgh pro won Sadik Hadzovic, but unfortunately he didn’t won New York Pro show. Kyron Holden was looking sharp and peeled. He won this Men’s physique title and directly qualified for Olympia 2022.

  1. Kyron Holden
  2. Alexander Toplyn
  3. Sadik Hadzovic
  4. Jeremiah Maxey
  5. Rames Rams

Women’s Bodybuilding Results

  1. Donna Salib
  2. Stephanie Flesher
  3. Michelle Jin
  4. Keisha Oliver
  5. Saqweta Barrino

Women’s Bikini Results

Lauralie Chapados won the 2022 IFBB New York Pro Bikini Title and qualified for Olympia 2022.

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  1. Lauralie Chapados
  2. Elisa Pecini
  3. Janet Layug
  4. India Paulino
  5. Eron Stern

Women’s Classic Physique Results

  1. Natalia Abraham Coelho
  2. Hi Hye Lee
  3. Alex Hali
  4. Amanda Peles
  5. Orlandina Balan

Women’s Wellness Results

  1. Sunny Andrews
  2. Kassandra Gillis
  3. Jasmine Payne
  4. Judian Winston
  5. Rafaelle Zen

Women’s Figure Results

  1. Jossie Nathalia Alarcon Becerra
  2. Tereza Linhartova
  3. Ericka M. Morgan
  4. Courtney Jacobs
  5. Yelena Larina

IFBB Pro New York Official Score Card

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Tikkaykhan.com Congratulates all the contestant who won this show and qualified for Olympia 2022!

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