Nick Walker Attacks Back and Arms 16 Weeks Out From Mr. Olympia Redemption

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Top bodybuilder Nick “The Mutant” Walker continues fine-tuning his physique as he prepares for a potential Mr. Olympia title run in 2023. In a recent video, Nick Walker took fans through one of his colossi back and biceps workouts during the offseason.

Just 16 weeks out from the 2023 Mr. Olympia on December 15, Nick Walker is training with focused intensity to correct any weaknesses. 

After narrowly missing out on the 2022 title, he plans to stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate dream this year in Las Vegas.

Let’s break down Nick Walker‘s witty back and arm training strategies and give an update on his Olympia prep progress so far.

Nick Walker‘s Meteoric Rise

Since exploding onto the pro scene in 2020, Nick Walker‘s career has ascended at light speed thanks to his gifted genetics and work ethic. 

After two years as an IFBB pro, Walker earned a remarkable 3rd place at the star-studded 2022 Mr. Olympia.

The New Jersey native brings an outrageous blend of mass and cuts at 5’11” and 300 pounds shredded. His cartoonish shoulders and arms are unrivaled in the sport. 

Nick Walker Attacks Back and Arms 16 Weeks Out From Mr. Olympia Redemption
via nick Walker Instagram Account

Nick Walker also sports an iconic bald head and thick beard that complement his intimidating physique.

Walker now trains under the guidance of veteran coach Matt Jansen. With Jansen’s wisdom, Nick Walker aims to continue evolving his physique and nail his Olympia peak to claim the 2023 title.

Improving Back Thickness and Width

In the video, Nick Walker explains that back development is a priority. While already a standout body part, improving his back will enhance his coveted “X-frame.”

Nick Walker breaks down how he’s targeting back width with pullovers and pull-ups. 

Nick Walker Back
via Nick Walker Instagram Account

He relies on T-bar and seated cable rows in the 10-20 rep hypertrophy range for upper and lower thickness.

Nick Walker also emphasizes feeling every rep and using controlled negatives to maximize time under tension. 

He advises avoiding junk volume and prioritizing only the most effective exercises.

Blasting Biceps for Fuller Arms

Massive arms are central to Walker’s appeal, so he trains them for pre-fatigue at the end of pull day. 

Nick Walker states components respond best to moderately high reps in the 12-20 range with peak contractions.

He incorporates machine curls, cable curls, and other straight bar variations to fully stimulate all biceps heads from multiple angles. 

Nick Walker arm
via Nick Walker Instagram Account

Nick Walker focuses on isolation and squeeze techniques for boulder bicep peaks.

Diet Update 16 Weeks Out

Regarding his diet, Nick Walker reveals he recently increased cardio and dropped fats to accelerate fat burning during the current phase. He also slightly reduced carbs but consumes substantial amounts to support training performance.

Nick Walker reports already seeing improvements in his physique refinement over the last offseason. 

He seems ahead of schedule compared to 2022 through more brilliant training, nutrition, and recovery practices.

Nick Walker‘s confident mindset bodes well for him to bring a more extensive, better look and correct any weaknesses come Olympia weekend.

Nick Walker Training and Dieting Smart for Longevity

The best bodybuilders balance pushing progress with sustainability. 

At just 28 years old, Nick Walker seems cognizant of optimizing his long-term health.

While Walker possesses the genetics to push extremes, he recently acknowledged the dangers of relying solely on drugs and force-feeding. 

Instead, he aims to train smarter with superior execution and muscle-building techniques.

Nick Walker also emphasizes rest and recovery as much as brutal workouts. 

Nick Walker Physique update
via Nick Walker Instagram Account

This balancing act equips him to consistently improve over many years without burning out mentally, physically, or hormonally.

By training, refueling, and recovering intelligently, Walker gives himself the best chances at longevity in the demanding sport of bodybuilding. 

His structured plan accounts for gaining mass in the offseason, then diet and cardio for honing competition conditioning.

Nick Walker understands forward progress entails constantly self-assessing and adapting strategies at the right time to spur new growth or enhanced hardness. 

He demonstrates this analytical, scientific approach to sculpting the perfect physique.

Mindset Lessons from “The Mutant” Nick Walker

Besides his tangible training and nutrition tactics, Nick Walker lives by certain mindset principles as well:

  • Remain teachable and humble no matter your success level
  • Be 100% committed to your craft and goals
  • Master the mind-muscle connection
  • Visualize your ideal physique and poses
  • Trust your team’s guidance and the prep process
  • Block out distractions and outside opinions
  • Stick to the basics before trying advanced techniques
  • Focus on contracting and stretching target muscles
  • Progression happens inch-by-inch; stay patient and persistent
  • These philosophies help Walker maintain perspective and consistency through the ups and downs. 
  • He stays his authentic self rather than compromising principles or overextending.
  • Nick Walker improves frighteningly at just 28 years old each year through this cerebral approach. 
  • Walker maximizes his otherworldly physical gifts by training innovative, fueling correctly, and listening to mentors.

The Road to Potential Olympia Glory

Nick Walker has all the tangibles – size, shape, cuts, balance, and confidence – needed to win Mr. Olympia.

But he respects the monumental task of unseating defending champ Hadi Choopan.

Walker must bring the sharpest, most commanding version of himself to finally claim the ultimate prize this December. 

By learning from last year’s Olympia experience, Walker is crafting the ideal strategic roadmap.

Fans eagerly anticipate the Mutant’s next mind-blowing evolution 16 weeks from Las Vegas. 

If Walker can optimize every training, nutrition, and recovery factor from now until show time, he’ll be an undeniable force on the Olympia stage.

Nick Walker at olympia 2022
via Nick Walker Instagram Account

The time has come for this prodigy to transition from “future champion” to current champion. 

But Nick Walker wisely avoids looking beyond the day-to-day process of betterment.

Staying present in each workout, sticking to the plan, and exuding confidence will enable Walker to unleash his best look. 

Armed with some of the most excellent bodybuilding genetics, the sky is the limit if he puts everything together at the 2023 Olympia.

The bodybuilding world awaits the next phase of Nick Walker‘s meteoric ascent. 

By improving on his formula that earned 3rd place last year, we could witness the genesis of a new Mr. Olympia champion.

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