Derek Lunsford’s Insight: The 2024 Arnold Classic Top 3 Predictions

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In the realm of bodybuilding, where every pose, flex, and muscle is scrutinized to determine the champions, the anticipation for the 2024 Arnold Classic is reaching its peak.

Adding to the excitement, reigning Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford has stepped forward to share his top three picks for this prestigious event, set to unfold in Columbus, Ohio, from February 29th to March 3rd.

The Unveiling of Derek Lunsford’s Choices

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In a recent Instagram story post, Derek Lunsford, the current Mr. Olympia champion, didn’t hold back in revealing the names he believes will stand tall in the Arnold Classic’s top three.

His picks include the formidable Hadi Choopan, the steadily progressing Samson Dauda, and the Brazilian powerhouse Rafael Brandao.

Derek Lunsford: A Brief Journey to Stardom

Before delving into Derek Lunsford’s predictions, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey of Derek Lunsford.

His rise to prominence began with victories at prestigious competitions such as the NPC nationals and the 2017 Tampa Pro.

The transition to the Mr. Olympia stage was seamless, and in 2021, he secured the Men’s 212 Olympia title, defeating notable names like Shaun Clarida and Kamal Elgargni.

In a surprising move the following year, Derek Lunsford accepted a special invite to compete in the Men’s Open division, where he demonstrated his versatility by defeating renowned competitors like Brandon Curry and Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay.

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Despite finishing second to Hadi Choopan in the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Derek Lunsford’s performance showcased his potential to compete at the highest echelons of bodybuilding.

It was in the 2023 Mr. Olympia that Derek Lunsford truly etched his name in the history books.

With an exceptional physique, impeccable posing skills, and undeniable stage presence, he claimed the Sandow Trophy, becoming not only the Mr. Olympia champion but also the first two-division Olympia titleholder in bodybuilding.

The Highly Anticipated Picks

Now, with the spotlight on the upcoming 2024 Arnold Classic, Derek Lunsford has shared his predictions.

It’s crucial to note that Derek Lunsford refrained from specifying placements, offering his picks in the following order:

The Contenders: A Closer Look

Hadi Choopan

hadi choopan arnold classic 2024
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With Hadi Choopan eyeing a comeback, expectations are soaring.

Hadi Choopan, a force to be reckoned with, seeks redemption and is leaving no stone unturned in refining his already impressive physique.

Samson Dauda

samson dauda arnold classic 2024
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Samson Dauda, showcasing consistent improvements in each competition appearance, is a rising star in the Open category.

Notable victories at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro and EVLS Prague Pro have marked him as a contender to watch.

Rafael Brandao

Rafael Brandao arnold classic 2024
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From Brazil, Rafael Brandao, a former Arnold Classic South America winner, brings his undeniable talent to the stage.

Coached by Milos Sarcev, and with a third-place finish at the 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro, Rafael Brandao remains a substantial threat.

The Missing Competitor: Derek Lunsford

Despite his keen insights and predictions, Derek Lunsford has chosen to sit out the 2024 Arnold Classic.

This decision disappointed some notable figures in the sport, with former four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler expressing his desire to see Derek Lunsford compete in Ohio.

A Two-Man Battle in Derek Lunsford’s Eyes

While Derek Lunsford won’t grace the Arnold Classic stage this year, he sees the competition as a two-man battle between ‘The Persian Wolf’ (Hadi Choopan) and ‘The Nigerian Lion’ (Samson Dauda).

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Conclusion: A Glimpse into Bodybuilding’s Future

As the bodybuilding community eagerly awaits the 2024 Arnold Classic, Derek Lunsford’s predictions add an extra layer of excitement.

The stage is set for fierce competition, and whether Derek Lunsford’s insights prove prophetic or new stars emerge, one thing is certain – the Arnold Classic will continue to be a pivotal event shaping the future of bodybuilding.

The echoes of Derek Lunsford’s predictions will linger in the minds of fans and competitors alike as they witness the unfolding drama on the illustrious stage in Columbus, Ohio.

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