Push-Ups vs Pull-Ups: What are the Benefits?

."Which is Better? Pull-ups vs Push-ups."

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When you are determined to start the workout at home, to build muscles and upper body, one of the best things that come to your mind is to start pull-ups and push-ups because these are cost-free exercises.

Pull-ups and Push-ups are the best strength training workouts you can perform at home. These two exercises can dramatically improve the power of your training and build a strong, stunning, and muscular upper body.

Which is Better Exercise? Push-Ups or Pull-Ups

Push-Ups vs Pull-Ups
Push-Ups vs Pull-Ups

Push-ups are better than Pull-ups as they work mainly the upper body, shoulder, chest, and triceps, while Pull-ups target a greater number of muscles in your arms, and back.  

Push-ups and Pull-ups are important to build a strong, rounded, ripped, and muscular physique. Push-ups are easier to perform at home as they can be performed on the floor, while Pull-ups require a pull-up bar. 

Push-ups are more suitable because they help to make your upper body strong and more powerful. Furthermore, Pull-ups are very important for your arms and core. You should include both Push-ups and Pull-ups in your training. 

Types of Push-Ups

If you are an athlete, you can’t deny that push-ups are the best workout for your core and upper body. You probably know that there are several types of push-ups to perform.

Yes, you can do various push-ups to target specific parts of your body. There are some types of Push-ups to gain the best physique at home. 

Knee Push-Ups

Knee Push-Ups
Knee Push-Ups

Knee push-ups are one of the best options for beginners and expert athletes who want to develop their upper body strength. They are required to do regular Knee Push-ups daily.

How to Perform Knee Push-Ups?

  • First of all, kneel on the ground.
  • Extend your arms and put your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground.
  • Lower your torso until your chest grazes the ground.
  • Push the torso back up by straightening your arms.
  • Now rise and repeat your move.

Wall Push-Ups

Wall Push-Ups
Wall Push-Ups

Another variation is the Wall Push-ups to decrease the intensity. This type of Push-up is an excellent option for beginners. 

How to Perform Wall Push-Ups?

  • Stand in front of the wall.
  • Extend your arms and put your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground.
  • Your feet should be flat on the ground, while your hands wider than your shoulders.
  • Descend towards the wall. 
  • Push off the wall to return to the back position.
  • Now rise and repeat your move.

Diamond Push-Ups 

Diamond Push-Ups
Diamond Push-Ups

The Diamond Push-up is a slightly difficult variation of the knee and wall push-ups because you have to close your hands to perform a diamond shape. 

This type of Push-up is more effective for chest and abdominal muscles than any other exercise.

How to Perform a Diamond Push-Up?

  • Make a plank position to start.
  • Close your hands together.
  • Spread your fingers to create a diamond shape.
  • Begin to lower your chest to the ground with a flat back.
  • Press back up into a full arm stretching.

Benefits of Push-Ups

The benefits of Push-ups are endless, here are listed a few. Push-ups not only make your body active. It changes your mind, your mood, and your attitude. Reference (1)

  • Push-ups lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.
  • Push-ups maintain balance, posture, and muscle strength.
  • Push-ups reduce your joint pain and stiffness.
  • It improves your body composition.
  • It improves your flexibility.
  • Push-ups increase your performance in sports and athletic activities.


A pull-up is a hard upper-body workout where you grip an overhead rod or bar and lift your body until your chin is above that bar. Pull-ups work mainly the lats, back, shoulder, and even biceps.

How to Do a Pull-Up?

  • Stand under the center of a pull-up bar. Hold the bar with your hands. Your arms should be extended straight overhead.
  • Your hands should be apart more than shoulder-width. Keep your shoulders down.
  • Make a dead hang posture by lifting your feet idle on the ground.
  • Lift your upper body slightly and pull. Draw your elbows down to your body until your face is outside the bar.
  • Repeat the move.

Most people turn their hips because it makes the workout easy, but remember, easy isn’t always more effective, and in this case, it’s most certainly not.

Benefits of Pull-Ups

  • Pull-ups are very low impact. So they can be performed every day. 
  • No equipment or gym membership is required to do the pull-ups. You can perform this exercise on a sturdy tree branch.
  • Pull-ups strengthen your back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.
  • Pull-ups improve your bone density and grip strength.
  • Pull-ups improve your joint fluidity and posture. Reference (2)

Which Should You Do: Pull-Ups or Push-Ups?

You should include both pull-ups and push-ups in your training. You can build a muscular upper body y doing these powerful exercises. 

You can build a muscular chest, back, and strong arms by doing a few sets of push-ups and pull-ups daily. 


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