2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Bodybuilding Results and Live Updates 

The 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro show occurred on Sunday, July 9, in Estoril, Portugal. This highly anticipated event featured athletes from nine IFBB Pro League divisions, making it one of Europe’s most prominent bodybuilding competitions. 

With over 130 competitors participating across all divisions, the primary goal for these athletes was to secure a spot in the prestigious 2023 Olympia Weekend, scheduled to be held in Orlando, FL, from November 2 to 5th, 2023.

The Men’s Open category, which boasted a two-time defending champion, was undoubtedly the weekend’s highlight. Nine impressive competitors, including renowned athletes from various countries, showcased their incredible physiques on stage.

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The other divisions that competed alongside Men’s Open were the 212 Division, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness.

The show generated immense excitement among bodybuilding enthusiasts and fans eagerly awaiting the results. 

The athletes displayed exceptional dedication, discipline, and hard work, demonstrating their commitment to the sport. 

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As they went through their routines, the audience was captivated by their strength, symmetry, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Stay tuned for the official results of the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro show, as these incredible athletes competed against each other to secure their place in bodybuilding history.

The Best Bodybuilders to Watch at the Show 

Here are the best bodybuilders to watch at the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Bodybuilding Show.

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Andrea Presti

Andrea Presti is a formidable competitor in the bodybuilding world, especially at the Mr. Big Evolution Pro show

As the two-time defending champion, he claimed victory in the event’s 2021 and 2022 editions. These wins have solidified his reputation and made him a force to be reckoned with. 

Andrea Presti at the Mr Big Evolution 2023
via Andrea Presti Instagram

While these are his only career victories thus far, his familiarity with the show gives him a valuable advantage. 

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Although he has yet to qualify for the 2023 Olympia, Presti’s consistent performances make him a strong contender. 

Notably, he achieved a commendable second-place finish at the 2023 Empro Pro, showcasing his continued prowess in the sport.

Vladyslav Suhoruchko

Vladyslav Suhoruchko represents the new generation of bodybuilders, entering his second year as a professional athlete. 

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In the previous edition of the Mr. Big Evolution Pro, he secured a respectable fifth-place finish, showcasing his potential and talent. 

Notably, Suhoruchko‘s breakthrough came when he won the 2022 Yamamoto Cup Pro, which earned him a spot at the prestigious Olympia. 

Suhoruchko at Mr Big Evolution 2023
Via Suhoruchko Instagram Account

Although his performance at the Olympia fell outside the top 15, it was a valuable learning experience for his future endeavors. 

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The 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro will be Suhoruchko‘s first appearance of the season, and fans eagerly anticipate his progress and development as he continues to make his mark in the sport.

Lionel Beyeke

Lionel Beyeke is a seasoned men’s open division veteran, having competed since 2010. 

He has secured two victories throughout his career, displaying his talent and dedication to the sport. 

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Unfortunately, injuries and logistical challenges have prevented Beyeke from participating in competitions since 2020. 

Therefore, if he manages to make it to the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro show, it will mark his first season appearance. 

With his experience and past success, Beyeke brings knowledge and skill to the stage, making him an exciting contender to watch.

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Furkan Er 

Furkan Er is a Turkish bodybuilder who competes in the Men’s Physique category of the IFBB Pro League. He has established himself as a promising athlete in recent years. 

In 2021, Er achieved a significant milestone by winning the NPC Worldwide Russia Pro Qualifier in the Men’s Physique category, earning his IFBB PRO card. 

His success continued with notable placements, including a second-place finish in the Men’s Physique category at the Romania Muscle Fest IFBB PRO Olympia Qualifier and Bigman Weekend Pro. 

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2023 Mr Big Evolution pro show
via Er Instagram account

In 2022, Furkan Er maintained his momentum, securing a third-place finish at the Sheru Classic Italian Pro and a second-place finish at the IFBB Empro Pro

Most recently, he competed in the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro Bodybuilding Show, achieving a commendable seventh-place finish in the Men’s Physique class. 

With his dedication and competitive spirit, Furkan Er is undoubtedly an athlete to watch in the Men’s Physique division.

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Stephane Matala

Stephane Matala is an emerging bodybuilder who has captivated the attention of industry veterans such as Dennis James and Milos Sarcev

Stephane Matala
via Stephane Matala Instagram account

He is preparing to debut in the Classic Physique division, showcasing a remarkable physique characterized by clean, well-developed muscles and exceptional conditioning. 

Matala’s dedication to embodying the aesthetics of old-school bodybuilding has solidified his position as a formidable competitor. 

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While Chris Bumstead holds the title in the Classic Physique division, Matala’s rapid rise and growing popularity hint at an exciting future in the sport. 

Fans eagerly anticipate Stephane Matala’s performance at the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro in Portugal, as a victory there could potentially set up a showdown against Bumstead at the prestigious Mr. Olympia show in November

Via Stephane Matala Instagram Account

With his undeniable potential and dedication to his craft, Stephane Matala promises to impact bodybuilding significantly.

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2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Bodybuilding Results

Here are the complete Results of the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Bodybuilding.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results 

Andrea Presti wins the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Bodybuilding Show in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding Category.

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Men’s Open 212 Results

Congrats to Roman Iushchenko for winning the Mr. Big Evolution Purtugal Pro Show in the Men’s Bodybuilding Division.

Mr Big Evolution Portugal Pro show 2023 Results
via bodybuilderswithoutboders Instagram account
  • Winner: Roman Iushchenko
  • Second Place: Marco Sarcone
  • Third Place: Nasser Sayed
  • Fourth Place: Lucas Coelho
  • Fifth Place: Daniel Sticco

Men’s Classic Physique Results 

Congrats to Antoine Loth who surpassed Stephane Matala and got his Mr. Olympia ticket for the 2023 Contest.

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via whoisthebestbb Instagram Account
  • Winner: Antoine Loth
  • Second Place: Stephane Matala
  • Third Place: Miguel Malimo
  • Fourth Place: David Martinez Campos
  • Fifth Place: Adam Bomert

Men’s Physique Results 

Congrats to the Men’s Physique Bodybuilder, Sidy Pouye for winning the Mr. Big Evolution Portugal Bodybuilding Pro Show.

Sidy Pouye wins the Mr. Big Evolution Pro Bodybuilding 2023 show
via Sidy Pouye Instagram Account
  • Winner: Sidy Pouye
  • Second Place: IFBB PRO Philippe
  • Third Place: Lenny Massouf
  • Fourth Place: Coming Soon
  • Fifth Place: Emile Walker
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Women’s Physique Results

Carol Alves wins the Mr. Big Evolution Portugal Pro Show in the Women’s Physique Class.

Congratulations to all the bodybuilders.

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