2022 NPC North Amerian Championshps Results

Felix Norman is the Men's Bodybuilding Open Overall Winner of the 2022 NPC North American Championships

The 2022 NPC North American Championships took place on September 3, 2022, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Several divisions Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique, and Wellness were featured on stage looking to earn their IFBB Pro cards.

The official results were induced for the 2022 NPC North American Championships. Bodybuilders won in their respective divisions and got their Pro cards.

NPC North American Championships 2022 Results 

Here are the complete results of the 2022 NPC North American Championships results.

Men’s Bodybuilding- Open Super Heavyweight Results 

  • Winner  (Felix Norman)
  • Second Place (Cole Eastvold)
  • Third Place (Joseph Cavaliere)
  • Fourth Place (Brandon Barrow)
  • Fifth Place (Jason May)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Heavyweight  Results 

  • Winner (Dominic Triveline)
  • Second Place (Jeremiah Willies)
  • Third Place (Francisco Soriano)
  • Fourth Place (Brandon Medak)
  • Fifth Place (Micheal Scherer)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Light Heavyweiht Results 

  • Winner (Samuel Cunado)
  • Second Place (Brandon Wolff)
  • Third Place (Jon Temple)
  • Fourth Place (Francis Allard)
  • Fifth Place (Ahmad Alkuteifani)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Middleweight Results 

  • Winner (Jason Nguyen)
  • Second Place (Zach Johnson)
  • Third Place (Blane Pinkerton)
  • Fourth Place (Matt Gozdecki)
  • Fifth Place (Mashall Harris)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Bantaweight Results 

  • First Place (Andrew Falls)
  • Second Place (Teddy Lacar)

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Lightweight Results 

  • First Place (Jose Maldonado)

Masters Overall Results

  • Winner (Jeremiah Willies)

Men’s Physique Results 

Dan Ibrahim wins NPC North American Championships and the IFBB Pro card in the Men’s Physique Division.

Classic Physique Results

Micheal Opez is the winner of NPC North American Championships 2022 in the classic physique class.

Congratulations to all the bodybuilders. Pictures via bodybuilderswithoutborders Instagram account.

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