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William Martins is a Brazilian bodybuilder, YouTuber, and fitness entrepreneur. With a background in bodybuilding, Martins has built a well-rounded body using his knowledge of exercises and the human body.

With expertise in power training and machine exercise, Martins uses his knowledge to help his clients achieve their fitness goals.

William Martins Bodybuilding Career

William Martins Bodybuilder
William Martins Bodybuilding Career

In his early bodybuilding days, Martins, it wasn’t all smooth and easy for him. There were times when he saw little progress, despite giving every dumbbell workout his best. William is participating in Brazil Muscle Contest pro show 2022.

Through months of trial and training, he discovered what works and what doesn’t, allowing him to take his physique to an advanced level. It was during this process that Martins fell in love with bodybuilding and all the challenges associated with it.

William Martins is now highly experienced, and he still keeps the mentality of a student and is always looking to enhance himself. This is what makes him a model for many people in the world of bodybuilding.

Body Size of William Martins

William Martins Height5 Feet and 10 Inches
William Martins Weight80 to 90 KG
William Martins Arm Size26 Inches
William Martins Chest Size56 Inches

William Martins Net Worth

William Martins Posing
William Martins Posing

William Martins is one of the best bodybuilders from Brazil.  William Martins’ net worth is around $500k.

William Martins Wife

William Martins wife

William Martins is single and has not been previously engaged according to some sources. As of 2022, he is not dating anyone.

William Martins Training

William Martins workout
William Martins Training

Martins trains himself more than an average bodybuilder. His exercises sometimes last up to 3 hours per session. He enjoys training various muscle groups every workout. After pulling them down in his gruelling workouts, he goes to sleep to let his muscles restore and develop stronger for the next session of training.

As for cardio, Martins object to fitting at least 20 minutes of cardio every day when contesting. In the ‘off-season’, however, he doesn’t do cardio in the regular sense.

William Martins Diet Plan

William Martins Diet
William Martins Diet Plan

William Martins is a big believer in eating clean. He eats a lot of high-quality calories. These come from foods such as chicken, lean turkey, and avocados, which are full of heart-healthy fats.

One of his favorite diets is a flexible diet, where he eats whatever he wants as long as it’s within his daily calorie limit.


Who is William Martins?

William Martins is a Brazilian bodybuilder, YouTuber, and fitness entrepreneur.

How Tall is William Martins?

William Martins is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

How Rich is William Martins?

William Martins is one of the best bodybuilders from Brazil. William Martins’ net worth is around $500k.

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