Theo Leguerrier Bodybuilder, Age, Weight, Height, Olympia

With a chiseled body and IFBB Pro status, Theo Leguerrier is one of the most respectable bodybuilders from France. Theo is 32 years old athlete from France.

Theo went from being a young boy at the gym to getting to the top of his skill, thanks to his patience and willingness to learn through practice and error.

Early Life of Theo Leguerrier

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Theo Leguerrier was born and raised in France. From a young age, Theo was a highly active person. He liked to experiment with different sports that his school offered.

Having shown great performances in his school matches, Theo soon became a vital part of his school team. However, it wasn’t just his performances that made him stand out from the rest.

Bodybuilding Career of Theo Leguerrier

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Having spent years being an active and energetic person, Theo Leguerrier gradually built an awesome-looking body. This was noticed by his teammates, who started to praise him for his muscular looks.

In 2016, Theo took part in his first-ever bodybuilding contest IFBB (Amateur), Finale France AFBB-IFBB, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 100 kg. He finished 1st in his 1st show. After competing in some amateur shows, Theo decided to take on a bigger challenge.

In 2020, Theo Leguerrier took his competitive career even further. He began the year with a 3rd place finish at his Romania Muscle Fest Pro. In 2021, he participated in the European Pro, taking 6th place in the Men’s Bodybuilding – open category.

In 2021, Theo got 5th place at Yamamoto Cup Pro in the Men’s Bodybuilding category. In 2022, Theo got 4th place at New York Pro 2022 after competing against Blessing Awodibu. In California Pro 2022, Theo got 8th place, competing against Charles Griffen and Petar Klancir.

2022 Europa Pro Championship

Theo Leguerrier participated in the Europa Championship pro and won the show. Theo has qualified for Mr. Olympia 2022 in the men’s open bodybuilding division. Theo will face Big Ramy, Brandon Curry, Hunter Labrada, William Bonac, Hadi Chopaan, James Hollingshead, Akim Williams, Mohamed Shabaan, Hassan Mostafa, Andrew Jacked, and Michal Krizo.

Contest History of Theo Leguerrier

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  • 2023, Italian Olympus Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 1st Place
  • 2022, IFBB Pro League, California Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding-open 8th
  • 2022, IFBB Pro League, New York Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding-open 4th
  • 2021, IFBB Pro League, Yamamoto Cup Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 5th
  • 2021, IFBB Pro League, European Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 6th
  • 2021, IFBB Pro League, Puerto Rico Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 6th
  • 2020, IFBB Pro League, British Grand Prix Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 5th
  • 2018, NPC, Amateur Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – Super-Heavyweight, 1st
  • 2017, NPC Worldwide, Amateur Olympia San Marino, Men’s Bodybuilding – Super-Heavyweight, 5th
  • 2017, IFBB (Amateur), Men’s World Amateur Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – over 100 kg, 4th
  • 2016, IFBB (Amateur), European Championships Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 100 kg, 7th
  • 2016, IFBB (Amateur), Finale France AFBB-IFBB, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 100 kg, 1st

Body Measurement of Theo Leguerrier

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Theo Leguerrier Weight104 to 111 KG
Theo Leguerrier Height5 Feet and 10 Inches
Theo Leguerrier Chest Size49 Inches
Theo Leguerrier Arm Size22 Inches

Theo Leguerreir’s Net Worth

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Theo Leguerreir’s net worth is $500k. He is a professional bodybuilder from France. He earned all his money being a professional bodybuilder and trainer.

Theo Leguerrier’s Wife

Theo Leguerrier keeps his personal life a secret. He does not tell his material status to anyone.

Theo Leguerrier’s Training

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Theo’s training routine looks a little different from other bodybuilders. He trains hard and heavy. His workouts are targeted more towards refining and shaping his physique.

Theo will train using various sequestration actions. They help him target the exact muscle he wants to train without affecting any other muscle group.

Theo’s specific rep range pet set is 10 to 12. His rest periods are between 50 to 90 seconds. The closer he gets to the competition date, the longer rest periods he’ll have – this helps him avoid injury from overworking the muscle while on a caloric deficit.

Theo Leguerrier’s Leg Workout Routine

After a great warm-up, Theo begins his leg workout with heavy squats. He’ll squat 500 lbs during his working sets. After this, he moves to the leg press where he once again trains with heavyweights.

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Warm-up20-30 Reps
Squats5 Sets of 8 to 12 Reps
Leg Extensions3 Sets of 8 to 12 Reps
Leg Press5 Sets of 8 to 12 Reps
Lying Leg Curls3 Sets of 8 to 12 Reps

Theo Leguerrier’s Nutrition and Diet Plan

Theo Leguerrier's Nutrition and Diet Plan
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While competing in the contests, Theo Leguerrier consumed extremely high amounts of calories to fuel his massive muscles. Theo pays close attention to his macros but doesn’t eat as many calories. His foods before a contest include brown rice, salmon, avocados, and chicken breasts.

In the off-season, Theo will keep a less determined diet. Meaning that he’ll let himself a cheat meal or two when he feels like it.

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