Brett Wilkin Reveals His 5 Best Biceps Builders for Massive Arms

Emerging bodybuilding pro-Brett “The Butcher” Wilkin is on a mission to bring up his arm development ahead of his Mr. Olympia debut. 

In a recent video, Brett Wilkin shared his five favorite biceps moves to build massive arms.

After securing an early Olympia qualification by winning the 2022 Big Man Weekend Pro, Wilkin uses his off-season to address weak points. 

His arms have received critiques from judges, so he’s formulated the perfect science-based biceps workout.

Let’s break down the exercises, techniques, and wisdom Brett Wilkin employs to construct Olympia-worthy biceps.

Brett Wilkin‘s Background

Texas native Brett Wilkin turned pro in 2020 after a successful NPC career. 

Standing 5’9″ and weighing up to 280 pounds, Wilkin possesses one of the best muscle bellies in the game.

Brett Wilkin Reveals His 5 Best Biceps Builders for Massive Arms
via Brett Wilkin Instagram Account

His strengths include mammoth quads, a shredded back, and a tiny waist. 

Since turning pro, Brett Wilkin has tirelessly raised his chest and arms to match his dominating lower body.

This strategic approach paid dividends last year when Wilkin etched his name among bodybuilding’s elite by qualifying for Mr. Olympia on his first try. 

Now he’s focused on dramatically improving his physique, which could put him in title contention.

Why Biceps Are Brett Wilkin‘s Priority

In the caption for his biceps video, Brett Wilkin explained that judges often critique his arms as a relatively weak point. 

While already tremendous, his 22-inch+ arms lack the peak and overall mass seen on the all-time greats.

Bringing up this muscle group will improve Wilkin’s front and rear double biceps poses. Fuller biceps will also enhance his side chest shot.

Brett Wilkin Arm Workout
via Brett Wilkin Instagram Account

Brett Wilkin knows that bigger arms in proportion to his meaty quads and broad back will increase his width and create a dramatic inverted triangle shape.

Now is the optimal time for Brett Wilkin to prioritize arm growth since he has no competitions for 8+ months until the 2023 Olympia rolls around. 

He can laser focus on weak points without worrying about staying lean.

Brett Wilkin‘s 5 Best Biceps Builders

Let’s examine Brett Wilkin‘s five favorite biceps moves that he promises will pack mass onto his arms:

Standing Cable Curl

Wilkin begins most biceps sessions with cable curls to establish a solid mind-muscle connection. Cables provide constant tension, unlike dumbbells.

With a supinated grip, he curls the handles up and squeezes at the top to blast his biceps before moving to heavier free weights. Wilkin recommends cables to “prime the biceps for growth.”

Single-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

This biceps staple allows Wilkin to use heavier loads to spur new growth. He urges trainees to use good form – strict reps while keeping elbows pinned to maximize tension.

Brett Wilkin Arm Workout
via Brett Wilkin Instagram Account

Wilkin advocates extending reps until failure with partials and drops sets to thoroughly exhaust and swell biceps with blood. He focuses on slow negatives and peak contractions.

Machine Preacher Curl

Preacher curls are Wilkin’s money biceps exercise for building freaky mass. The machine version offers stability, but he uses strict form without rocking.

On the final set, Wilkin’s training partner applies intense manual resistance on the negative. 

This technique forces even harder contractions for maximum microtears and growth stimulus.


21s thoroughly incorporate partial and complete reps to work the biceps through their entire range of motion. 

Brett Wilkin prefers cables for constant tension but says barbells work too.

He advises refraining from cheating or using momentum to isolate biceps. 21s train all angles, enabling the full biceps to pop.

Reverse Grip Curl

Wilkin finishes with reverse curls to blast the brachialis muscle on the underside of the arm. 

Developing the brachialis makes components appear broader and thicker.

The supinated grip also provides variation to standard curls earlier in the workout. 

Hitting biceps from multiple angles is critical for shaping complete peak development.

Nutrition and Recovery Tips for Growth

Alongside innovative programming, Brett Wilkin knows nutrition and rest enable him to transform his arms. Here are his strategies:

  • Eats frequent meals with 40 grams of protein to elevate protein synthesis consistently.
  • Loads carbs around workouts for performance and growth – rice, potatoes, oats.
  • Uses peri-workout amino acids and carbohydrates.
  • Gets 8+ hours of sleep nightly for recovery.
  • Alternates hot and cold water immersions to reduce inflammation.
  • Receives deep tissue massages routinely to improve recovery.
  • Takes rest days any time he feels rundown. Listens to his body.
  • By fueling and recovering correctly, Wilkin amplifies the muscle-building effects of his workouts tenfold. He maximizes this off-season to build quality size.

Arm Training Mindset Principles

Besides his physical strategies, Wilkin also shared his mindset tips for boosting arm development:

  • Trust the process week to week, knowing gains compound over months.
  • Visualize fuller, rounder biceps peaks and Horseshoe triceps.
  • Feel the mind-muscle connection and contraction intensely.
  • Use lifting straps on heavy sets to isolate arms and failure.
  • Leave ego aside – lighter weights sometimes spur new growth.
  • Focus on pumping blood into the muscle. Chase the burn.
  • Wilkin knows building standout arms requires science, psychology, and consistency.
  • He will maximize these off-season months by training smarter, not just harder.

The Road to Brett Wilkin‘s Olympia Debut

Qualifying for Mr. Olympia in just his third pro season, Brett Wilkin has already reached impressive heights early in his career. But he has loftier goals in mind.

The 27-year-old believes he has the tools to stand alongside the elite Open division competitors. 

However, he understands nothing happens overnight in this sport.

By intelligently addressing his most significant weaknesses, Brett Wilkin is constructing a complete physique deserving of top Olympia honors.

Brett Wilkin at the Olympia 2023
via Brett Wilkin Instagram Account

With tireless work ethic and support from his wife and coach Matt Jansen, Wilkin won’t settle for mediocrity. 

Everything in his regimen serves his vision of someday hoisting the Sandow trophy.

These recent insights into Wilkin’s signature biceps workout reveal only a fraction of the sweat and dedication required to become Mr. Olympia

Though a formidable task, he’s embracing the journey with optimism, passion, and wisdom.

Fans are eager to see how much Wilkin improves by the time he hits the Las Vegas stage again this November. 

One thing is for sure – the Olympians will face a different Brett Wilkin than last season.

If Brett Wilkin brings the best back, arms, and conditioning of his life, we could witness the shocker of the 2023 Olympia. The Butcher is coming for every ounce of muscle and every placement on that stage.

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