2022 Sheru Classic Italy Results

The 2022 Sheru Classic Italy is set to take place this weekend on June 26, 2022, in Rome, Italy. Three divisions will compete in the Show: Classic Physique winner is Marco Ruz, Men’s Physique winner is Ali Bilal, Bikini winner is Kristina Brunauer.

Sheru Classic Italy Men’s Classic Physique Results

  1. Winner Marco Ruz

Sheru Classic Italy Men’s Men’s Physique Results

  1. Winner  Ali Bilal

Sheru Classic Italy Women’sBikini Results

  1. Winner Kristina Brunauer

These divisions will be featured on stage at the 2022 Sheru Classic Italy as they battle for the title and invitation to the 2022 Mr. Olympia.

Last weekend, the 2022 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Show and Sheru Classic India 2022 went down, featuring plenty of top competitors from the Men’s Open division.

This year, after winning the 2022 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Show, Hassan Mustafa secured his invitation to the 2022 Mr. Olympia. 

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Classic Physique Sheru Classic Italy

In classic physique many competitors from different countries like India, Italy, Indonesia and many others participated. But most of them did’t impress the judges with their physiques, Marco Ruz won this show and has been qualified for Mr. Olympia 2022 in Men’s Classic Physique division. Below are competitors List:

  1. First — Marco Ruz
  2. Second Place — Emanuele Ricotti
  3. Third Place — Edwin Underwood
  4. Fourth Place — Mehmet Emin Baydill
  5. Fifth Place — Shanti Mitchell
  6. Sixth Place — Kelvin Hinde
  7. Seventh Place — Issa Al Hasani
  8. Eighth Place — Giovanni Randazzo
  9. Ninth Place — Ayham Alaws
  10. Tenth Place — Philipp Jendnelek

Sheru Classic Italy 2022 Men’s Physique Division Results

In Sheru Classic Italy in Men’s physique numbers of athletes participated from different countries, especially from India there were top 2 competitors Manoj Patil and Nishant Bansal both were ripped and shredded but unfortunately Nishant stand out at 7th position and Manoj Patil at 9th place. Below are complete list of competitors top 10:

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  1. First — Ali Bilal 
  2. Second Place — Youcef Djoudi
  3. Third Place — Furkan Er
  4. Fourth Place — Fabian Faber
  5. Fifth Place — Burak King
  6. Sixth Place — Kenny Privet
  7. Seventh Place — Nishant Bansal 
  8. Eighth Place — Andrea Mosti
  9. Ninth Place — Manoj Patil
  10. Tenth Place — Marecl Treichler

Sheru Classic Italy 2022 Bikini Results List

  1. First — Kristina Brunauer
  2. Second Place — Anna Setlak
  3. Third Place — Stine Hansen
  4. Fourth Place — Chloe Margraitner
  5. Fifth Place — Lilan Lopez
  6. Sixth Place — Lucrezla Marchi
  7. Seventh Place — Eleonora Sundas
  8. Eighth Place — Noemi Lava
  9. Ninth Place — Soldea Bella 
  10. Tenth Place — Alice Marchisio

Sheru Classic Italy 2022 Scorecard

Sheru Classic Italy 2022 Men’s Classic Physique Scorecard

Sheru Classic Italy 2022 Women’s Pro Bikini Scorecard

Competitor List

Here is the complete list of competitors who will compete on June 26 in the Sheru Classic Italy 2022.

Classic Physique

Manoj Patil age
  • Ayham Alaws, (Germany)
  • Manoj Patil, (India)
  • Mehmet Emin Baydilli, (Turkey)
  • Emanuele Ricotti, (Italy)
  • Marco Ruz, (France)
  • Issa Al Hasani, (Oman)
  • Kelvin Hinde (United Kingdom)
  • Philipp Jendreiek, (Germany)

Men’s Physique

Ajith Raja bodybuilder
  • Andrea Amato, (Italy)
  • Manoj Patil, (India)
  • Ajith Raja, (India) Not participated
  • Simonpietro Arena, (Italy)
  • Todd Love Ball Jr., (USA)
  • Nishant Bansal, (India)
  • Ali Bilal, (Belgium)
  • Andrea Mosti, (Italy)
  • Kenny Privet, (Switzerland)
  • Darrell Rabess, (United Kingdom)
  • Nicola Scarpa, (Italy)
  • Marcel Treichler, (Switzerland)
  • Leonardo Vecchiato, (Italy)
  • Youcef Djoudi, (France)
  • Daniele D’Onofrio, (Italy)
  • Furkan Er, (Turkey)
  • Febo Gambacorta, (Italy)
  • Mohamed Hamad, (Libya)
  • Burak King, (USA)
  • Mikael Lega, (Belgium)
  • Benedikt Lukas, (Germany)
  • Ruben Marques, (Portugal)
  • Shanti Mitchell IFBB PRO, (South Africa)


  • Giusj Abbate, (Italy)
  • Jasmi Aprile, (Italy)
  • Corinne Bean, (USA)
  • Solidea Bellia, (Italy)
  • Camilla Porfito, (Italy)
  • Alessia Sabatino, (Italy)
  • Lucrezia Marchi, (Italy)
  • Alice Marchisio, (Italy)
  • Anna Setlak, (Italy)
  • Kristina Brunauer, (Austria)
  • Noemi Cosentino, (Italy)
  • Emanuela Denni, (Italy)
  • Stine Hansen, (Denmark)
  • Cassie Hunter, (United Kingdom)
  • Ameera Klement, (Germany)
  • Noemi Lavacca, (Italy)
  • Lilian Lopez, (Mexico
  • Nora Majlinger, (Hungary)
  • Chloe Margraitner, (Switzerland
  • Denise Sicignano, (Italy)
  • Eleonora Sundas, (Italy)

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