Epic Showdown: The 2023 Mr. Olympia Predictions by Bodybuilding Legends

In the heart of Orlando, Florida, bodybuilding’s grandest spectacle is just around the corner. The 2023 Mr. Olympia Weekend looms large, with the world’s finest athletes making their final preparations for a showdown of epic proportions. 

As the tension builds and excitement reaches its zenith, we find ourselves at that thrilling juncture where speculations run wild, and the predictions of veterans in the sport take center stage.

In a recent video on Olympia TV’s YouTube channel dated October 25, four distinguished names in bodybuildingFlex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Chris Cormier, and Bob Cicherillo – gathered to offer their official predictions for the 2023 Mr. Olympia

These legends of the Iron Game analyzed the Men’s Open, Classic Physique, and Men’s 212 Bodybuilding divisions, offering insights and perspectives that could shape the expectations of fans and the bodybuilding community.

The Mr. Olympia’s Men’s Open: A Battle for Supremacy

The Men’s Open division headlines the 2023 Mr. Olympia, featuring the reigning champion, Hadi Choopan. Hadi Choopan is poised to defend his title against a constellation of determined contenders. 

Among the key challengers is Derek Lunsford, who transitioned from the 212 Olympia to the Open division last year, securing a commendable second place. 

Not to be underestimated is the formidable Nick Walker, who finished third in the previous edition. Samson Dauda, fresh off a victory at the 2023 Arnold Classic, adds further intrigue to the competition.

Before we delve into the predictions of the bodybuilding luminaries, it’s crucial to understand the context. 

The 2022 Mr. Olympia showcased a fiercely competitive and unpredictable contest, setting the stage for an equally thrilling showdown in 2023.

Bob Cicherillo: A Battle Between Derek Lunsford and Samson Dauda

Bob Cicherillo, a veteran and respected figure in the bodybuilding world, shared his predictions for the Men’s Open division:

derek lunsford vs hunter labarada
via derek lunsford instagram

Cicherillo’s choice of Derek Lunsford as the winner stems from the impressive progress that Derek Lunsford has demonstrated in his physique. 

Notably, Cicherillo emphasized Derek Lunsford’s remarkable back development, emphasizing the pivotal role this could play in securing the championship.

Cicherillo believes that hitting 100% condition is the deciding factor, and he anticipates that Derek Lunsford will achieve this. He also expresses doubt about Hadi Choopan repeating his victory.

Flex Wheeler: A Vote of Confidence in Samson Dauda

Flex Wheeler, known as “The Sultan of Symmetry,” shared a different perspective on the Men’s Open division:

samson dauda mr olympia
via samson dauda instagram

Flex Wheeler confidently predicts Samson Dauda as the winner, basing his decision on the anticipation of improved conditioning from the bigger competitors. 

He holds the belief that the current Mr. Olympia, referring to Hadi Choopan, will not be able to secure the third place. 

Flex Wheeler’s analysis suggests that the larger contenders will bring improved conditions, creating a highly competitive landscape.

Chris Cormier: Derek Lunsford to Emerge Victorious

Chris Cormier, renowned for his contributions to bodybuilding, articulated his expectations for the Men’s Open division:

Chris Cormier unequivocally endorses Derek Lunsford as the winner of the Men’s Open category, anticipating a new champion in the division. 

His reasoning aligns with the consensus that whoever achieves 100% condition, between Derek Lunsford and Samson Dauda, will claim the Mr. Olympia title. 

While Chris Cormier has Brandon Curry outside of the top five, he remains open to the possibilities as they unfold.

Shawn Ray: Chris Bumstead’s Unmatched Physique

Shawn Ray, an iconic figure in bodybuilding, shared his views on the Men’s Open division:

chris bumstead height
via cbum instagram

Shawn Ray thinks that Chris Bumstead can win the Open Olympia, given the exceptional physique he possesses. 

He believes Chris Bumstead excels in various facets of his physique, making him a standout candidate. 

He predicts that Urs Kalecinski will challenge for the title, while Ramon Rocha Queiroz is expected to secure third place. Shawn Ray emphasizes that Chris Bumstead’s health is a key determinant of his victory.

The Battle for Classic Physique Supremacy

In the Classic Physique division, the competition is fierce, with a variety of contenders vying for the title. 

