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"IFBB Pro Brett Wilkins (The Butcher) Life Story."

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Brett Wilkins, “The Butcher,” got the second position at the 2021 Chicago Pro and is ready to splash in the Men’s Open division in 2022. Brett Wilkin lives in Denver, Colorado, where he runs a great training center with his wife.

Brett Wilkin Early Life

brett wilkin early life
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Brett Wilkin was a four-sport athlete in his high school. He played college football in Iowa. Brett got his degree in science and physical education and graduated playing football. He didn’t want to play semi-pro or arena football, so he concentrated more on lifting and attaining strength and was lifting for fun.

Then he met his wife Ivana when he was 25 years old, and she taught him how to eat for bodybuilding. He ate 3 meals daily, and she directed him towards more hardcore and structured bodybuilding.

Brett and Brett’s wife are good friends with John Meadows, and Brett has built his training ideologies by following John Meadows and Flex Lewis.

Brett Wilkin Bodybuilding Career

Brett Wilkin Bodybuilder
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Brett caught his IFBB Pro League card in 2018 by winning the 2018 NPC Junior Nationals as a Classic Physique bodybuilder. In 2019, I competed in two shows, the Toronto Pro and Puerto Rico Pro as a 212 bodybuilder before taking a year off to size up even more.

After his bulking rest, Brett had the best pro placing of his career at the 2021 Chicago Pro, reaching second to Hunter Labrada. Brett Wilkin is looking for the Arnold Classic 2022, set to appear in Columbus, OH, on the weekend of March 4 to 5, 2022.

Brett will contest alongside 13 other competitors, including three former Arnold Classic champions, for the world’s second-biggest bodybuilding title. The contest is rigid, but fans and bodybuilding professionals think Wilkin is a viable competitor in elite Men’s Open bodybuilding.

Brett Wilkin Ifbb pro
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Bodybuilding History and Awards

  • 2021, IFBB Pro League Chicago Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 2
  • 2019, IFBB Pro League Toronto Pro Supershow, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212lbs, 6
  • 2019, IFBB Pro League Puerto Rico Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212lbs, 10
  • 2018, NPC Junior Nationals, Men’s Classic Physique – Overall, 1
  • 2018, NPC Junior Nationals, Men’s Classic Physique – class B, 1
  • 2017, NPC Nationals, Men’s Classic Physique – class B, 6
  • 2017, NPC Junior Nationals, Men’s Classic Physique – class B, 3

Body Measurement of Brett Wilkin

brett the butcher'' wilkin age
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Brett Wilkin Weight95 to 100 KG
Brett Wilkin Height5 Feet and 9 Inches
Brett Wilkin Age34 Years
Brett Wilkin Arm Size23 Inches
Brett Wilkin Chest Size54 Inches
Brett Wilkin Waist Size 31 Inches
Brett Wilkin Religion Christian
Brett Wilkin Nationality American
brett wilkin body measurements

Brett Wilkin Wife

brett wilkin wife
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Brett Wilkin married Ivana. Brett and his wife live in Denver, Colorado, where they run a great training center together. Brett Wilkin and his wife Ivana will be part of the Arnold Classic 2022.

Brett Wilkin Diet Plan

Brett Wilkin’s 6,000-calorie meal plan consists of six meals throughout the day.

Brett Wilkin's Diet Plan
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Meals Foods
1st Meal 2 oz lemon juice with REVIVE’s GI plus and greens powder
Collagen powder and fiber supplements in a morning shake
12 oz fat-free milk
1 scoop whey protein
150g oats
35g almond butter
100g blueberries
2nd Meal 7 oz chicken breast
150g Rice n Grinds
Intra-workout drink with 50g carbs from Gatorade powder, 5g creatine, 10g glutamine, and 25g carbs from RAW Intra
3rd MealRAW Intra Carb 2 scoops
60g RAW Whey Iso
12oz Strawberry Banana Juice
1 banana
4th Meal8oz Megafit 93/7 ground beef
100g carbs from rice
12oz orange juice
5th Meal Sweet and Sour Chicken (meal prep service)
12oz orange juice
6th MealChicken

Brett Wilkin’s diet plan concentrates on high carb and protein intake, with supplements such as collagen powder and fiber in his morning shake and Gatorade powder, creatine, and glutamine in his intra-workout drink. He also contains a free meal every other night as part of his bulking diet.

Brett Wilkin’s Workout Routine

brett wilkin workout
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Brett Wilkin enjoys starting his arm training with a cable set to warm his elbows before moving on to free-weight workouts. He began this arm workout with a variation of a triceps pushdown, utilizing a special attachment that permits him to move the handles where they’re most relaxing for him.

Brett’s second workout on this day was cross-cable triceps attachments. Brett declares that this exercise allows him to fetch more “definition and detail.”

After triceps exercises in a row, Brett concentrates on the biceps. He started with an incline cable curl but didn’t use standard single holds.

Brett Wilkin’s Arm Workout

Cross Cable Triceps Extension2 x 12
Single-Arm Cable Pushdown2 x 10-15
Incline Cable Curl3 x 10-12
SupersetJones Machine Curl + Dumbbell Preacher Curl: 2 x 10-15
Smith Machine Skull Crusher2 x 10-15
Dip Machine2 15-20
Two-Arm High Cable Curl2 10-20

Brett Wilkin says that he will be onstage for prejudging on Friday, Mar. 4, 2022, in Columbus, OH.


Where Does Brett Wilkin Live?

Brett Wilkin lives in Denver, Colorado, where he runs a great training center with his wife.

Who is the Wife of Brett Wilkin?

Ivana is the wife of Brett Wilkin. Brett and his wife live in Denver, Colorado, where they run a great training center.

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