Quinton Eriya Biography

Quinton “Beastwood” Eriya is just about four years into the bodybuilding industry, having only four contests under his belt so far, with his highest placing being 5th at the Toronto Pro 2019.

Early Life of Quinton Eriya

Quinton Eriya Age
Quinton Eriya Age

Quinton Eriya started lifting weights from a young age. It wasn’t until the age of 12  that Eriya first stepped into the gym to improve his body shape.

Quinton Eirya was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Eriya was born the third of four brothers who got “good genetics for bodybuilding” from their Jamaican mother and Nigerian father.

Eriya, as a kid, was much interested in normal games like basketball, football, softball, track, and field instead.

Quinton Eriya Bodybuilding Career

Quinton Eriya Bodybuilder
Quinton Eriya Bodybuilding Career

Eriya started the gym at YMCA, where his father worked as a cook. Eriya’s muscles came on fast and vicious. Quinton Eriya’s father was alarmed by his quick development.

Eriya’s initial inspiration was not a contest. He was just training and liked being active. He wanted to get six pack abs. He just wanted attention from girls and to go to shows.

But Eriya continued to train, his goals kept growing. People kept thinking he was a good bodybuilder, so eventually, he thought he might as well try it as a career.

Whether that is true or not is up to understanding, but one clear thing is that he is aesthetic and has been working hard to add mass to his outstanding physique.

Quinton Eriya height
Quinton Eriya Posing

In 2019, Eriya competed at Toronto Pro, got 5th place, and got 6th position at Vancouver Pro. In 2020, Eriya secured 8th place at the New York Pro.

Eriya contested for the first time in 2021 at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro and earned 5th place against Rafael Brandao, Samson Dauda, Behrooz Tabani, and Emir Omeragic.

Quinton Eriya Contest History

  • 2021, Romania Muscle Fest Pro Men’s Open, 5th place
  • 2020, New York Pro, 8th place
  • 2019, Vancouver Pro, 6th place
  • 2019, Toronto Pro, 5th place

Body Size of Quinton Eriya

Quinton Eriya Weight102 to 110 KG
Quinton Eriya Height6 Feet and 1 Inches
Quinton Eriya Arm Size25 Inches
Quinton Eriya Chest Size53 Inches

Quinton Eriya Diet Plan

Quinton Eriya Diet
Quinton Eriya Diet Plan

Quinton Eriya takes a lot of proteins to maintain his lean body. In Particular, he’ll have about 325 grams of protein daily. In terms of carbs, Eriya takes them around his exercises to fill his muscles with glycogen.

He consumes most of his fats for breakfast. It contains some almond butter and whole nuts. In the evening, he might also eat several organic whole eggs that are rich in healthy fats.

Quinton Eriya Girlfriend & Wife

Quinton Eriya wife

Quinton Eriya married with Valissa, she is a fitness influencer, and she provide online coaching. Valissa post videos and pictures at her Instagram for her influencers.


Where is Quinton Eriya From?
Quinton Eirya belongs to Markham, Ontario, Canada.
How Old is Quinton Eriya?
Quinton Eriya is 31 years old.
How Tall is Quinton Eriya?
Quinton Eriya is 6 feet and 1 inches tall.

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