Riccardo Croci Biography

Riccardo Croci is an Italian professional bodybuilder, athlete, and fitness model. In a very short time, Riccardo has gone from an amateur bodybuilder to becoming a world-class bodybuilder. He contests in the IFBB league.

Early Life of Riccardo Croci

Riccardo Croci

Riccardo Croci was born on December 5, 1983, in Italy. He first took on weight training with a basic set of dumbbells at home. His love for muscle training gave him a keen interest in working in the bodybuilding industry.

Bodybuilding Career of Riccardo Croci

Riccardo Croci Posing
Riccardo Croci Posing

If there is something that has accompanied most of my life it is the love for cast iron, even in dark times when I was in disarray, training was my only constant. I have been training for 15 years pulling heavy weights without technical patches and with very rough feedings, still having excellent results.

In 2016 without having seen the competition, he decided to get involved in the world of bodybuilding. He attended the one way with 2”MP muscular seat.

In 2017, after a year of training and an excellent improvement, he returned to the same races with success at the oneway and a concerned 2nd place at the Italian championships.

The greatest movement of his life was to find himself with monsters like Bhuwan Chauhan, Brandon Hendrickson, Jahvair Mullings, and Terrence Teo Kok Hua in 3rd place behind only 2 top 10 Olympias.

In October 2020, he qualified for Mr. Olympia 2020, placing 2nd “in the Eropia PRO Alicante. And in November 2021, he qualified for Mr. Olympia 2021 by winning the SAN MARINO PRO competition.

In 2022 he is again in preparation with a bulk phase already with excellent advancements to climb the rankings at the Mr. Olympia 2022.

Contests and Championships History of Riccardo Croci

  • 2019 Bigman Weekend Amateur, Men’s Physique Class B 2nd
  • 2019 NPC Worldwide Yamamoto Pro Qualifier, Men’s Physique Class C 1st
  • 2019 IFBB Yamamoto Cup Pro, Men’s Physique 3rd
  • 2019 IFBB Japan Pro, Men’s Physique 5th
  • 2019 IFBB San Marino Pro, Men’s Physique 10th
  • 2020, Europe Pro Alicante 2nd classified Qualification Mr. Olympia 20
  • 2020, San Marino Pro classified Qualification Mr. Olympia 21 1st
  • 2020, Mr. Olympia 2020 Orlando 16th
  • 2021 IFBB Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique 1st
  • 2021 IFBB Champions Classic Pro Men’s Physique 2nd
  • 2021 IFBB Yamamoto Cup Pro Men’s Physique 5th

Body Measurement of Riccardo Croci

Riccardo Croci Weight106 KG
Riccardo Croci Height5 Feet and 7 Inches
Riccardo Croci Date of Birth5 December 1983
Riccardo Croci Chest Size54 Inches
Riccardo Croci Arm Size25 Inches

Riccardo Croci Training

Riccardo Croci Training
Riccardo Croci Training

When Riccardo does cardio, he prefers it to be HIIT. It contains doing short but extreme bursts of physical exercise such as sprints or bike cycling. He keeps his RPM over 120 for about 30 seconds, then slows down to a much slower pace for another 30 seconds before raising the intensity again. He’ll repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes directly.

As for his muscle workouts, Riccardo might use a lot of volume. This comprises doing supersets and drops sets to keep the power high and workout duration short. This kind of training is great for ultimate muscle growth and aesthetics. However, adapting to this kind of training takes months of gradual improvement.

Diet Plan of Riccardo Croci

Riccardo Croci Diet Plan
Riccardo Croci Diet Plan

To maintain his physique, Riccardo will consume lean proteins, healthy fats, and some good carbs. Athletes like Riccardo often have a cutting and bulking phase. The cutting phase is when he drops his calories down to lean down for a competition.


Where is Riccardo Croci From?
Riccardo Croci is a professional bodybuilder, athlete, and fitness model from Italy.
How Old is Riccardo Croci?
Riccardo Croci is 39 years old

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