Both Chris Cormier and Bob Cicherillo express intriguing predictions that differ from the consensus.

Bob Cicherillo’s Vision: Urs Kalecinski Upsets Chris Bumstead

urs kalecinski größe
via urs kalecinski instagram

Bob Cicherillo believes that the Classic Physique division will be a closely contested affair. 

While acknowledging Chris Bumstead’s illustrious record and impressive physique, Bob Cicherillo foresees an upset with Urs Kalecinski emerging as the winner. 

He bases this prediction on Urs Kalecinski’s striking resemblance to a younger Chris Bumstead. Despite his admiration for Ramon Dino, Cicherillo perceives him as slightly out of proportion.

Flex Wheeler: Chris Bumstead Maintains His Reign

ramon dino forearm size
via ramon dino instagram

Flex Wheeler anticipates a captivating showdown between Chris Bumstead and Urs Kalecinski. He aligns with Cicherillo’s assessment that Urs Kalecinski bears a remarkable resemblance to Chris Bumstead in his younger days. 

Flex Wheeler acknowledges the need for Urs Kalecinski to level up his game. Regarding Ramon Dino, he views him as a formidable athlete but raises doubts about the extent to which he can transform his physique to clinch the championship.

Chris Cormier’s Bold Call: Breon Ansley Reclaims His Title

breon ansley height in feet
via breon ansley instagram

Chris Cormier brings an old-school perspective to his Classic Physique predictions. 

He factors in the weight change and predicts that shorter competitors will experience improved performance. Consequently, Chris Cormier envisions Breon Ansley reclaiming the title. 

While he recognizes the strengths of Chris Bumstead, he envisages a fierce challenge from Breon Ansley

Chris Cormier places Terrence Ruffin within the top three, building intrigue around the anticipated contest.

The Men’s 212 Bodybuilding: Shaun Clarida Reigns

In the Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division, there is remarkable unanimity among the veteran bodybuilding legends, as they all concur that Shaun Clarida will secure his third 212 Olympia title.

Bob Cicherillo: A Second Title for Shaun Clarida

shaun clarida 212 olympia
via shaun clarida instagram

Bob Cicherillo acknowledges Keone Pearson’s excellence and describes him as a bodybuilder with a put-together physique. He highlights Keone Pearson’s Achilles heel in the past as being conditioning. 

Despite Keone Pearson’s impressive attributes, Bob Cicherillo expects Shaun Clarida to clinch a second title.

Flex Wheeler: Keone Pearson Challenges Shaun Clarida

Flex Wheeler anticipates a showdown between Shaun Clarida and Keone Pearson. Flex Wheeler’s stance is that when both competitors are at their 100% best, Keone Pearson wins. 

He also asserts that Keone Pearson’s condition is still improving, indicating the potential for an untouchable physique.

Chris Cormier: A Repeat for Shaun Clarida

Chris Cormier’s predictions align with Bob Cicherillo’s, anticipating a second title for Shaun Clarida

He acknowledges Keone Pearson’s commendable attributes and shares the view that Ahmad Ashkanani will secure the third position.

Shawn Ray: A Victory for the Reigning Champion

Shawn Ray echoes the consensus on Shaun Clarida, positioning him as the victor. Keone Pearson, despite his remarkable physique, is expected to secure second place. 

Shawn Ray places Ahmad Ashkanani in the third position, concluding the predictions for the Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division.

ahmad ashkanani bodybuilder
via ahmad ashkanani instagram

Other Perspectives in the Bodybuilding World

While the aforementioned legends of bodybuilding have shared their insights, it’s important to note that their predictions are not the only voices in the field. 

Ronnie Coleman, Samir Bannout, and Jay Cutler have shown their support for Derek Lunsford in his quest to dethrone Hadi Choopan

On the contrary, Zack Khan and Milos Sarcev are confident that Samson Dauda possesses the tools necessary to win the championship.

As the 2023 Mr. Olympia draws near, the bodybuilding community eagerly awaits the unfolding of these predictions on the grand stage. 

The clash of these titans is set to captivate fans and solidify the legacy of this storied event. 

It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of bodybuilding, where history is made, legends are born, and champions are crowned. 

In the realm of the Olympia, the stage is set for yet another iconic chapter in the annals of bodybuilding history.

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