Wesley Vissers Diet Plan and Workout Routine

In the realm of Classic Physique, where aesthetics meet muscle mastery, Wesley Vissers stands tall—literally and figuratively.

Although the prestigious Mr. Olympia title eludes him, Wesley Vissers consistently holds his ground against giants like Chris Bumstead and Ramon Dino, even securing victory over Dino at the 2024 Arnold Classic.

Wesley Vissers‘ physique is a masterpiece, a symphony of proportions, muscle mass, and conditioning that has garnered him immense respect and popularity in the bodybuilding world.

The Man Behind the Physique

Wesley Vissers Biography

Wesley Vissers Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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Wesley Vissers, born on May 6, 1993, in the Netherlands, is not just a bodybuilder he’s a force in the industry.

His journey to stardom includes notable achievements such as winning the title of Mr. Golden Era in 2017, the same year he earned his IFBB Pro Card. 

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches and weighing between 216 to 234 lbs, Wesley Vissers commands attention with a physique that embodies the essence of classic bodybuilding.

From a young age, Wesley Vissers harbored a passion for strength and sports.

His relentless dedication catapulted him into the spotlight, where he not only competes on prestigious stages like Mr. Olympia but also runs a successful YouTube channel.

Alongside his partner Marly Nooijen, Wesley Vissers co-founded Vintage Genetics, a fitness brand offering workout clothes, supplements, and coaching services.

Wesley Vissers Height and Its Impact

wesley vissers height weight
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Wesley Vissers‘ height, 6 feet 2 inches, sets him apart as a relatively tall bodybuilder.

The Generation Iron team, in an interview with Wesley Vissers, explored how his height influences his bodybuilding journey.

More height often implies added difficulty in packing on muscle mass, but Wesley Vissers has defied this notion, sculpting a physique that defies conventional expectations.

The Journey of a Competitor

Contest History

wesley vissers olympia 2023
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Wesley Vissers‘ competitive journey unfolds as a tapestry of victories and challenges. His contest history reflects a seasoned veteran’s resilience and determination:

  • FlexCup, 2013: 1st place (Junior Division, Veldhoven, Netherlands)
  • FlexCup, 2014: 1st place (Open Division, Veldhoven, Netherlands)
  • Ironman & Ironmaiden, 2014: 2nd place (Junior Division, Sommelsdijk, Netherlands)
  • Juliette Bergman Grand Prix, 2014: 1st place (Junior Division, Sommelsdijk, Netherlands)
  • Arnold Classic Europe, 2016: 5th place (Junior Division, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Juliette Bergman Grand Prix, 2016: 1st place (Junior Division, Hilversum, Netherlands)
  • Mr Golden Era, 2017: 1st place (NSP Online Competition)
  • Pepa Grand Prix, 2017: 4th place (Open Division, Opava, Czech Republic)
  • Juliette Bergman Grand Prix, 2017: 1st place (Open Division, Hilversum, Netherlands)
  • Royal London Pro, 2018: 1st place (Classic Physique, London, England – earned IFBB pro card)
  • Chicago Pro, 2018: 1st place (Classic Physique, Chicago, Illinois)
  • Mr Olympia, 2018: 16th place (Classic Physique, Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Mr Olympia, 2020: 11th place (Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida)
  • Mr Big Evolution Pro Portugal, 2021: 3rd place (Classic Physique, Estoril, Portugal)
  • Battle of Champions Pro Poland, 2021: 1st place (Classic Physique, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Mr Olympia, 2021: 11th place (Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida)
  • Yamamoto Pro Cup France, 2022: 1st place (Classic Physique, Lille, France)
  • Mr Olympia, 2022: 8th place (Classic Physique, Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Europa Pro, 2023: 1st place (Classic Physique, Alicante, Spain)
  • Dubai Pro, 2023: 3rd place (Classic Physique, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Mr Olympia, 2023: 7th place (Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida)
  • Romania Muscle Fest Pro, 2023: 1st place (Classic Physique, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Mr Olympia, 2023: 7th place (Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida)

Wesley Vissers Workout Routine 

wesley vissers workout routine
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Wesley Vissers‘ training routine is a testament to intensity and volume, a carefully crafted plan to chisel his physique.

Following the push/pull/legs split, he strategically groups muscles that work together on the same day. For example:

Push Day:

  • Machine Decline Chest Press
  • Incline Smith Machine Bench Press
  • Cable Fly
  • Cable Triceps Pushdown
  • Cable Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Sideways Incline Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Wesley Vissers’ workout incorporates a mix of machines and cable stacks, showcasing a modern approach to training.

While some may cling to traditional dumbbells and barbells, Wesley Vissers maximizes the benefits of available equipment.

wesley vissers back workout
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His moderate rep ranges with heavy weights contribute to a profound mind-muscle connection, ensuring each repetition counts.

Wesley Vissers Diet Plan

Crafting a physique like Wesley Vissers‘ demands a meticulous approach to nutrition. In the off-season, his meal plan hovers around 5,000 calories at its peak.

Wesley Vissers underscores the significance of consuming adequate calories for muscle gain. A glimpse into his meal plan reveals a well-balanced approach:

wesley vissers vs chris bumstead
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Meal #1:

  • 938 kcal
  • 120g carbs
  • 18g fats
  • 68g protein

Meal #2 (Pre-Workout):

  • 814 kcal
  • 104g carbs
  • 12g fats
  • 71g protein

Meal #3 (Post-Workout):

  • 1052 kcal
  • 153g carbs
  • 17g fats
  • 65g protein

Meal #4:

  • 914 kcal
  • 121g carbs
  • 20g fats
  • 61g protein

Meal #5:

  • 695 kcal
  • 66g carbs
  • 18g fats
  • 62g protein

Meal #6:

  • 477 kcal
  • 6g carbs
  • 23g fats
  • 59g protein


  • 4890 kcal
  • 570g carbs
  • 108g fats
  • 386g protein
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Wesley Vissers strategically times his heaviest carb meals around training sessions, using carbs for pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery.

Wesley Vissers Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight of bodybuilding and business, Wesley Vissers maintains a private personal life.

Besides co-owning the fitness brand Vintage Genetics, he also owns the gym “100FitGym” in the Netherlands.

Wesley Vissers, a father, chooses to keep the majority of his personal life away from public scrutiny.

wesley vissers posing
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The Future Awaits

In conclusion, Wesley Vissers emerges as not just a remarkable athlete but a bodybuilding veteran who consistently breaks into the top echelons of the Classic Physique Olympia stage.

With an unwavering commitment to his craft and a physique that speaks volumes, Wesley Vissers stands poised for a future that holds the promise of greatness.

As the echoes of applause from his victories and the determination in his training regimen reverberate, the question lingers: Will Wesley Vissers ascend to claim the coveted Olympia crown someday?

Only time will unveil the next chapters in the inspiring journey of this modern-day bodybuilding maestro.

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