2023 Sheru Classic Pro India Results and Live Updates

The Sheru Classic 2023 is a prominent event in the IHFF (International Health, Fitness, and Sports Festival) Olympic India competition. It took place at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, India. The event spanned from June 16 to 18, attracting more than 400 bodybuilders and athletes worldwide.

Both men and women could display their skills and physique during the competition. It provided a platform for participants to showcase their hard work, dedication, and training in bodybuilding and fitness.

The Sheru Classic is known for its prestigious status in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, and it serves as a platform for athletes to compete internationally. 

The event brought together a diverse range of competitors from various countries, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and healthy competition.

Sheru Classic 2023 was a significant gathering of athletes and bodybuilders where they could demonstrate their talent, passion, and physical prowess in front of a global audience.

Guest Posing at the Sheru Classic 2023

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Kai Greene and Vlad Suhoruchko, two renowned figures in bodybuilding, graced the Sheru Classic 2023 as guest posers. Their presence added a touch of prestige and excitement to the event, captivating the audience with their awe-inspiring posing routines. 

Kai Greene, known for his dynamic and artistic performances, showcased his exceptional physique and stage presence, leaving spectators in awe of his incredible muscularity and charisma. 

Vlad Suhoruchko, a prominent athlete known for his strength and power, demonstrated his mastery of posing techniques, captivating the crowd with his impressive muscularity and flawless execution. 

kai greene body now
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As guest posers, Kai Greene and Vlad Suhoruchko and Flex Wheeler brought their unique styles and undeniable talent to the stage, inspiring and motivating the competitors and spectators at the Sheru Classic 2023.

At the Sheru Classic 2023, bodybuilders from different divisions competed to showcase their skills and physique. 

Here are the competitors and their respective countries in each division:

212 Bodybuilding

  • Jafa Ghaffarnezhad Azizi – Iran
  • Arash Eskandari – Iran
  • Edward Kargbo – Dubai, UAE
  • Morteza Mashayekh Kordkola – Iran
  • Andrei Melnikov – Russia

Men’s Classic Physique

  • Kirk Anderson – USA
  • Vahid Badpei – Iran
  • Mehmet Imin Baydilli – Turkey
  • Chand Mondal – India
  • Khaled El Nahawy – Saudi Arabia
  • Deepak Nanda – India
  • Piyush Raj – India
  • Denis Romanov – Russia
  • Manoj Sarangapani – India
  • Mikhail Timoshin – Russia

Men’s Physique

ali bilal bodybuilder biography
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  • Joaquim Camps Angel – Spain
  • Ali Bilal – Denmark
  • Bhuwan Chauhan – India
  • Ajith Raja – India
  • Dilip Kumar N H – India
  • Maxime Parisi – France
  • Raj Kumar Paswan – India
  • Mohammad Javad Sadeghi – Iran
  • Tua Anh Tran – Vietnam
bhuwan chauhan sheru classic
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  • Karina Aleksashina – Russia
  • Elizaveta Dementera – Russia
  • Kristina Ivanova – Russia
  • Tatiana Lanovenko – Russia
  • Laura Martinez Manrique – USA
  • Liana Moroz – Russia
  • Bunluek Sanguanlikhitkun – Thailand
  • Jil Meret Schmitz – Thailand
  • Rukiye Solak – Turkey

These talented individuals from various countries competed in their respective divisions at the Sheru Classic 2023, showcasing their dedication and hard work in pursuing excellence in bodybuilding and fitness.

Sheru Classic 2022 Results

At the Sheru Classic 2022, several talented athletes showcased their exceptional skills and physique, ultimately emerging as winners in their respective categories. 

Delta Dilip Harinath claimed the coveted title in the Men’s Physique division, displaying his well-defined body and impressive stage presence. 

piyush rajput sheru classic bodybuilder
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Piyush Rajput stood out in the Men’s Classic Physique category, securing the top spot with his balanced muscularity and classic aesthetics. 

Panjapa Chumyam emerged as the victor in the Women’s Figure division, captivating the judges with her sculpted physique and graceful posing.

Sandra Lakimova triumphed in the Women’s Bikini category, exhibiting a perfect blend of athleticism, beauty, and confidence. 

While the winners of Women’s Physique and Women’s Fitness are yet to be announced, these exceptional athletes have undoubtedly left a lasting impression with their dedication and hard work at the Sheru Classic 2022.

Sheru Classic 2023 Results

  • Men’s Physique Winner: Bhuwan Chauhan
  • Men’s Classic Physique Winner: Vahid Badpey
  • Men’s Bodybuilding up to 212 Winner: Melnikov Andrei
  • Men’s Bodybuilding Open Winner: Arsand Bashir
  • Women’s Figure Winner: Jahanara Islam
  • Women’s Wellness Winner: Rita Sharma

Men’s Bodybuilding 212

Melnikov Andrei wins Sheru Classic Pro Show in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding up to 212.

Melnikov Andrei IFBB Pro
Via sheruclassic instagram

Men’s Bodybuilding Results

Arsand Bashir wins overall the Sheru Classic 2023 pro show.

Arsand Bashir wins the overall at Sheru Classic 2023.

Men’s Classic Physique Results

Vahid Badpey wins Sheru Classic Pro Show 2023 Delhi in Men’s Classic Physique Category.

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Sunmeet Gill wins his IFBB Pro Card in the Men’s Classic Physique Category at the Sheru Classic 2023.

Sumeet gill IFBB Pro
Via SheruClassic Instagram account

Sunny Sharma also wins his IFBB Pro Card in Men’s Classic Physique Category at the Sheru Classic 2023.

Sunny Sharma IFBB pro
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Men’s Physique Results

Bhuwan Chauhan wins Sheru Classic Pro Show Delhi in Men’s Physique Category. Ali Bilal Fakir got 3rd place at the show.

sheruclassic_men's physique results
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Women’s Figure Results

Jahanara Islam wins her IFBB Pro Card in the Women’s Figure Category at the Sheru Classic 2023.

Women’s Wellness Results

Rita Sharma wins her IFBB Pro Card in the Women’s Wellness Category at the Sheru Classic 2023.

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