2022 IFBB Tampa Pro Line-up and Results

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The 15th edition of the Tampa Pro will be taking place from 4 to 6 August 2022 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tampa, Florida. The top bodybuilders will be fighting for their qualification at the 2022 Olympia.

With one of the biggest lineups of the year, the Tampa Pro looks to be one of the biggest competitions on the 2022 competition calendar. Pro athletes will be expected to ensure their 2022 Olympia qualification at the Tampa Pro 2022.

The Men’s bodybuilding show will be an interesting contest of the show. Iain Valliere, a Canadian bodybuilder, was one of the favorites at the Tampa Pro Show 2021.

Iain Valliere mr olympia

Iain Valliere won the Tampa Pro Show 2021 after placing 2nd in 2020 against Hunter Labrada at the Tampa Pro Show. Akim Williams is one of the top athletes aiming to take home the top prize.

2016 was the best year for Akim Williams. In 2016, his upper body was unmatched by anyone in the Tampa Pro Show. Akim won the trophy and Olympia qualification. Before Tampa Pro 2016, he added the Chicago Pro and Puerto Rico Pro titles to his name.

akim williams weight

The 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro took place from 6th to 7th August at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately, Roelly Winklaar and William Bonac were not among them.

Iain Valliere won the 2021 Tampa pro show against Charles Griffen and Mohammad Shabaan. The Tampa Pro Show 2022 will feature pro contests in multiple divisions in which a win would extend them an invite to the Olympia 2022.

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  • Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Classic Physique
  • Men’s Physique
  • 212 Bodybuilding 
  • Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Figure
  • Fitness 
  • Bikini
  • Women’s Physique
  • Wellness

Last weekend, the 2022 Colombia Pro Qualifier and the British Championships 2022 went down, featuring plenty of top competitors from the Men’s Open division.

Competitor List

Here is the complete list of competitors who will compete in the Show.

Men’s Bodybuilding

  1. Akim Williams
  2. Seung Chul Lee
  3. Morgan Aste
  4. An Nguyen
  5. Eddie Bracmontes
  6. Tim Budesheim
  7. Phil Clahar
  8. Roman Fritz
  9. Dorian Haywood
  10. Henry Jackson III
  11. Joseph Mackey
Joseph Mackey

Men’s Physique

  1. Daniel Ammons
  2. Chidube Anene
  3. Josh Bridgman
  4. David Odom
  5. Michael Otule
  6. Steven Pettis
  7. Deke Roderique-Walker
  8. Byron Ross
  9. Everett Davis
  10. Dennis Dogbatse
  11. Jean Pierre Fernandez
  12. Dmitri George
  13. Joshua Goforth
  14. Juan Gomez
  15. Darius Greenwood
  16. Cam Harris
  17. Jeremy Henry
  18. Xiolong Hong
  19. Joseph James
  20. Jarrett Jenkins
  21. James Johnson
  22. Burak King
  23. Mike Lawhorne
  24. Leo Mackesy
  25. Arya Saffaie
  26. Mitchell Spadafore
  27. Micah Thomas Jr.
  28. Rick Thomas
  29. Evan Wells
Daniel Ammons age

Men’s Classic Physique

  • Adely Annorat
  • Theodore Atkins Jr.
  • Braden Bentley
  • Felix Burgos
  • Charles Donaldson
  • Derek Ewing
  • Valentin Petrov
  • Kim Santos
  • Kiran Shrestha
  • Hugo Silva      
  • Keith Holmes
  • Joshua Langbein
  • Miguel G. Sanchez Lopez
  • Matt Maldonado
  • Courage Opara
  • Jason Ornella
  • Julius Page
  • Aaron Sparenberg
  • Daniel Sullivan
  • Winston Sullivan

212 Bodybuilding

  • Ricky Moten Jr.
  • Kerrith Bajjo
  • Ivan Cabrera
  • John McGovern
  • Francisco Mercado Jr.
  • Darius Milton
  • Derik Oslan
  • Keone Pearson
  • Erik Ramirez 
  • Peter Castella
  • Sealy Cruz
  • Stephen Didoshak
  • Cody Drobot
  • Ahmed Elsandany
  • Nathan Epler
  • Yordon Hernandez
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Jason Joseph
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Chelsea Dion
  • Victoria Dominguez
  • Tina Mauer Guadarrama
  • Janeen Lankowski
  • Tamara Makar
  • Pauline Nelson
  • Sheena Ohlig
  • Sherry Priami
  • Jennifer Sweeney


  • Corey Brueckner
  • Savahannah Byczek
  • Maria Laura Cerbelli
  • Alayne Corum
  • Cerise deCardenas
  • Michelle Gales
  • Tess Mikayla
  • Kamarae Morales
  • Cong Mou
  • Aurika Tyrgale


  • Bethany Abeln
  • Melissa Brodsky
  • Lynn Centino
  • Autumn Cleveland
  • Madison Dinges
  • Edith Driver
  • Kelly Durma
  • Joy Eve
  • Ashley Felperin
  • Tessa Ford
  • Kimberly Gallop
  • Rebecca Godwin
  • Kim Golembiewski
  • Donya “Dee” Jackson
  • Constance Jones
  • Ashley Kelsey
  • Sarah Kornhauser
  • Andi Lampert
  • Taylor Mauro
  • Taylor Meholick
  • Sara Myles
  • Cherish Richardson
  • Larhannah Robinson
  • Paula Rojo
  • Mallory Rosado
  • Danielle Rose
  • Sabah Syed
  • Maggie Watson
  • Thais Cabrices Werner
  • Staci Willis
  • Jennifer Zienert


