2023 Vancouver Pro Bodybuilding Show Results and Live Updates

The 2023 Vancouver Pro bodybuilding event concluded with remarkable displays of athleticism and intense competition.

Although the absence of reigning champion Iain Valliere created an opportunity for a new champion to emerge in the Men’s Open division, the roster boasted exceptional athletes such as Hassan Mostafa, Stan De Longeaux, and Prince Boabang. 

These competitors showcased their dedication, determination, and impressive physiques, captivating the audience and judges.

In addition to the Men’s Open division, the 2023 Vancouver Pro featured talent across various other divisions, including Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini. 

The competitors in each category demonstrated their unwavering commitment, making the judging process challenging due to the high level of skill and dedication displayed.

The event also showcased renowned athletes such as Isaac Baier and Ashley Kaltwasser, who left a lasting impact with their exceptional performances and well-developed physiques. 

Their hard work, discipline, and stage presence captivated the audience, solidifying their status as remarkable contenders in their respective divisions.

Overall, the 2023 Vancouver Pro bodybuilding show fulfilled its promise of delivering an unforgettable exhibition of talent and dedication. 

The results reflected the tremendous progress and dedication exhibited by the athletes, setting the stage for future competitions and further accomplishments in their bodybuilding journeys.

The 2023 Vancouver Pro bodybuilding event provided a platform for outstanding athletes to showcase their skills and commitment. 

With the emergence of new champions and the continued excellence of seasoned competitors, the event highlighted the growth and potential within the bodybuilding community. 

As these athletes continue their journey, they inspire others to pursue their fitness goals and push the boundaries of what can be achieved in bodybuilding.

The Best Athletes of Men’s Open Bodybuilding at the 2023 Vancouver Bodybuilding Pro Show 

The 2023 Vancouver Pro bodybuilding show featured exceptional athletes who displayed remarkable skills and dedication on stage.

Hassan Mostafa

hassan mostafa bodybuilder height
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Hassan Mostafa has consistently showcased improvements in his physique. Despite lingering questions about his conditioning, Mostafa proved his worth by securing a runner-up spot at the Toronto Pro Supershow in 2023. 

In the past, Mostafa qualified for the 2021 Olympia through the points system but missed out on competing on the Olympia stage. 

To secure his place at this year’s Olympia, Mostafa knew he had to address any concerns, mainly focusing on his abs and midsection. 

Winning the Vancouver Pro was crucial for solidifying his qualification and demonstrating his progress as an athlete.

Stan De Longeaux

stan de longeaux bodybuilder
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Stan De Longeaux gained attention with his impressive physique updates, making him a formidable contender at the 2023 Vancouver Pro

Having finished fourth at the 2022 Legion Sports Fest Pro, De Longeaux was determined to secure his ticket to the Olympia, an opportunity he had not had since 2019. 

De Longeaux knew that bringing his best conditioning to the stage was essential to challenge the top contenders. With his hard work and dedication, he proved himself to be a force reckoned with in the Men’s Open division.

Prince Boabang

Prince Boabang ifbb
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Prince Boabang emerged as a dark-horse competitor at the 2023 Vancouver Pro. Transitioning from the 212 division, Boabang arrived on the scene in his best shape as a professional. 

While he may have had slight leg and lower body deficiencies compared to the top contenders, Boabang compensated with a solid overall performance. 

Taking advantage of potential slips from other athletes, he emerged as a strong contender in the Men’s Open division. As Boabang continues to improve and refine his physique, he poses a growing threat to the established competitors in the field.

These athletes, Hassan Mostafa, Stan De Longeaux, and Prince Boabang, demonstrated their dedication, determination, and exceptional physiques at the 2023 Vancouver Pro bodybuilding show

They captivated the audience with their performances and positioned themselves as top contenders in the Men’s Open division. 

Their relentless pursuit of excellence serves as an inspiration to aspiring bodybuilders and showcases the immense talent within the bodybuilding community.

Vancouver Bodybuilding Pro Show 2023 Results

Here are the Results of the 2023 Vancouver Pro Show Results:

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

Hassan Mostafa wins the 2023 Vancouver Pro Bodybuilding and gets his Olympia invitation for the 2023 competition.

Vancouver Bodybuilding Pro Show 2023 Results!
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  • Winner: Hassan Mostafa
  • Second Place: Stanimal De Longeaux
  • Third Place: Nate Spear
  • Fourth Place: Prince Boabang
  • Fifth Place: Morgan MacDonald
Vancouver Bodybuilding Pro Show 2023 Results
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Men’s Classic Physique Results

John Le wins the Vancouver bodybuilding pro show in the Men’s Classic Physique Category.

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  • Winner: John Le
  • Second Place: Dylan Bursey
  • Third Place: Bob Water Houes
  • Fourth Place: Isaac Baier
  • Fifth Place: Adam Beveridge
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Men’s Physique Results

Jason Huynh wins the Show in the Men’s Physique Category.

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  • Winner: Jason Huynh
  • Second Place: Mehdi kabbadj
  • Third Place: Drew Cullen
  • Fourth Place: Chevy Phillips
  • Fifth Place: Wagnão Abreu
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Congratulation to all the Champions!

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