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Vladislav Suhoruchko “The Impaler” is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from Ukraine. He competes in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding Division. 

Suhoruchko was the overall champion at the 2019 Dennis James Classic Germany. At the Romania Muscle Fest Pro 2020, he got 2nd place in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding Class. 

Vlad Suhoruchko Early Life

vlad suhoruchko early life
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Suhoruchko was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1997. He was interested in football as he played it from the age of 10 to 16, as it was his biggest dream to play in the Premier League.

Suhoruchko started strength training from the weight room as a football player, just like Nathan De Asha. He was so excited about his training as he asked his coach for more training days.

Everyone from the team began noticing the changes in Sohrushko’s body, which made him more motivated and passionate than ever. 

Vlad Suhoruchko Bodybuilding Career

vlad suhoruchko ifbb pro
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After seeing a regional bodybuilding contest, Suhorushko decided to finish his football. And all his focus from that day on was to improve his physique and win that show the following year. Unfortunately, he did not compete in the regional bodybuilding show the following year. At 19, Suhoruchko got 5th place in the junior category without the help of any coach. 

His family and friends said he was wasting his time in bodybuilding. But he didn’t care what they thought. He had a strong love and passion for his career, and he was not ready to quit his passion at any cost. 

Suhoruchko got his pro card in 2019 after winning the Dennis James Classic. Then he realized that he needed expert guidance. He reached out to Oxygen Gym Kuwait’s head trainer, Ahmad Askar, two-time 212 Olympia runner-up Ahmad Ashkanani and the Pro champion Nathan De Asha for his training.

Vlad Suhoruchko bodybuilder
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Suhoruchko made his pro debut at the 2020 Europa Pro in Alicante, Spain, and placed 10th in the Show. After that, he finished runner-up to winner Regan Grimes at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro Show 2020.

In 2021, Suhoruchko competed at the Mr. Big Evolution show in Portugal and got 4th place there. He finished 4th at the  Europa Pro Show in the same year. Suhoruchko has qualified for the Olympia 2022 after winning the 2022 Yamamoto Pro Show.

Vlad Suhoruchko Contest History

Vlad Suhoruchko age
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  • 2022, IFBB  Yamamoto Pro Show, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 1st
  • 2020, IFBB Europa Pro Show, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 4th
  • 2021, IFBB Mr. Big Evolution Pro Show, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 4th
  • 2020, IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 2nd
  • 2020, IFBB Europa Pro Show, Spain, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 10th
  • 2019, IFBB Dennis James Pro, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, 1st 

Vlad Suhoruchko Body Measurement

vlad suhoruchko height
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Vlad Suhoruchko Height5 Feet and 10 Inches
Vlad Suhoruchko Weight123 to 125 KG
Vlad Suhoruchko Arm Size20 Inches
Vlad Suhoruchko Chest Size46 Inches
Vlad Suhoruchko Waist Size31 Inches
Vlad Suhoruchko Age25 Years
Vlad Suhoruchko Date Of Birth1997
Vlad Suhoruchko NationalityUkrainian
Vlad Suhoruchko Nickname“The Impaler”

Vlad Suhoruchko Wife

Suhoruchko has yet to be married. He is not dating anyone at present. He is single and entirely focused on his bodybuilding career.  

Vlad Suhoruchko Net Worth

vlad suhoruchko net worth
via Mr big evolution

Vladislav Suhoruchko “The Impaler” is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from Ukraine. He competes in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding Division. He has qualified for the Olympia 2022 after winning the Yamamoto Pro Show 2022.

Vladislav Suhoruchko has an estimated net worth of $200k. He has earned all his assets being a Pro Bodybuilder. 

Vlad Suhoruchko Diet Plan

vlad suhoruchko diet plan
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Sohurochko changes his diet according to the seasons. In the off-season, when he is away from competitions, he improves his muscle mass with excellent meals and a high caloric intake.

When the competition comes, he works to be determined and gets on stage at the top with the best potential ratio between volume and quality.

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