  • Merica Abbado
  • Susana Aramayo
  • Iulia Baba
  • Romina Basualdo
  • Milena Bonio
  • Jordan Brannon
  • Tamekia Carter
  • Tama Casilus
  • Danielle Combs
  • Ivanna Escandar
  • Amber Foster
  • Angie Garcia
  • Carla Garthwaite
  • Hope Gonzalez
  • Jasmine Gonzalez
  • Niccole Guggia
  • Daraja Hill
  • Michelle Hurst
  • Christine O’Malley   
  • Shelby Pierce
  • Ashley Puida
  • Kristen Reilly
  • Soily Rivadeneira
  • Monica Rubio
  • Angela Ruscili
  • Celia Sierra
  • Cristiane S. Silveira
  • Whitney Spence
  • Michelle Targonska
  • Aimee Leann Velasquez
  • Reba Williams

Women’s Physique

  • Rachel Aronson
  • Orlandina Balan
  • Racheal Brewer
  • Suzanne Davis
  • Luciana Esquilin
  • Jeannie Feldman
  • Lenka Ferencukova
  • Sumyra Ford
  • Eve Gagnon
  • Heather Grace
  • Lenore Gregson
  • Kiera Hall
  • Rosemary Hamilton
  • Ana Harias
  • Michelle Jones
  • Dani LaMartina
  • Robyn Mays
  • Toni McMurtre
  • Tembree N. Murphy
  • Yarelis Ramos Perez
  • Oksana Piari
  • Cindy Reyes
  • Ashlynn Richardson
  • Elena Aviles Romero
  • Diana Schnaidt


  • Alexis Adams
  • Nicollette Burns
  • Diana Laura Verduzco Carreno
  • Cinzia Massaro Clapp
  • Bridgiamell Rodriguez Cruz      
  • Lili Dong   Coral Springs
  • Andrea Hrenko
  • Alejandra La Fonseca
  • Priscilla Lynd
  • Valesca Macedo
  • Celeste Morales
  • Nerilde Garcia Strey
  • Amanda Werner
  • Kat Williams
  • Ashley Youssef

Tampa Pro Show 2022 Results

Here are the complete Results of the following Divisions.

Men’s Bodybuilding Results

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Akim Williams won the Men’s Open Bodybuilding title at the Tampa Pro Show 2022.

Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Results

Daniel Ammons won the Men’s Physique title at Tampa Pro 2022.

  • First Place (Daniel Ammons)
  • Second Place (Andre Ferguson)
  • Third Place (Arya Saffaie)
  • Fourth Place (Burak King)
  • Fifth Place (Deke Roderique-Walker)

Men’s Classic Physique Results

Courage Opara won the Classic Physique title at Tampa Pro 2022.

  • First Place (Courage Opara)
  • Second Place (Adely Annorat)
  • Third Place (Valentin Petrov)
  • Fourth Place (Armando Aman)
  • Fifth Place (Kim Santos)

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Results

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Keone Pearson won the 212 Bodybuilding title at the Tampa Pro 2022.

  • First Place (Keone Pearson)
  • Second Place (Kerrith Bajjo)
  • Third Place (Nathan Epler)
  • Fourth Place (Cody Drobot)
  • Fifth Place (Ricky Moten Jr.)

Women’s Bodybuilding Results

  • First Place (Chelsea Dion)
  • Second Place (Sheena Ohlig)
  • Third Place (Sherry Priami)
  • Fourth Place (Victoria Dominguez)
  • Fifth Place (Gabriela Pena)
  • Sixth Place (Janeen Lankowski)

Women’s Physique Results

  • First Place (Jeannie Feldman)
  • Second Place (Ana Harias)
  • Third Place (Elena Aviles Romero)
  • Fourth Place (Diana Schnaidt)
  • Fifth Place (Michele Steeves)

Figure Results

  • Firat Place (Jessica Reyes Padilla)
  • Second Place (Cherish Richardson)
  • Third Place (Maggie Watson)
  • Fourth Place (Autumn Cleveland)
  • Fifth Place (Madison Dinges)

Bikini Results

  • First Place (Aimee Leann Velasquez)
  • Second Place (Jasmine Gonzalez)
  • Third Place (Ivanna Escandar)
  • Fourth Place (Romina Basualdo)
  • Fifth Place (Daraja Hill)

Wellness Results

  • First Place (Diana Laura Verduzco Carreno)
  • Second Place (Priscilla Lynd)
  • Third Place (Alexis Adams)
  • Fourth Place (Lili Dong)
  • Fifth Place (Nerilde Garcia Strey)

Fitness Results

  • First Place (Aurika Tyrgale)
  • Second Place (Cerise deCardenas)
  • Third Place (Alayne Corum)
  • Fourth Place (Michele Gales)
  • Fifth Place (Kamarae Morales)

Photo and Pictures taken from iain valliere, akim williams, and Joseph Mackey instagram accounts.

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