Stuart Sutherland: The Rising Star of Open Bodybuilding

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In foreign bodybuilding, new and talented individuals are constantly sought after to help the sport thrive and grow. Stuart Sutherland stands out as a unique and promising figure among emerging athletes. 

With his distinctive nickname, “Beef Stew,” and unique afro hairstyle, Stuart captures attention in a sport dominated by bald heads. 

At 26 years old, he embodies the age range commonly associated with bodybuilding fans, and his impressive physique has already earned him accolades. 

Here we will discuss Stuart Sutherland’s journey, from his early beginnings to his recent successes, highlighting his passion, achievements, and aspirations.

The Early Days

Stuart Sutherland, an American native, discovered his interest in bodybuilding a few years ago, driven by his genetic advantages and a desire to excel in the sport. 

stuart sutherland
Via Stuart Sutherland Instagram Account

His breakthrough came when he participated in the NPC USA Championships, an annual qualifying event for the professional league held in Las Vegas. 

The competition, which has seen renowned IFBB athletes such as Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, Dennis Newman, and Phil Heath rise to stardom, attracts many skilled competitors each year. 

Against fierce competition, Stuart emerged as the champion in bodybuilding at the NPC USA Championships, a remarkable feat that showcased his dedication and talent.

Professional Debut

Following his victory at the NPC USA Championships, Stuart wasted no time making his professional debut. Drawing from Derek Lunsford‘s successful trajectory, he joined the 2023 Tampa Pro show in Florida.

stuart sutherland height
Via Stuart Sutherland Instagram Account

While Akim Williams emerged as the event’s winner, Stuart Sutherland secured a respectable seventh-place finish overall. 

Undeterred by the result, Stuart remained determined to pursue his passion for bodybuilding.

The 2023 New York Pro

In May 2023, Stuart Sutherland competed in the prestigious 2023 New York Pro IFBB event, further establishing his presence on the professional bodybuilding stage. 

His decision to participate in this race was influenced by a chance encounter with Mr. Olympia chief judge Steve Weinberger at the 2022 Tampa Pro IFBB event

stuart sutherland bodybuilder age
Via Stuart Sutherland Instagram Account

Weinberger recognized Stuart’s potential and encouraged him to participate in the highly anticipated New York Pro

Although the competition was fierce, Stuart showcased his dedication and discipline, further solidifying his commitment to the sport.

Beyond the Gym

While Stuart Sutherland’s social media presence may lead one to assume that he is solely focused on bodybuilding, the truth is that he leads a multifaceted life. 

Alongside his passion for bodybuilding, Stuart works as a project manager for a computer company specializing in manufacturing small electronic parts for Intel. 

stuart sutherland bodybuilder
Via Stuart Sutherland Instagram Account

This occupation helps him earn a living while devoting considerable time to physical training. 

However, Stuart has expressed his aspiration to transition into full-time bodybuilding, mirroring the paths of other professional bodybuilders who dedicate their lives to the sport.

The Takeaways 

Stuart Sutherland, also known as “Beef Stew,” has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in open bodybuilding. 

With his unique attributes, such as his nickname, striking afro hairstyle, and remarkable physique, Stuart has captivated fans and experts in the field. 

His victory at the NPC USA Championships and subsequent performances in professional competitions demonstrate his dedication and potential. 

As Stuart continues to pursue his dreams while balancing a professional career, his journey inspires aspiring bodybuilders and showcases the evolving landscape of this dynamic sport. 

The future undoubtedly holds great promise for Stuart Sutherland as he strives to leave his mark in open bodybuilding.

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