Milos Sarcev Assesses Nick Walker vs Samson Dauda Ahead of 2023 Mr. Olympia

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With the 2023 Mr. Olympia arriving in just three months, speculation is heating up about who could dethrone the reigning champion Big Ramy this year. Two names emerging as top threats are Nick Walker and Samson Dauda.

In a recent episode of The Menace Podcast, IFBB legend Milos Sarcev provided an expert breakdown of Nick Walker and Samson Dauda’s strengths and weaknesses as the Olympia approaches. He believes the outcome between them could be a battle of size vs aesthetics.

Nick Walker Seeking First Olympia Title

Nick Walker Bodybuilder
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Since turning pro in 2020, Nick Walker has taken the bodybuilding world by storm with his outrageous mass and cartoonish proportions, earning the nickname “The Mutant.”

After a considerable rookie year in 2021, Nick Walker brought in a career-best 3rd place at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Now he’s hungrier than ever to claim his first Sandow trophy against Big Ramy.

At 5’7″ but nearly 300 pounds shredded on stage, Nick Walker overwhelms with his mammoth legs, 3D delts, and detailed conditioning. 

His biggest challenge is raising his back and improving structural balance to match his world-class legs and standout muscle bellies.

If Nick Walker can add thickness to his back and nail his conditioning, many view him as having an excellent chance at becoming the next Mr. Olympia.

Samson Dauda Explodes Onto the Scene

Meanwhile, relative newcomer Samson Dauda has burst onto the scene in the last two years as a significant threat from the 212 division.

samson dauda mr olympia 2022
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After turning pro in 2020, the 5’11” Samson Dauda brought staggering size and shape in transitioning to the Open class. He took a remarkable 4th place at the 2022 Arnold Classic, followed by 6th at his Olympia debut.

Samson Dauda displays aesthetic muscle bellies, an enviable X-frame, and some of today’s best lines, shapes, and structures in bodybuilding. 

His back development has been criticized, but he has improved recently. With another year of growth under his belt, Samson Dauda can potentially shock the world in Vegas if he brings his most complete look yet. His upset win over Nick Walker at the 2023 Arnold Classic turned heads.

Milos Sarcev Assesses Nick Walker’s Chances Against Samson Dauda

According to expert analyst Milos Sarcev, Nick Walker faces an uphill battle trying to outdo Samson Dauda in the shape and structure department. Nick Walker’s only path to defeating Samson Dauda lies in maximizing his freaky size.

“He’s not going to out-shape Samson Dauda or be more aesthetic, have a better x-frame or v-taper. There’s no way. He has to play for size,” Milos Sarcev assessed.

At a ripped 330 pounds, Samson Dauda already has plenty of size. But Nick Walker must push his muscularity to new freaky heights and bring his trademark grainy conditioning to overcome Samson Dauda’s structural advantages.

Back Pose Could Decide Battle for Mr. Olympia

One potential deciding factor Milos Sarcev highlighted is the back double biceps pose. He singled it out as Samson Dauda’s biggest weakness compared to the rest of his physique.

Nick Walker boasts tremendous thickness, density, and detail through his back – arguably his most vital body part. If Samson Dauda cannot match him from the rear, it could cost him a head-to-head battle.

“Weakest pose is maybe back double biceps compared to the freaks like Nick Walker,” Milos Sarcev noted. “But it’s greatly improving.”

Milos Sarcev predicts Samson Dauda will bring an even more complete back to the 2023 Olympia. But Nick Walker likely retains the edge from the rear. Posing routines could prove critical.

Most Competitive Olympia Lineup in Years

nick walker then and now
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Beyond just Nick Walker and Samson Dauda, Milos Sarcev and other experts feel the 2023 Mr. Olympia could feature the deepest lineup in over a decade.

6+ legitimate contenders have the talent to win this year if they bring their best, including Andrew Jacked, Derek Lunsford, and Hunter Labrada.

“Right now, 5-6 guys can win the Olympia,” commented bodybuilding legend Dennis James. The sheer number of athletes with a shot at dethroning Big Ramy makes this year’s showdown must-see entertainment. 

Big Ramy must be at his absolute best to even have a chance at a three-peat. Nick Walker Fueled By Redemption After Loss to Samson Dauda

Following his upset defeat to Samson Dauda at the 2023 Arnold Classic, Nick Walker is training harder than ever with a chip on his shoulder to redeem himself, Olympia time.

Nick Walker remains adamant that he got robbed and should have won the title. He has set his sights on reversing the placing with Samson Dauda in just 12 weeks.

If Nick Walker can effectively channel the anger from this loss and improve his back thickness, he believes he’ll finally have the formula to solve the Olympia puzzle.

Never Count Out Big Ramy

big ramy mr olympia 2021
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Although the hype surrounds Nick Walker and Samson Dauda, reigning champion Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay remains the massive elephant in the room.

Big Ramy hasn’t competed yet in 2023 but remains the man to beat until proven otherwise. Big Ramy’s sheer size and thickness could easily overpower Nick Walker and Samson Dauda if he arrives in good condition.

But Big Ramy must be near his best to hold off the wolves. The champion’s days appear numbered if he gives less than 100%. The hungry new lions are coming for his Olympia crown.

Who Stands Victorious on Olympia Eve?

When the curtains rise on the 2023 Mr. Olympia stage this November, who will etch their name among immortality as the eventual champion?

Can Nick Walker complete his meteoric rise by attaining enough mass to overwhelm Samson Dauda’s structure and shape? Will Samson Dauda retain the edge and earn a shocking Olympia title in his second attempt?

Or does the proven champion Big Ramy have enough left in the tank to ward off the new generation and cement his legacy? Time will tell soon enough.

One thing is sure – with this lineup, fans are in for one of the most hotly contested, unpredictable Mr. Olympia showdowns in decades. The time for talk ends as soon as these warriors step on the battlefield in Las Vegas.

Let the best man win. Olympia glory awaits the one who brings his best when it matters most. Bodybuilding history hangs in the balance.

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