2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Show Date, Venue, Division, and Competitor List

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This year’s bodybuilding season is in full swing as the 2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Show is set to take place this weekend from June 23 to 26, 2022, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A total of nine divisions will compete in the Show:

  • Men’s Open Bodybuilding
  • Classic Physique
  • Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
  • Men’s Physique
  • Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Women’s Physique
  • Figure
  • Bikini
  • Wellness
2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Show
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These divisions will be featured on stage at the 2022 Musclecontest Brazil Pro Show as they fight for the title and invitation to 2022 Mr. Olympia.

Last weekend, the 2022 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Show and Sheru Classic 2022 went down, featuring plenty of top competitors from the Men’s Open division.

Andrea Muzi returned to Puerto Rico after making his debut at the show a year prior, where he placed 5th, and Mohamad Shabaan got 2nd place against Akim Williams.

This year, after winning the 2022 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Show, Hassan Mostafa secured his invitation to the 2022 Mr. Olympia this December.

Brazil Pro Show Competitor List

Here is the complete list of competitors who will compete from June 23 to 26 in the Show.

Men’s Bodybuilding

William Martins bodybuilder
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  1. William Martins, (Brazil)
  2. Wellington Fernando Baptista (Brazil)
  3. Marcelo Pedro da Cruz, (Brazil)
  4. Jefferson Santos, (Brazil)
  5. Alan Ramiro Bonadiman, (Brazil)
  6. Mariusz Tomczuk, (Poland)

212 Men’s Bodybuilding

  1. Jafar Ghafarnezh Adazizi, (Iran)
  2. Fernando Noronha de Almeida, (Brazil)
  3. Muzi Maluleke, (South Africa)
  4. Oscar Antonio Zaracho Sanchez, (Paraguay)
  5. Thiago Santisteban, (Brazil)
  6. Andrei Pereira dos Santos, (Brazil)
  7. Mohsen Mahmoudi, (Iran)

Check 212 Men’s Bodybuilder Musclecontest Brazil.

Men’s Physique

  1. Hiagor Amaral, (Brazil)
  2. Yashar Anbari, (Iran)
  3. Jussie Dantas, (Brazil)
  4. Maiki Ono, (Brazil)
  5. Rafael Oliveira, (Brazil)
  6. Gil Baptista, (Brazil)
  7. Vitor Chaves, (Brazil)
  8. Everton Ribeiro, (Brazil)
  9. Lucas Lage, (Brazil)
  10. Marivando Hermes da Silva, (Brazil)
  11. Pedro Lima, (Brazil)
  12. Vincius Mateus, (Brazil)
  13. Edvan Palmeira, (Brazil)

Men’s Classic Physique

  1. Fabiano Andrade, (Brazil)
  2. Linduarte Franca, (Brazil)
  3. Daniel Basarena, (Argentina)
  4. Felipe Marins, (Brazil)
  5. Elivelton Jhoni de Morias, (Brazil)
  6. Ali Poladvnd, (Iran)
  7. Eric Wildberger Lisboa, (Brazil)
  8. Mateus Shinguearu Lopes, (Brazil)
  9. Mohammad Mahmoudi, (Iran)

Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Leyvina Rodrigues Barros, (Brazil)


  1. Mirian Barbosa, (Brazil)
  2. Herlayne Braga, (Brazil)
  3. Jessica Teles Machado, (Brazil)
  4. Amanda Marques, (Brazil)
  5. Shirleyne Petrere, (Brazil)
  6. Cristiane S. Silveira, (Brazil)
  7. Larissa Godoi, (Brazil)
  8. Halana Jully, (Brazil)
  9. Bruna Pereira Krause, (Brazil)


  1. Susana Alegre, (Argentina)
  2. Carla Antunes, (Brazil)
  3. Daiane Aparecida, (Brazil)
  4. Samantha Nunes Carneiro, (Brazil)
  5. Simei Pimentel de Jesus, (Brazil)
  6. Michele Da Silva Pinto, (Brazil)
  7. Cinara Polido, (Brazil)
  8. Laura Saccomani, (Paraguay)
  9. Roberta Visintainer, (Italy)
  10. Elaine Vitta, (Brazil)
  11. Heloiza Ferreira Cordeiro, (Brazil)
  12. Simone Franco, (Brazil)


  1. Carinne Garcia Rodrigues, (Brazil)
  2. LaDonna Jones, (USA)
  3. Danielle Balbino, (Brazil)
  4. Renata Guaraciaba , (Brazil)
  5. Rayane Fogal de Souza Santana, (Brazil)
  6. Ana Alexia Freitas Silva, (Brazil)
  7. Tatiany Valliant, (Brazil)
  8. Gisele Machado, (Brazil)
  9. Debora Pereira, (Brazil)
  10. Carolina Santana, (Brazil)

Women’s Physique

  1. Natalia Abraham Coelho(USA)
  2. Nadia Henriquez, (Honduras)
  3. Paloma Aragao, (Brazil)
  4. Elisama Manoel Benta Zorzetto, (Brazil)
  5. Patricia De Oliveira, (Brazil)
  6. Ariadne Roldao, (Brazil)
  7. Elisama Manoel Benta Zorzetto, (Brazil)
  8. Barbara Moojen, (Brazil)
  9. Luciana Cardoso, (Brazil)
  10. Daniely Castilho, (Brazil)
  11. Naiana Silva Cruz, (Brazil)
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