2023 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Show Results and Scorecards

László Király stood out from the competition and clinched the first-place victory in the Men's Classic Physique!

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The 2023 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Show took place on June 25 in Milan, Italy, and it proved to be an exciting event for bodybuilding enthusiasts.

This competition was a qualifying event for the highly anticipated Mr Olympia, scheduled for November 2-5 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. With fewer months and events available to secure a spot at the prestigious Mr Olympia, athletes face heightened pressure to perform at their best before the October 9 deadline.

The top three finishers from the previous Mr Olympia show in the Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Bikini categories automatically received invitations to this year’s edition.

However, the winners of each category at the Sheru Classic Italy Pro Show would be able to challenge the reigning 2022 Olympia winners in November, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Among the contenders in the Men’s Physique category, a few athletes caught the attention of fans. Riccardo Croci aimed to secure his third consecutive victory after triumphing at the 2023 Tropicarium Budapest Pro and the 2023 Mile High Pro.

A win at the Sheru Classic Italy Pro Show would solidify his winning streak and earn him a coveted Mr Olympia spot, potentially displacing another competitor.

Another competitor to watch closely was Youcef Djoudi, who had previously claimed first place at the 2022 Mr Big Evolution Pro but fell short of expectations at the Olympia, finishing outside the top 15.

This event marked Djoudi’s first show of the 2023 season, and he aimed to make a strong impression on the judges and fans alike.

Sidy Pouye, a fan-favourite, also returned to the stage after placing fourth at the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro and third at the New York Pro. Pouye’s consistent performances and high skill level made him a formidable contender, and fans eagerly awaited his appearance, hoping he would secure the top spot.

2023 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Show Results

Men’s Physique Results

The competition in the Men’s Physique category was intense, with Jessy Pigury, Riccardo Croci, and Sidy Pouye delivering impressive and well-rounded physiques during both prejudging and finals. Ultimately, Sidy Pouye emerged victorious, showcasing an unbeatable package that invited him to Mr Olympia. Riccardo Croci claimed the second-place position, while Jessy Pigury secured third.

Sheru classic italy 2023
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  • Winner — Sidy Pouye
  • Second Place — Riccardo Croci
  • Third Place — Jessy Pigury
  • Fourth Place — Daniel Leone
  • Fifth Place — Dario Beloli

Classic Physique Results

The Classic Physique competitors captivated the audience with exceptional physiques and remarkable posing skills. László Király stood out from the competition and clinched the first-place victory, securing qualification for the 2023 Mr Olympia. Antoine Loth and Edwin Owusu also impressed the crowd with their remarkable appearances, finishing second and third.

Via bisandtris Instagram account
  • Winner — Laszlo Kiraly
  • Second Place — Antoine Loth
  • Third Place — Edwin Owusu
  • Fourth Place — Adam Bomert
  • Fifth Place — Damian Kuffel

Bikini Results

The Bikini category featured a lineup of determined contenders, all eager to shine on stage. The finals witnessed intense comparisons, with judges closely evaluating Prescila Leimbacher, Anna Setlak, and Molnár Zsófia.

Molnár Zsófia emerged as the winner in a closely contested battle, earning her ticket to the 2023 Olympia. Anna Setlak secured the runner-up position, and Priscila Leimbacher finished third.

  • Winner — Molnár Zsófia
  • Second Place — Anna Setlak
  • Third Place — Priscila Leimbacher
  • Fourth Place — Roberta Mangraviti
  • Fifth Place — Kristina Brunauer
  • Sixth Place — Lisa Reith
  • Seventh Place — Claudia Clemente

The 2023 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Show provided a thrilling showcase of talent and determination in bodybuilding. With the winners earning their places on the illustrious Mr. Olympia stage, the anticipation for the November event continues to build.

Sheru Classic Italy 2023 Scorecards

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