2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Results

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The 2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro took place on 23 June. There were a total of nine classes that competed in Brazil in hopes of gaining an invitation to the Olympia 2022.

It was a weekend of bodybuilding highlighted by some of the top bodybuilders in the world. There were a total of nine classes at the 2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro with champions vying for qualification to the Olympia.

This year in 2022 Arnold Classic Brazil was held and Rafael Brando got 1st position, Vittor Boff was runner up in this show and William Martins stand out at 4th position.

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2022 Musclecontest Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results winner Vittor Boff

Vittor Boff won this 2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro show. Runner up was Wellington Fernando. Both did a fantastic job. Vittor Boff was runner up in Arnold Classic Brazil 2022 show, and Rafael Brando won this show, William Martins got 4th position in Arnold Classic Brazil.

  1. Vittor Hugo Boff 
  2. Wellington Fernando
  3. William Martins
  4. Bruno Santos
  5. Thiago Lins
  6. Marcelo Cruz

Men’s 212 Class Musclecontest Brazil Pro 2022

Jafar Ghafarnezh Adazizi wins the 2022 musclecontest Brazil Pro Men’s 212 title.

Jafar Ghafarnezh Adazizi bodybuilder
  1. Jafar Ghafarnezh Adazizi, 1st (Winner)
  2. Muzi Maluleke, 2nd
  3. Andrei Pereira dos Santos, 3rd
  4. Oscar Antonio Zaracho Sanchez, 4th
  5. Carlos Pereira, 5th
  6. Boas Henrique Oliveira, 6th
Muzi Maluleke bodybuilder
Muzi Maluleke

2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Men’s Physique Results

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  1. Edvan Palmeira IFBB PRO
  2. Vitor Chaves
  3. IFBB PRO Vinicius Mateus🇧🇷

2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Men’s Classic Physique Results

Women’s Bikini

Elisa Pecini wins the 2022 musclecontest Brazil Pro Bikini title.

  1. Elisa Pecini, 1st (Winner)
  2. Cristiane S. Silveira, 2nd
  3. Gessica Brum, 3rd
  4. Amanda Marques, 4th
  5. Debora Carvalho ifbb pro, 5th
  6. Mirian Barbosa, 6th
  7. Jessica Teles Machado 7th
  8. Halana Jully 8th
  9. Shirleyne Patrere 9th
  10. Herlayne Braga 10th

Women’s Bodybuilding Class

Leyvina Rodrigues Barros wins the 2022 musclecontest Brazil Pro Women’s bodybuilding title.

  1. Leyvina Rodrigues Barros, 1st (Winner)
  2. Alcione Barreto, 2nd (Runner-up)

Women’s Classic Physique Winner

  1. Natalia Abraham Coelho
  2. Zama benta pro

Women’s Wellness Winner

  1. Fernanda Kivia Ramos

Musclecontest Brazil Pro 2022 Score Card

musclecontest brazil pro results 2022 scorecard
musclecontest brazil pro results 2022 scorecard

Best Wishes for 2022 Olympia continues to build! TIKKAYKHAN congratulates all the winners on their big victories!

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