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William Bonac Verifies That He is Out Of Arnold Classic Contest 2021

Defending Arnold Classic Champion “The Conqueror” William Bonac is out of the Arnold Classic contest 2021. This news comes just one day before the competition takes place in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, Sept. 25. Bonac is out of the Arnold Classic 2021.

Bonac is currently in the UAE following a quarantine process to move to the United States. He can’t compete in the Arnold Classic 2021 due to travel problems.

Early Life of Willaim Bonac

William Bonac is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Ghana and now resides in the Netherlands. He began training at the age of 13 as a manner of stress release and then finally relocated from Ghana to Australia, where his bodybuilding career began. It took him almost 2 decades to reach the 2016 Mr. Olympia stage.

Bonac was much inspired by the legendary Flex Wheeler and Kai Greene of which fueled him to train harder. He is also a great fan of the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger, and during his speech after winning the 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio, Bonac told Arnold, “Getting the trophy from you is like a fairy tale”.

Before his rise to stardom, he went through a rough spot after losing his job and home which, led to him having to rest in his car. But that was just a life test for him of which he not only succeeded but reached a level few could ever dream of.

He is best known for his large legs and arms, his dedication to proper nutrition, humble attitude, and great ethic work, which has consistently earned him a top 3 spot in great bodybuilding shows on various seasons.

William Bonac is qualified for the 2021 Mr. Olympia, as of July 2nd, 2021.

William Bonac Wife

William Bonac has no wife and, he is currently single, according to all records. As of 2020, William Bonac is not dating anyone now. He is 38 years old. William has not been previously engaged.

Bonac’s Body Size

William Bonac’s weight102.1 to 106.6 kg.
William Bonac’s height in feet5 feet and 7 inches.
William Bonac’s Age39 years
William Bonac’s Arm Size22.1 inches
William Bonac’s body size

Bonac’s Career And Competition

Bonac “The Conqueror” has truly earned his nickname and, few opponents in the Open division have been as faithful as he has. Bonac continues to improve every year and, that’s what departs him from most others.

William Bonac’s Instagram account for at least one million followers. He earned recognition after placing in the third position at the 2011 Arnold Amateur in the Men’s Heavyweight.

And from there, we saw the continuous climb that would lead to his best Olympia finish in 2019, placing right back the Mr. Olympia champion Brandon Curry.

He was the runner-up at the Arnold Classic last year, and his most famous victories were the prestigious Arnold Classic shows in 2018 and 2020.
William Bonac’s net worth is around $100K to 1M, according to some public sources.

Competition History of William Bonac

In 2020 Arnold Classic – 1st
In 2019 Olympia – 2nd
In 2019 Arnold Classic Australia – 1st
In 2019 Arnold Classic – 2nd
In 2018 Olympia – 4th
In 2018 Arnold Classic Australia – 2nd
In 2018 Arnold Classic – 1st
In 2017 Prague Pro – 2nd
In 2017 Arnold Classic Europe – 2nd
In 2017 Olympia – 3rd
In 2016 Olympia Europe – 3rd
In 2016 Prague Pro – 1st
In 2016 Kuwait Pro – 5th
In 2016 Arnold Classic Europe – 3rd
In 2016 Olympia – 5th
In 2016 Nordic Pro – 1st
In 2015 San Marino Pro – 2nd
In 2015 Dayana Cadeau Pro – 1st
In 2015 Nordic Pro – 1st
In 2015 Prague Pro – 5th
In 2015 Arnold Classic Europe – 6th
In 2015 Olympia – 8th
In 2015 San Marina Pro – 11th
In 2014 Olympia – 15th
In 2014 Tampa Pro – 2nd
In 2014 Australia Pro Grand Prix – 2nd
In 2013 Prague Pro -5th
In 2011 Arnold Amateur Men’s Bodybuilding Heavy – 3rd

About Bonac

William Bonac is a true motivation and indeed, a Conqueror. He got a valuable life lesson which is to never give up despite how hard certain challenges are in life.

Bonac gets better and better like a fine wine, and it’s always exciting to see him on stage fighting with the best of the best.

The 2020 Olympia is going to be a real test for a lot of champions with all of the changes that have happened recently but “The Conqueror” is going to be someone to keep an eye on this year as a possible contender for the title.


How Tall is William Bonac?
William Bonac is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.
How Old is William Bonac?
William Bonac is 38 years old. He is single right now.
Where Does William Bonac Live?
William Bonac is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Ghana and now resides in the Netherlands.
How Much is William Bonac’s Net Worth?
William Bonac’s net worth is around $100K to 1M.
What is William Bonac Date of Birth?
May 18, 1982, is the birth date of William Bonac.

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