Shaun Clarida Strives for Record 212 Dominance at the 2023 Olympia

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Reigning two-time 212 Olympia champion Shaun “The Giant Killer” Clarida has officially begun his prep for a three-peat title defense at the 2023 Mr. Olympia on November 2-5.

In a recent YouTube video, Shaun Clarida offered fans an inside look at his intense back and biceps workout 16 weeks out from the big show. The activity exemplified Shaun Clarida’s high-volume approach to building muscle before dieting down.

Now 40 years old, Shaun Clarida faces his toughest Mr. Olympia yet, with rival Kamal Elgargni returning along with dangerous new challenges. To cement his 212 division legacy, Shaun Clarida continues pushing his physique to new extremes in the gym.

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Shaun Clarida’s Back and Biceps Workout Explained


Shaun Clarida starts his back workout with assisted pull-ups to blast his lats. He prefers assisted variations over dead hang pull-ups to eliminate momentum and biceps engagement. This forces his back to work harder through a full range of motion.

Shaun Clarida uses a pyramid system by decreasing the counterweight of each set for higher reps. His initial stage uses substantial assistance for 20 agents. The final group only has a 25-pound plate subtracted for 12 reps.

Meadows Row

The Meadows Row is one of Shaun Clarida’s favorite mass builders. He uses a shoulder-width grip and pulls the bar into his lower abs to target his lats and rear delts. Shaun Clarida again pyramids the weight up with two light feeder sets first.

His top working set uses five 25-pound plates per side for ten stringent reps. Smaller plates allow a more excellent range of motion compared to 45s.

Chest Supported T-Bar Row

Shaun Clarida relies on this movement for upper and middle back thickness when transitioning to the T-bar row. He performs multiple feeder sets to prime his muscles and joints before loading two 45s per side.

Shaun Clarida advises pulling through your back versus arms on rows. He uses wrist straps to reduce biceps involvement and go heavier. Pausing each rep at the top maximizes time under tension.

Machine Rows

The following two exercises target Shaun Clarida’s back width and rear shoulders. He uses a Prime Fitness machine row that mimics a dumbbell row pattern. Maintaining a solid brace and retracted shoulder position is critical.

His rear delt focus continues on the seated row. Flaring his elbows outward emphasizes the posterior chain more than a neutral grip.


Shaun Clarida finishes his back with straight-arm pulldowns and close-grip pulldowns. Leaning forward on the straight-arm version helps stretch the lats through a fuller range.

The close-grip V-bar attachment shifts tension toward the upper lats and teres. Keeping elbows fixed reduces shoulder involvement.

Biceps Blast

Shaun Clarida pairs his back workout with two biceps moves – preacher curls and hammer curls. He finds unilateral training enhances his mind-muscle connection while correcting imbalances.

The hammer curl finish puts tension on the brachialis muscle to give Shaun Clarida’s arms added thickness from the side.

Nutrition and Recovery Strategies

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Shaun Clarida has yet to change his diet at this early prep stage drastically. He sticks to his everyday off-season meals focusing on lean proteins, healthy fats, and carb sources like oats and rice.

Shaun Clarida also emphasizes proper recovery techniques like contrast showers, massage, and foam rolling. This allows him to sustain high training volumes without overtaxing his body.

Mindset and Motivation Tactics

Mentally, Shaun Clarida visualizes winning every workout to build confidence heading into Olympia. He recommends reading positive affirmations before bed to program success.

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Shaun Clarida wants to create history by winning three straight 212 Olympia titles. But he respects his competition and expects an uphill battle to the top. Remaining disciplined and trusting the process sustains him during difficult prep periods.

The Road to the 2023 Olympia

If Shaun Clarida claims a three-peat at the 2023 Olympia, he may be the 212 division’s greatest champion. But with Kamal Elgargni returning to redeem his 2019 loss, the competition is fiercer than ever.

The dangerous Angel Calderon Frias took second in 2022 and planned to dethrone Clarida in Orlando. Meanwhile, rising Omani phenom Ahmad Ashkanani earned a career-best third last year and will be hungry for more.

Furthermore, two-time Classic Physique champ Breon Ansley is gunning for a 212 qualification at the Vancouver Pro or New York Pro this year. 

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Breon Ansley’s legs and conditioning could pose problems if he comes down to 212 pounds. To combat these substantial threats, Shaun Clarida leaves no stone unturned in his quest for continued supremacy. 

His meticulous workout programming, nutritional habits, and recovery protocols stack the deck in his favor. At 5’5″ and 198 pounds of granite muscle, Shaun Clarida has proven the “size is the prize” mantra false. 

He represents physique perfection in one of bodybuilding’s most talent-rich weight classes. Expect Shaun Clarida to be bigger, sharper, and more dominant than ever when he bids for the 212 three-peats in Orlando this November. 

Shaun Clarida continues his reign as the division’s undisputed champion by sticking to the proven formula that’s earned six 212 Olympia medals.

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