Derek Lunsford: Forging a Titan’s Back for the 2023 Olympia

In professional bodybuilding, where champions are forged through dedication, discipline, and relentless pursuit of perfection, Derek Lunsford is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. 

As the 2023 Olympia looms on the horizon, Derek Lunsford finds himself on the brink of the most significant challenge of his illustrious career—a quest to unseat reigning champion Hadi Choopan

With just five weeks before the Olympia curtains rise, Derek Lunsford’s unwavering commitment to sculpting a championship-caliber physique is on display. 

Derek Lunsford Back for the Olympia 2023
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In this in-depth exploration, we dive into the inner workings of his rigorous training regimen, dissecting the elements that may propel him to Olympia’s glory.

The Journey of Derek Lunsford

Derek Lunsford, an American IFBB Pro bodybuilder, embarked on his remarkable odyssey through the world of competitive bodybuilding, primarily within the 212 division.

His ascent through the ranks was marked by steady progress, unwavering determination, and an unshakable commitment to his craft. 

In 2021, the culmination of years of toil and dedication led to a pinnacle—he dethroned the reigning champion, Shaun Clarida, to claim the coveted title of 212 Olympia champion.

Yet, Derek Lunsford’s journey was far from complete. The significance of his accomplishments had surpassed the boundaries of the 212 division. 

It became apparent that his extraordinary physique had outgrown the confines of this division, and the call to test his mettle in the Men’s Open division beckoned. 

In a historic move, the Olympia management granted Derek Lunsford a special invitation to compete in the Men’s Open division at the 2022 Olympia.

A Spectacular Debut in the Men’s Open Division

derek lunsford mr olympia 2022
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The anticipation surrounding Derek Lunsford’s divisional debut in the Men’s Open was palpable. 

It was a defining moment—a crossroads where he would challenge established notions about the importance of sheer size in this division. The stage was set, and Lunsford seized the opportunity with both hands.

At the 2022 Olympia, Derek Lunsford’s presence was a revelation. He stood toe-to-toe with the titans of the Men’s Open division, including the formidable Hadi Choopan and the explosive Nick Walker

The result was a runner-up finish—a remarkable achievement that defied conventional expectations. Derek Lunsford had, once again, etched his name in the annals of bodybuilding history.

Aiming for Unprecedented Glory

As the countdown to the 2023 Olympia began, the question on everyone’s mind was whether Derek Lunsford could clinch the elusive Olympia title in the Men’s Open division. 

Many experts and enthusiasts believe that the top three contenders—Hadi Choopan, Nick Walker, and Derek Lunsford—will be battling for the ultimate prize. However, Derek Lunsford cannot rest on his laurels or leave anything to chance.

The recent updates on Derek Lunsford’s physique and training regimen testify to his unyielding commitment to excellence. 

As the saying goes, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet,” Derek Lunsford leaves no stone unturned in his preparation for the 2023 Olympia.

Derek Lunsford’s Pull-Day Workout: A Glimpse into the Grind

Derek Lunsford Back Workout
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Derek Lunsford’s training regimen has entered its final stage as the Olympia approaches. It is during these critical weeks that champions are made.

In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Derek Lunsford shared a glimpse of his intense pull-day workout—a grueling session designed to sculpt his back and biceps to perfection.

Derek Lunsford’s approach to training during this phase is focused on precision and isolation rather than sheer weightlifting. 

Let’s dive into the details of his pull-day workout, which occurred just five weeks before the 2023 Olympia.

Close Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown

Derek Lunsford initiated his pull-day workout by concentrating on the lower lats. The close neutral grip lat pulldown was his weapon of choice for this purpose. 

This exercise engages the lower lats and places greater emphasis on the biceps. It sets the tone for a back-focused workout that prioritizes muscle isolation.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

After his initial lat isolation exercise, Derek Lunsford transitioned to the wide-grip lat pulldown. 

This variation mirrors the muscle engagement of traditional pull-ups while demanding less physical strength. 

It primarily targets the latissimus dorsi but also activates the biceps and forearms. It’s a move designed to build a vast and imposing back—a hallmark of elite bodybuilders.

Hammer Strength Reverse Grip Low Rows

For thickness and completeness in the back, horizontal pulling movements are indispensable. Derek Lunsford incorporated the reverse grip low rows on a Hammer Strength machine into his routine. 

This exercise stimulates the lower lats and contributes to a fully developed back. It’s an essential step in his quest for Olympian glory.

Bent Over Barbell Rows

Few exercises rival the effectiveness of barbell rows in terms of building both strength and muscle mass. 

Derek Lunsford engaged in several sets of this compound movement, targeting almost all the muscles of the upper body’s posterior chain. 

Barbell rows are renowned for contributing to complete back development, a prerequisite for success on the Olympia stage.

Rack Pulls

Rack pulls are a deadlift variation that emphasizes the upper half of the lifting movement, where the weight is raised from the rack rather than the floor. 

While this exercise offers a shorter range of motion than traditional deadlifts, it promotes muscle growth.

Derek Lunsford strategically positioned rack pulls towards the end of his workout, recognizing their potential to enhance back development.

Chest Supported T-Bar Rows

For the final back exercise of the day, Derek Lunsford turned to chest-supported T-bar rows. This exercise is renowned for its efficacy in building a robust and well-defined back. 

It engages various muscle groups, including the lats, rhomboids, traps, posterior deltoids, forearms, and biceps. It’s a fitting conclusion to a comprehensive back-focused workout.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

derek lunsford dumbbell workout
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With the back workout complete, Derek Lunsford shifted his attention to the biceps. Dumbbell hammer curls were the chosen exercise to conclude his training session. 

This exercise targets the biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis muscles, contributing to overall arm development.

Conclusion: The Final Push for Olympia Glory

As Derek Lunsford’s Olympia journey progresses, he remains focused on becoming the first-ever two-division Olympia champion. 

With just four workouts left for each body part before the 2023 Olympia, he is in the midst of his final preparations. 

The combination of meticulous training, unwavering determination, and a burning desire for victory may propel him to unprecedented glory on the Olympia stage.

In the world of bodybuilding, where the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds, Derek Lunsford is a testament to the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. The 2023 Olympia beckons and the stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions. 

All that remains is for the world to witness whether Derek Lunsford can etch his name in the annals of bodybuilding history as an Olympia champion in the Men’s Open division. The clock is ticking, and the world watches in eager anticipation.

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